Inside My World @ Clara54

Reales Alcazares SevillaHappy Monday morning to you guys & gals! So glad to see some of you have visited already this morning and I hadn’t even posted yet:) Anyhoo, I’m buzzzzzy like a bee this morning, so I’m not going to dally just yet. I have sent along 2 articles for my London gig as stated in an earlier post. If y’all get a moment between Holiday shopping, take a detour here to vist my entertainment column- apppreciate it!

Also was happy to see a post at blogher gain viewers of 700 plus readers since posting on the 6th. The post “Why I Won’t Watch Baseball Wives” was a random little spill about reality tv and wow, it hit a home run!

Busy today -super comming to fix a leaking faucet

Shooping online & off for kiddies

Penning posts for clara54’s T blog and authentic woman site

Making secret plans for granddaughter’s 17th birthday tomorrow! and she still looks forward to Christmas🙂

Anyhoo, I’m only going to post once more before taking downtime for XMAS, cause life is grand and I must participate!



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