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How To Get Intimate With Your Characters

Howdy, creatives! I hope you’re keeping your imaginations sharp and your creative juices flowing:) Me? Oh, sometimes it’s like my thoughts for creating characters in my stories are running a mile/minute, that coupled with the urge to just create something meaningful and gritty that will make the reader go “No, s/he didn’t!”

In the past, I rarely did research for my characters, preferring to tickle the ole noggin instead, however, I’m applying more thought and research into the character development process that will help move the story forward, and get my work closer to publication.

5616123-the-three-dimensional-models-of-theatrical-masks-showing-human-emotionsThe thing I’ve learned about creating meaningful characters in story,  that works for me, is that they must be well researched, well-rounded individuals and so believable to the reader, that it’s like standing next to a true-to life human being with flaws, strengths and weaknesses just like us! I also know their individual mannerisms, thoughts and behaviors must keep readers turning the page.

When writing my stories, I liken my characters to actors on the stage because, after all, “the whole world is a stage and everybody’s playing a part.” Thanks Smokey Robinson for the great analogy!

These are the components I took away from my class at FutureLearn on getting to know intricate and intimate details of characterization.


  • Physical/biological: age, height, size, state of health, assets, flaws, sexuality, gait, voice.
  • Psychological: intelligence, temperament, happiness/unhappiness, attitudes, self-knowledge, unconscious aspects.
  • Interpersonal/cultural: family, friends, colleagues, birthplace, education, hobbies, beliefs, values, lifestyle.
  • Personal history: major events in their life, including the best and the most traumatic times.
What process do you use to write great/memorable characters?


More Writing Opportunities


Wow. Happy Friday, you guys! I hope your weekend shines bright with post Valentine stories of love connections, writing competition story ideas and plenty of profit making opportunities in your creative endeavors. On Tuesday, I checked my emails and was astounded to see nearly 30 new Twitter followers..talk about feeling the love:) Please bear with me as I respond back to you on Twitter.

The spirit of community is an awesome power when used the right way via social media. Thanks to all of you savvy freelancers I’ve connected with on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. You guys rock! Now to the business at hand. I’m editing my mirror monologue for competition to send out shortly. You can learn about the women behind this contest here: http://www.themirrormonologues.com/about-us/

Writing for magazines is hard work. Some publishers want copy in AP style whereas others want to assign the topic they want you to write about. The strict guidelines can be a pain in the caboose, in some instances, but, getting that accepted email does wonders for your writing “angst.” I didn’t place in the authenticity women magazine contest, but developed a rapport with the editor.The Authenticity for Winter 2012/13 electronic issue is now available for free download at http://www.AuthenticityforWomen.com.

Critique My Novel blog for writers is having its 2013 Novel Writing Contest. You can find their guidelines here: http://critquemynovel.wordpress.com- there is a fee involved.
Writers Digest is also holding its annual writer’s Digest Competition- fee is involved. You have until May 6th and can download the entry form on the site.

The verdict is still out for my Women On Writing flash fiction submission- their contests run seasonal. I’m also waiting for results from Ladies Home Journal non fiction essay competition. The call is out for book authors & entrepreneurs to share their writing successes with my readers on my revamped clara54’s writers forum! Joe Bunting responded, people… Just saying 🙂

If you haven’t read my interview with Scott Bishop on his memoir, A Soul’s Calling, please take a moment to do that now. Scott is going to become the next New York Times bestselling author ( I know these things) I would love Romance Authors to share snippits of their groovy works with us as well. Wouldn’t you guys?.

Ok, give it up. What are you writers working on?