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Creative Advocacy-Are You In?

“My parents said I came into the world, screaming and hollering. I’d like to think that I was merely protesting!” Clara Freeman

Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful day every day when we can open our eyes and say “Thank you lord” for allowing me to see another day of following my dreams, speaking my truths and living a life of purpose and possibility. I believe the universe hears and receives your offerings. So, I begin by thanking God for loving me, guiding me and carrying me through the storms.

I awakened from a fitful sleep in 2008, determined to create a platform for women that would champion the voice of the “underdog” and empower the “power” that we possess. I’d always served in some capacity of leadership, whether advocating for children in their communities and schools, or recording the stories and voices of the elderly who felt forgotten in the anesthetic environment of the hospital where I worked as a young nurse.

My belief is that I’m being my best self when my work helps others and leads to positive change in some small space of their living. I’m happy with the work that I’ve done over the years and the achievements I’ve accomplished in the process, but I know there’s much I still need to do.

There are plans to revisit my memoirs. I’ve attempted the process many times:) and I remain focused on championing the voice of the “voiceless” and promoting Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women’s Voices to women and the men that love and support them, on a global scale. I concede that my time on earth, like yours, is limited and therefore, I need to concentrate on doing valuable and meaningful work.

My mission is to ensure that Unleash Your Pearls, lands in the hands and on the hearts and minds of every woman and man, in the nation who seek to unleash their authentic voice and live a more authentically empowered life.

I humbly ask for your assistance in this endeavor. Email unleashyourpearls@yahoo.com to purchase a signed author’s copy for yourself and for all the warrior women in your life.

I will be taking an indefinite leave from my blogs in order to do work that makes a difference in my life and the lives of others. I’ve been asked to do more radio talk, and  check here for a recently published essay in The Book Of Hope Anthology by Krysta Gibson http://newspiritjournalonline.com/the-book-of-hope.

My personal narrative on life during Jim Crow was among the 88 contributors chosen from over 200 submissions for inclusion in the upcoming release anthology, Black Lives Have Always Mattered, a collection of essays, poems and personal narratives, edited by one of the original poets, Mr. Abiodun Oyewole and published by GABRIELLE DAVID of 2LeafPress.

I hope you reserve your copy of this important contribution to America’s History.

Preorders are available at http://2leafpress.org/online/black-lives-always-mattered-contributors/


Whatever mode of creativity you are in, in regards to walking in your authentic truths, I would tell you to just follow your passion, because that will ultimately lead you to your purpose. Go with your heart’s calling. Do the work you feel compelled to do, work that makes you happy as your contributions will make life matter, not only for yourself, but for others in the world needing to hear, see and feel your flow…

Peace and summertime blessings!


An Upcoming Authors Spotlight

thblood relatives

Hello Everyone! I’m caught up after completing a few projects that needed my attention and so this is my Friday’s post, a tad late,_geez, such is the life:) I’m going to have a very special guest author on this Friday for a one on one conversation regarding Domestic Violence or Relationship Violence. Darlene Greene is no stranger to me in that she has contributed often to Authentic Woman’s “From The Experts” section, speaking and offering invaluable insights to women on ways to leave a violent relationship “Safely.”

I recently read Darlene’s new book of her own personal tragedy where she talks freely about losing three members of her family to domestic violence. I asked her to share her journey with all of you. As founder and executive director of The Ina Mae Greene Foundation, Darlene is on a mission to help save lives.This book is such a valuable resource and a powerful testament to women worldwide, who are faced with life threatening situations from men who profess to love them.

In her book, Darlene shares “red flags”, safe measures women can take to leave an abusive relationship without becoming victim and more resources that are put in place to help any woman who seek refuge or a safe place to land. Darlene Greene wants you to become empowered and break the cycle and the silence of domestic violence…

Hope to see you on Friday!

Here’s Darlene’s website http://www.inamaegreene.org.
Here’s where you can pick up a copy of Blood Relatives; Breaking The Cycle, Breaking The Silence.


Awards and Announcements!

Hello Writers! I am up to my neck in paperwork and obligations, but, I did take time for family and self on Saturday and most of today:) I have two mind boggling and humbling announcements to make. I was recently awarded The Beautiful Woman And Warrior Award via Facebook by my dear ex-pat friend and fellow blogger, Pat Mckinzie at X-Pat Files From Overseas  

Saturday, I learned I’d been given the “Written Acts Of Kindness Award” seen below! You can visit Pat’s site for her story http://pattymackz.com/wordpress/blog/2012/12/01/written-acts-of-kindness/  and details surrounding this award . Make sure to come back on Monday to visit my Authentic Woman website when I share my story and pass the torch on to the next woman so deserving of this amazing nod from fellow writers on a mission to make a diffference in the lives of so many others!

I am thrilled, overwhelmed and honored by this award:)

written acts of kindness award

written acts of kindness award

Keep writing and sharing your gifts and keep us abreast here at clara54’s writers forum!