Clara Freeman

FREEMANC_LZ059-o1GATA7_02Hello to all of my readers! Sorry its taken me these many years to formally introduce myself, but life beckoned. As you may well know from visiting clara54, I am a former professional nurse of 30 plus years. I’m also a motivational author, lifestyle strategist, lyricist, poet and professional blogger.  My love for the written word probably began in the womb! Creating and helping others create is my first love.

This is clara54’s writers blog where I review books, interview authors and just “talk” about everything concerning creatives and story! Since its inception, the blog has transitioned from all about “me” to all about “you” the writer, author and all creative bodies that ache to breathe life into their art. In 2010, clara54 was recognized by as a go to Book Blogger site, but it has superseded my humble beginning!

My passion for the written word has transitioned into areas of service that includes public relations, newspaper features, online and print Magazines and launching my motivational & inspirational blog for women.You can visit my empowerment site for women at

If you want to read a bit about my beginnings, I invite you to my author’s page at  and download a copy of my eBook “A Life Toward Authenticity My Authenticity Woman Story” or purchase for your Kindle. My purpose book for women, Unleash Your Pearls, is due out sometime in 2016… Check back for updates.

If you are a publisher with an interest in my services , email me at  for consideration. As an top book reviewer, I offer you an honest and authentic review of your products at an affordable price.

In 2011, I launched my third and fun blog for the curious on all things celebrity, entertainment news and the politically conscious. Come visit your entertainment updates.

9 thoughts on “Clara Freeman”

  1. Hi Clara,
    As you may have noticed, I have a new website

    If you are more techie than me would you be able to change the link on your homepage.

    Glad you aren’t taking your Bears too seriously, I am a die hard Packer fan and will routing against you even though I have family in Chicago.

    Always enjoy following you.
    Keep writing!


    1. So Pat, I know you’re a basketball globe trotter & very sporty, but maybe you might be favoring the wrong team, this go round:) Go, Bears! Thanks for the website update, considered it done…glad to have you aboard from abroad…

      Clara…Go, Bears!:)


  2. Clara:

    Visited Clara54’s Weblog and just loved the poem and its layout!. I then read that you are a PR practitioner and nurse. I love both of your chosen endeavors. I am a kidney transplant and have a great appreciation for the nursing part of you. Additionally, I am a returnee to the field of PR doing syndicated articles publicity after a long career with major agencies and corporations doing consumer product publicity. ( Nice to meet you.

    Myrna Greenhut


  3. Myrna,

    Thanks for stopping in. You have a very informative blog about all of the things I need to know regarding social media & syndication. Will consider you the go-to girl in those areas:)



  4. Hi Clara, just visited your blog after you found my and linked to it in your post. Thanks so much for doing that! I just loooveeee biographies and have so wanted to share my thoughts on them with others – still to get to it, but will give it a hurry up now that I have had some interest from you!

    I loved reading about you too and found that we have another thing in common and that is an interest in promoting positive women. I noticed that you are interested in motivating and inspiring women. I would love to know more about this, if you could direct me to the relevant area of your blogs? You might be interested in reading my vision on my other blog, and maybe you would like to contribute an article if you were interested? Early days for me at the moment, but I am sure that my vision for Changing Women will be realised and would love people like you to join me. I would be so happy to hear from you.

    thanks again for sharing my little link,
    Susanne Moore


    1. Hi Susanne-
      So glad to welcome you here! I just popped over to read your take on Murdock & just had to tweet it:) You are an amazing writer/thinker. Would love to join forces at some point as an inspiration to other women as they come to live their best lives.



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