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More Writing Opportunities


Wow. Happy Friday, you guys! I hope your weekend shines bright with post Valentine stories of love connections, writing competition story ideas and plenty of profit making opportunities in your creative endeavors. On Tuesday, I checked my emails and was astounded to see nearly 30 new Twitter followers..talk about feeling the love:) Please bear with me as I respond back to you on Twitter.

The spirit of community is an awesome power when used the right way via social media. Thanks to all of you savvy freelancers I’ve connected with on LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. You guys rock! Now to the business at hand. I’m editing my mirror monologue for competition to send out shortly. You can learn about the women behind this contest here: http://www.themirrormonologues.com/about-us/

Writing for magazines is hard work. Some publishers want copy in AP style whereas others want to assign the topic they want you to write about. The strict guidelines can be a pain in the caboose, in some instances, but, getting that accepted email does wonders for your writing “angst.” I didn’t place in the authenticity women magazine contest, but developed a rapport with the editor.The Authenticity for Winter 2012/13 electronic issue is now available for free download at http://www.AuthenticityforWomen.com.

Critique My Novel blog for writers is having its 2013 Novel Writing Contest. You can find their guidelines here: http://critquemynovel.wordpress.com- there is a fee involved.
Writers Digest is also holding its annual writer’s Digest Competition- fee is involved. You have until May 6th and can download the entry form on the site.

The verdict is still out for my Women On Writing flash fiction submission- their contests run seasonal. I’m also waiting for results from Ladies Home Journal non fiction essay competition. The call is out for book authors & entrepreneurs to share their writing successes with my readers on my revamped clara54’s writers forum! Joe Bunting responded, people… Just saying ūüôā

If you haven’t read my interview with Scott Bishop on his memoir, A Soul’s Calling, please take a moment to do that now. Scott is going to become the next New York Times bestselling author ( I know these things) I would love Romance Authors to share snippits of their groovy works with us as well. Wouldn’t you guys?.

Ok, give it up. What are you writers working on?

Writing Tips From Beth Ann Erickson…

Got Some Down Time? Make it Profitable.

No matter how busy you are, you’ll sometimes find yourself with a
few hours to kill. Whether you’re in a waiting room, wondering what
to do with a lazy afternoon, or find yourself with some open time
in your schedule, you can easily find a myriad of ways to turn down
time into profitable time. Here are some ideas:

1.Write magazine articles.

2.Work on a book.

3.Write a short e-book and publish it yourself.

4.Create a community education class you can teach.

5.Organize your office.

6.Learn some new software.

7.Market your writing services.

8.Research new fields where you can market your writing services.

9.Become a mini-expert in your field by researching deeper into it.

10.Take a course.

11.Read. ūüôā

There’s no reason to ever be bored in this biz, there’s a whole
world to explore. Have fun!

This article is courtesy of Filbert Publishing. Make your writing
sparkle, write killer queries, get published. Subscribe to Writing
Etc., the free e-mag for freelancers and receive the e-book “Power
Queries.” http://filbertpublishing.com


Do Writers REALLY Take A Non-Working Vacation?

I’m in the midst of packing for my annual family vacation/reunion this time in sunny Florida! I look ¬†forward to these¬†little trysts with family from near & afar, because life is a constant cycle of busyness and let’s face it, we oftentimes disconnect with those we love. Whatever happened to the good ole days of telephones and snail mail?

Which brings me to a bit of dilemma here. I’m always happy as a pea in a pod to see and play catch up with family members, but, I’m also an addictive writer here folks and I’m debating if I should carry my laptop with? Ok, I’m definitely NOT going to make this a working vacation, but, I’m wondering how other creatives handle this vacation/non working¬†thing?

The time spent with family is¬†priceless and so I’m only taking a notepad,¬†camera, and voice recorder:) After the last couple of weeks working my tush off to meet deadlines and¬†writing¬†up¬†¬†interview questions for¬† upcoming clara54’s guests spots,¬†I’m¬†so open to a bit of R/R. But, I have a writer’s mind and I will be posting a review of the¬†affordable digs my lil bro scored for the family to hang out in, so stay tuned.

Oh, yea, I forgot. For those who want to know?¬†Everything worked out perfectly¬†for that¬†magazine feature mentioned in a prior post. The editor was happy. I’m happy and I’m knowing my loyal readers, you’re happy for me as well:)

This is clara54 signing off until my laptop & I re-join you¬†for another post next week…

P.S. Alright writers, are you vacationing without actually working a wee bit?

just sayin’

My writers update…

As of today: Received rejection from print mag for a relationship piece:(

Lost for 4th time for contest over @ myithings:(

Article accepted at Babyboomer Mag….remains on front page:)

Article published at¬†More.Ca¬†…¬†called “surviving Divorce at Midlife” ūüôā

Starting my blog over at BlogHer…first¬†post

 up already!:)

Article published at AllWomenStalk for America’s Next Top Blogger…go figure:)

Sent out 2 articles/signed contract for local/regional wedding mag…won’t toot that horn until receive acceptance…keep fingers/toes crossed for me?

Posting/connecting with community of bloggers¬†here @ clara54 as well as my mission site for women in transition& wisewoman2’s¬†“authentic woman”

Have a few irons in fire, will brag upon completion…What about you guys? Anything you wanna share¬†about your writers update?

How Not To Become ‘Green’ With Envy-When Your Green Article Flops

Alright, alright, I’m having to give myself the same spill I’d given the fashionistas over at myitthings when their designs didn’t make the final cut in the¬†‘it’ designers¬†competition…”suck it up!” I’m ok, people, really I am…just a bit bombed that my Green article, although in the top rated spot, didn’t make the final 10, because of lack of member votes my article placed at 13…I’m over it already…

How about this for a resurge of again, I rise? Here are some impressive print markets that I found while scouring the net for gigs the other day. These mags come highly recommended by an esteemed member of journalists, so take advantage of¬†green markets found in mags¬†like the ones listed¬†below…do what you need to do to¬†get your ‘Green’ on!¬†

Grist Magazine. Sierra Magazine. Natural Home Magazine. Audubon Magazine.. . Plenty Magazine.

Things I’ve Written

I’m not one to brag, but, I’m told that writers must advertise. Get the word out about what one can do.. And, I’m learning that in this writing arena, one must market their work. Let’s not get it twisted, I’m no Maya Angelou, Norman Mailer, or, Jackie Collins for that matter, heck, I’m not even Jennifer B. Banks, but I am Clara B. Freeman and I have been writing , like, my prolific writer friend so eloquently states, “since the Bic pen” so I suppose I have , in essence,¬†the stuff of which writers are made. I just haven’t¬†received the clients needed to¬†allow me to quit my 9 to 5¬† ( no secret that I’ve grown¬†weary )¬† and concentrate on¬† my freelance career. In order for clients to get a feel for my work, why not visit some great sites I’ve been fortunate enough to write for:¬†

Ezine Articles Platinum Expert/  http://ezinearticles.com

Mahoganybutterfly/Womanwise column=www.mahoganybutterfly.com

Goodtasteinternational Mens Magazine/Good Advice

Mirrror, Mirror Magazine’s Premier Issue/ Article ”¬†Sleeping To The Top”

Myitthings/ Online fashion, tech,house, body, entertainment Magazine/ column under Wiselyfemale

The sites where I’m writing and published are great places to visit and get your work recognized; you might even make a few bucks in the process!¬†