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Hello Everyone! I’m caught up after completing a few projects that needed my attention and so this is my Friday’s post, a tad late,_geez, such is the life:) I’m going to have a very special guest author on this Friday for a one on one conversation regarding Domestic Violence or Relationship Violence. Darlene Greene is no stranger to me in that she has contributed often to Authentic Woman’s “From The Experts” section, speaking and offering invaluable insights to women on ways to leave a violent relationship “Safely.”

I recently read Darlene’s new book of her own personal tragedy where she talks freely about losing three members of her family to domestic violence. I asked her to share her journey with all of you. As founder and executive director of The Ina Mae Greene Foundation, Darlene is on a mission to help save lives.This book is such a valuable resource and a powerful testament to women worldwide, who are faced with life threatening situations from men who profess to love them.

In her book, Darlene shares “red flags”, safe measures women can take to leave an abusive relationship without becoming victim and more resources that are put in place to help any woman who seek refuge or a safe place to land. Darlene Greene wants you to become empowered and break the cycle and the silence of domestic violence…

Hope to see you on Friday!

Here’s Darlene’s website
Here’s where you can pick up a copy of Blood Relatives; Breaking The Cycle, Breaking The Silence.

6 thoughts on “An Upcoming Authors Spotlight”

    1. Hi Yvonne,
      I’m so glad you connected! You know I’ve been told I have a “gift” for making things happen:) Seriously, you ladies should make that like minded (mission) connection.
      Peace & blessings,
      P.S. Make sure to mark your calendar for next Friday for our interview.


  1. The brush with which Darlene paints the villains, (in all three cases, the man who professed to loving these women) marks them indelibly with an ugliness, selfishness, and horror so real that you will believe they are the made up characters of some seasoned, novelist’s efforts to create monsters with words. The stories are woven with the red flag, warning signs, of abusers and advice to the affected parties. It is such a majestic and magical fashioning that the reader will not realize they are receiving a very valuable education in the process of digesting some gripping, heart-wrenching stories.

    The book is also an index of laws, agencies and resources to help domestic violence victims and their families. It includes the phone numbers, websites and addresses as well as information on how to find these resources in your community.

    In spite of its saddest points, or perhaps because of them, “BLOOD RELATIVES” is a powerful, necessary and very important book. It should be required reading for all teens before they begin to date. It should be read by all dating age people, gay and straight, for its ability to dispense information about what to look for in mates; the red flags to watch out for, and finally for married people who are not sure of the dangers and consequences of remaining in an abusive relationship and/or marriage.

    Women, read it to see the men you need to avoid. Men, read it to see who you should hope you never become.


    1. A spot on review of Blood Relatives and one that hopefully will encourage everyone to pick up a copy! Darlene Greene will answers questions about the book and her mission to make a difference in the lives of so many women and girls who are in need of direction on how to avoid becoming victim to domestic or relationship violence.


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