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A Heartfelt Reminder,Writing Updates and Contests!

Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that.
Hate multiplies hate,
violence multiplies violence,
and toughness multiplies toughness
in a descending spiral of destruction….
The chain reaction of evil —
hate begetting hate,
wars producing more wars —
must be broken,
or we shall be plunged
into the dark abyss of annihilation.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Strength To Love, 1963 

Hello Creatives ,

I’m back to continue in the spirit of creating and promoting meaningful works to help you learn and live by. I hope that we continue to have compassion and empathy for one another and that Dr. King and other fighters of wrongdoers did not die in vain. Let’s stay prayerfully awake, aware and continue to speak on the need for accountability.

I’ve been writing tirelessly during my blog sabbatical and have received many emails seeking help on meaningful projects from other creatives in their work to combat bullying, hatred and violence.

You can view links to some of these concerns here:


I’m not overly concerned about winning a popularity contest with my blogs by way of comments or followers. I’m more interested in making a positive impact that leads to change in the world, and so I sent an email to Arianna Huffington, (former founder & editor-in- chief) of Huffington Post, where I shared some of what I, as a woman of color could bring to the conversation on violence and race in America, as a Huffing-ton Post contributor. I will share bits of her response at a later date, but you can read my latest article here:


I’m also writing, editing and submitting old and newer works to various publications, and recently, among some poetry and short story rejections there have been positive results and I’m grateful and thankful for my gifts: https://thebluenib.com/tag/Clara-Freeman/

I contributed to this anthology on true life lessons learned from failed relationships. The author will compile a series of books on the subject. Check her out here:  www.BloggingDrAlonda.com



I always write to maintain balance in my life and I’m blessed to be well versed in several genres. I’m sure you all would agree that writing is therapeutic. My writings keep me grounded and humbled and feeling blessed (I’m too blessed to be stressed, y’all!) Anyhow, I haven’t gotten any new  updates on the release of Unleash Your Pearls Empowering Women’s Voices from my publisher, which is a bummer, but patience is a virtue:)

Here are some great upcoming contests for y’all to check out and hopefully find something  of interest in your genre. Some contests are fee based and some are not.

Oftentimes, we writers think we’re not making a living with our work, unless we are seeing dollar bills. Ms. Robbie of Welcome To Sweetie Pies, coined the phrase “if it don’t make  money it don’t make sense.” That’s all good when you’re business minded and only centered on making money, but those of us who use our writings to make a difference are not solely centered on the grind for the sake of the almighty dollar.We are successful at sharing our work,  knowing that somewhere and with someone, we have aided in making a life better.
September kicks off my monthly blog postings, unless more exciting news find me. I’ve decided to pursue new projects that will expand under my brand leadership that includes influence-rs, motivators and thought leaders, armed with a common goal . I will always appreciate every voice who stops by Clara’s Writer’s Blog to share in this awe-inspiring world of literary creativity.  Writers, innovators and critical thinkers, I heart you all.
Be blessed and be a blessing!
“Where love is God is”~ CF















What’s Keeping You From Writing Your Memoir?

thJames Frey

Happy Friday to all brave souls who have answered the call to write! Writing is hard, but, you know you’ve done it well, when it flows so easily on the page. You people are my kind of folk:) If you haven’t already heard, the month of April will be dedicated to the memoirist who have written or in the act of writing their truths.

To some degree, I’ve harbored thoughts of how friends and family might feel after reading my story. Would they be hurt? disappointed? disagreeable? Would they be offended? Nagging thoughts of what other people think can hinder someone wanting to write their memoir. Frankly, I wasn’t too bummed out when a virus attack and no backup system totally destroyed 40,000 words to my less than stellar attempts to write my memoir a few years ago. Now, that I’ve written a little personal e-book, A Life Toward Authenticity-My Authentic Woman Story :)I realize that my truths are mine and mine alone. Memoir writers have to have thick skins.

When Oprah Winfrey touted James Frey for his memoir “A Million Little Pieces” back in 2006, I was one of many who ran out to purchase his masterpiece. I was inspired by his courage and saddened by the death of his girlfriend… and then, James Frey fell from grace for fabricating important details in his book. A memoir is based on ones’ truth-their authentic stories. Stories that could affect any number of people in any number of ways. What James Frey did was wrong, in that he called his story “memoir” I was reluctant to tell certain details of my story and that’s okay. No one need tell every detail in the telling of their story. And ,there are creative ways to get around hurt feelings, but, lies have no place in truth writing.

Should memoir writers use avoidance where it could be a pivotal point in the story? I think I’d prefer reading a work devoid of certain facts, instead of one filled with inconsistencies and fabrications. If James Frey had labeled his story a work of fiction, he could have avoided the fallout from his distorting the truth. So, how much is too much in the telling of your story and why should you care, as long as it’s based on the facts as you remember them occurring in your life?


It’s difficult to write ones memoir. Even if you have had a wonderful life, it’s not easy to share with others. When I wrote my memoir, “Of Roots and Wings,” I committed myself to total honesty. In my heart and soul the truth would set me free – but only if I were honest. For two years my rational thoughts considered who I might offend, did my sisters see things differently than me?, would I expose people I had put on a pedestal for years of my life? Will there by retribution by the church for clergy abuse? Will there be repercussions from the mafia by exposing the truth, from a little girls perspective? Will my abusive ex-spouse seek me out ? Such a myriad and cyclonic dervish wind surrounded me. One night while drifting off to sleep, I carefully considered sharing my pain and triumphs with an audience. Somewhere in the night, I awoke and realized that most of the pain in my life had been kept hidden – once shared my pain eased. Then I heard a clear, confident voice from within –what has been the purpose of my life if not to share it with others? In so doing, others may be encouraged by my experiences, thoughts, and feelings. I decided to share my memoir and offer inspiration and hope to others. My memoir has done that and more I am truly blessed.

Julie Swope, http://www.julieswope.com

thmary and jane

Mary Williams, the adopted daughter of Jane Fonda, have said in interviews that she refused to listen to the star when she wanted to confide in Mary about the deterioration of her 10 year marriage to Ted Turner. One can only imagine how the story would have read, if Mary Williams had been made privy to the actual cause of the Jane Fonda/Ted Turner divorce. The brave people who write their authentic truths, for whatever reason, always stir emotions in their readers, in some form or fashion. I’m encouraged by reading the truths of others.

Are you hesitant about writing your memoir because you fear what others might think or you fear the possibility of hurting a loved one? Did you read a Million Little Pieces? Any thoughts you’d like to share?

Awards and Announcements!

Hello Writers! I am up to my neck in paperwork and obligations, but, I did take time for family and self on Saturday and most of today:) I have two mind boggling and humbling announcements to make. I was recently awarded The Beautiful Woman And Warrior Award via Facebook by my dear ex-pat friend and fellow blogger, Pat Mckinzie at X-Pat Files From Overseas  

Saturday, I learned I’d been given the “Written Acts Of Kindness Award” seen below! You can visit Pat’s site for her story http://pattymackz.com/wordpress/blog/2012/12/01/written-acts-of-kindness/  and details surrounding this award . Make sure to come back on Monday to visit my Authentic Woman website when I share my story and pass the torch on to the next woman so deserving of this amazing nod from fellow writers on a mission to make a diffference in the lives of so many others!

I am thrilled, overwhelmed and honored by this award:)

written acts of kindness award

written acts of kindness award

Keep writing and sharing your gifts and keep us abreast here at clara54’s writers forum!


“Blog Award” Nomination!

I had a great time over the weekend with the family. My joy is so immense right now, because I was helping to celebrate my son getting his Master’s Degree! and I also received awesome news of my own. My motivational site for women has been nominated for an “Inspirational Blog Award”… WOW!

As a nominee I have rules to adhere to in accepting the award. Authentic Woman is finally making a mark in the lives of others as I’d envisioned my work starting in 2006 from dream to possibility and ultimately reality…details of the nomination will be posted at http://authentic-woman.net on Friday.                                                                                             

Inspiring Blog Award Don’t you just love cool surprises?

A Social Media Experiment


Happy Monday! I’m all over the map today people, washing, writing, catching up on emails and trying to beat the DVD rental time lapse before heading out to run a few much needed errands! And may I add, I also took time to tweet updates to my authentic-woman.net motivational website for women. Still open to your authentic woman stories over there. Things at my new place is really looking up! But, I’m posting here today to tell y’all about a little experiment I implemented with Social Media over the weekend. See, I’m of the curious sort, so when I got the idea to write about my 10 year old granddaughter’s birthday request at my column for Blogher and because I’m on the social media bandwagon, I thought let’s test the awesomeness of this phenomenon- why not test the speed of the blogosphere to respond.

The post “When Did Birthdays For Ten Year Olds Become So Expensive?” went up around 7am without a tweet, fb, or linkedin connection. I returned to the scene of intent about 2 hours later to find about 40+ visitors to the post and no comments. I proceeded to link to my FB page, LinkedIn, and Twitter page. The next two hours in my creative research, yielded approximately 200+ visits with comments from Facebook! Thrilled with the response to my post, my granddaughter’s obvious 10 year old greed and my knack for the curious, I left home to enjoy the remainder of my day. Returning to check my blogher column around 8pm, I saw the FB comments had grown to 12 and visits to my post? Well over 300!

The point about making connections via these internet social media is an awesome truth in the face of marketing, branding and building relationships while writing your dreams and passions has become the cat’s meow within the context of the blogosphere. Of course, my little test doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s happening in the world of technology, because there are other venues for making community!  I’m glad to be a part of it:) Anyhoo, that’s my creative input for today, people. Now, back to creating great stuff that might be read someday by Stephen Spielberg…Hey now, I’m not too old to spin a dream:)

So fess up. What experiment have you done as a writer and was blown away by the results?

How Savvy Women Think “Business”

Image by NoWin via Flickr

I know, it’s Christmas for christsakes & why am I thinking about “business‘ on this special day to celebrate the birth of our lord & savior? Because The Lord knew when he created woman, he created the essence that moves heaven & earth- that’s why! Actually, the turkey is in the oven and the veggies, fixings for savory dressing ,and sweets for the sweetest are making great progress. How’s that for a multi-tasking woman in business for herself? It’s a well known fact that women are savvy creatures. Not only can we can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, we can serve it on a decorative platter as well! AND read a good book all in one setting… Well, we can also embelish upon the truth a bit too, but, that’s what makes us so special! The woman in business for herself becomes an attribute to men owned bussinesses and other women entrepreneurs– doing it for themselves…

As we celebrate the Holidays; Christmas and New Year, let’s also envision the new start to growing, creating, and visualizing our businesses. Women of authenticity read more good stuff clara54 wants you to know about women issues by visiting “authentic woman” @  http://wisewoman2.wordpress.com and spread the word! There’s a savvy business woman in all of us, don’t cha know? Now is the time to create your vision for your business and start the New Year off with a banging profit building enterprise!

Happy Holidays & think “business” in your future!

Today is a good day because:

I’m off from my “day” job…having my 2nd cup of smooth “gourmet” coffees…Cheating really, because I’m having breakfast with my dtr shortly and what’s a good ole fashioned breakfast without a steaming cup of java? Anyhow, I digress. I’m not even feeling the snowy midwest weather, it’s all good today. My sister called last nite to read a few pages from a  short story she’s working on, to ask for my advice/input…I ‘m happy she’s writing again! good stuff, too.

Just been given an assignment from the publisher of a local newspaper… yay! have made 2 new friends at my authentic woman blog& here at clara54!.  Hello people, welcome…if ya like what you see here, please add us to your blogroll…

Speaking of blogrolls: Thanks to writersontherise andgetpaidtowriteonline for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit and consider adding my blogs to theirs! All & all, today is a good day. Good health, good friends, good feelings…it”s all good:)  What about you guys, how’s your day?

My writers update…

As of today: Received rejection from print mag for a relationship piece:(

Lost for 4th time for contest over @ myithings:(

Article accepted at Babyboomer Mag….remains on front page:)

Article published at More.Ca … called “surviving Divorce at Midlife” 🙂

Starting my blog over at BlogHer…first post

 up already!:)

Article published at AllWomenStalk for America’s Next Top Blogger…go figure:)

Sent out 2 articles/signed contract for local/regional wedding mag…won’t toot that horn until receive acceptance…keep fingers/toes crossed for me?

Posting/connecting with community of bloggers here @ clara54 as well as my mission site for women in transition& wisewoman2’s “authentic woman”

Have a few irons in fire, will brag upon completion…What about you guys? Anything you wanna share about your writers update?

I’m Thrilled!

I’ve recently  finished  an assignment from a new client I’d pitched a query to a few weeks ago…this is one of the 2 responses I’d mentioned in a recent post. After being away from my computer for several days, I do a quick run through of emails/ another response, asking what articles I’d like to contribute to said magazine!!!

To refresh my memory for this response, I revisited the Babyboomer site I’d also sent a query…there are a few hurdles I ‘ll probably have to overcome if given the gig, but, I didn’t hesitate in dashing off an acceptance letter! I’m keeping my fingers/toes crossed…

I answered an email from Sonya Carmichael Jones of MarketingBudda.com (she’s the expert in marketing I told folks about earlier, she also offers great/reasonable marketing classes for freelancers) if you haven’t visited her website/and you need help/tips on getting your work noticed, let me tell you, her tips work…

I visited my free article base and found that traffic to my articles had increased from 3,500 to 3,997 in a matter of just 7 seven days! visitors to my profile has increased at an amazing rate since starting clara54, so, of course, I’m thrilled!

I have since started a motivational site for women in transition based on a column I started writing online for women in midlife. So far, ‘Authentic Woman’, still in its early stages has gotten to a slow beginning…but because I’m so passionate that women on a journey of self-discovery in their 2nd phase of life might need to hear from someone who has  weathered the storm and can offer insights into midlife transitioning…Authentic Woman can be assessed at http://wisewoman2.wordpress.com 

It’s good to be home!