Social Media Mania!

Well,if someone had predicted three years ago, I’d be singing the praises of Social Media’s TWITTER, I would have told them to keep it moving…:) Today’s post is about the awesomeness of Twitter. Yep, those few 140 characters can equal up to some mighty hefty returns in the networking and influence arena. Three years ago, I didn’t Tweet, Facebook, or use LinkedIn. Now, I’m using them and investigating how to get on board with Pinterest! I’ve never kept a bulletin board on anything, but, when I came across one of my own guest posts “scooped” by a very prominent writer in the blogosphere, I decided Social Media was all good…

I use Twitter when I come across an awesome and informative post that serves to benefit all freelancers in some form or fashion in their businesses, I’ll retweet it. I retweet many posts. Some that make me laugh, think, or even become a sore spot for debate. Retweeting often causes other folks to jump on the bandwagon and retweet as well. That’s a great benefit to your blog or business promotion.Some websites have established a “retweet” day where every member get to promote their blogs, which, in turn will be retweeted by each member on their site, to their followers.- Sylvia Browder’s organization, The National Association for Women on The Rise offers “Retweet Tuesdays” for its members,, a powerful women’s self improvement and motivational site often retweets response to questions asked on Twitter to their 5,000 plus followers! I’ve had my response retweeted to their member base on a few occasions. ForHarriet also promotes your site every Saturday on their Facebook page-awesome! also retweet a featured member’s post to their thousands of Facebook followers. Once you land on their featured member site, you’ll be batting “a thousand” due to the fact your online presence is heightened.

There are, of course,blog friends whose posts I naturally retweet because their work is so often profound, educational, motivational and just downright retweetable:)

No matter what you might think of, or how you use Social Media, you have to admit, this ingenius communication tool just keeps getting better.

How many of you are already Pinterest users?


4 thoughts on “Social Media Mania!”

  1. I’m on Pinterest, but I’m still not sure how to use it as a writer. The written word is not all that visual photographically speaking. It is hard to use to link back to your website. I have noticed that a few writing blogs are showing a photo of text in their posts, possibly to capture pinterest views, but other than that, I am stumped.

    Thanks for showing some of the twitter communities you belong to. I’ll have to check them out!


    1. Hi Wendy!

      Thanks for the Pinterest info. I also thinks it’s less witer posting and more visually attuned to your site’s product offers. Anyhoo, let’s keep digging:)

      ps. Check out Natl Association for Women on the Rise!


  2. Eventually, we writers will figure out a way to use Pinterest. Although there is a growing faction of people that are fighting it. Mainly painters and photographers that feel that their images are being stolen and no credit is being given to them, the creatives. I find it to be an interesting discussion. All new things have a breaking in period after all.


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