A December Whatcha Doing!?!

Happy Monday! Today is a hump day for me. I’m doing research on articles I need to send out for my entertainment column for December at London’s City Connect Magazine.

Doing laundry- an early morning habit retained from an “up with the chickens” sorta mom:)

 Working with &trying to remember “I’m not my hair” because it’s growing back faster than a speeding bullet- cut it 1 year ago:( 

Preparing for an interview this afternoon!

Cooking comfort foods-yummy

Keeping an ear out for delivery-xmas comes early for the grandchildren at my house- Love playing Ms. Claus ( a reasonable ms. claus, doncha know?)

Glowing from my most recent accomplishment in continuing to hone my coaching & mentoring skills…admiring the certificate I just received after completing a ten week Leadership and Coaching class via Depaul University’s online Values- Centered Leadership Course, under The Hay Project.

Anyone interested in this awesome skills enhanced course, can go here for details http://leadershipdepaul.edu/secure/eng/lEduCP.asp or email hayleadership@depaul.edu

Sooo, Whatcha Doing my fellow scribes!?!

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