24 Hours!

Okay, this is not news because I’ve talked about it before… Time Management isn’t one of my strong suits & I work better under pressure anyhow! Don’t ask and I won’t attempt to explain it:) But, it’s all good and the adrenalin is kicking in, so let me get you up to speed, if I may?

Today, I’m reading a wonderful book of Folklore by a local author that I will be reviewing right here for you guys & gals in the near future…

If you didn’t read my satirical post on nurses? It’s Nurses Week and I’m a wee stressed about it…

I’m emailing contacts to inform them of my new authentic woman site and offering advertising space as well! YAY!!!!  

I have great material to post on my news, views & entertainment blog still and must get it in before the competition-so many celebrity gossip sites out there!Have managed to keep a good readership, so (it’s all good!)

I’ve got to come up with a blog post for my new home at a well known hosting venue-won’t divulge that info just yet. Just know that it’s very prestigious & well known in the blogosphere entity… Still debating why I  applied,was accepted, and if I really want to add extra blogging stress to my ‘stuffed’ to-do list …

Anyho, here’s the url to my fondest accomplishment so far this year 2011!  http://authentic-woman.net/


Still accepting stories of authenticity- feel free to share yours & help inspire other women to live their passion and purpose!


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