Clara54 In Review (2011)

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Happy Monday! Christmas is Sunday!!!!!!! As a result of the Holidays, Clara54 is taking a sabbatical until after New Years, possibly will return 2nd week of January-another year, another birthday:)

I thought I’d look back at a few things accomplished in 2011 on the journey from nurse to freelance writer:

2011 a wonderful year in the life of Clara54 because I got to expand my horizons in writing, publishing & entrepreneurship:

1. Published my ebook- A Life Toward Authenticity; My Authentic Woman Story- one reader praised the journey of how I turned challenges into opportunities this way: “Clara Freeman Walks the Talk.”

2. Bought my self-hosted website at http://Authentic-Woman.Net where I share insights and offer affordable services that will help women turn their challenges into opportunities and live out their passion and purpose at any age. The move to hosting my own domain was one of the best decisions of 2011! 

3. Earned a certificate in Leadership & Coaching from Depaul University under their Hay Project

4. I’ve been retained by a London website as their American entertainment correspondent…the editor seems to like my work:) check out my latest post now;

5. Clara54 was recently placed on the Reflections from Women Book Tour  Blogroll as one of their favorite blogs to watch in Terri S. Nelson’s Reflections From Women Book Series…

6. Published in the November Issue of Costco Magazine’s Health Column.

I’m still waiting for Tyler Perry to answer my tweets in regards to that laptop request ( hey, Oprah and Gale got cars) and George Clooney haven’t taken me up on my invite to explore his Italy digs—nor has that limo driver, personal chef and country home somewhere in Georgia I’m pining for came to fruition, but, let’s not get it twisted people, there’s always 2012!

How was 2011 for y’all? I’m all ears!

P.S. Want a shot of Holiday motivation? Purchase a copy of My Authentic Woman Story for Xmas! Simply go to and stroll down the site to buy (cheaper than a glass of the finest wine… believe!)


4 thoughts on “Clara54 In Review (2011)”

  1. A great year! I raise my glass to you! Happy Holidays Clara 54, authentic woman extraordinaire!!! Have a wonderful holiday; Ilook forward to following you in 2012.


  2. Hope you are having a great break! Congrats on all your accomplishments! Will check out the links, thanks.

    Oh, and look me up on Twitter, will you, when you have a minute? Tried to find you but wasn’t sure if I had the right Clara or not…:) Sorry, I am currently at the Twitter level of dork. Aiming to move up but haven’t made it yet.


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