On The Positive Side of Nurses Week..

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Just to be clear, I don’t usually write about my profession so much, simply because I feel the heat! The truth is, I don’t often come up with anything positive to say about my profession as a Professional Nurse! I know the wrath of the Gods will befall me, huh? Actually, my truth is, I’ve been around the ins and outs of Healthcare for well over 30 years and frankly my dear, I find that the world as a whole just don’t give a damn! Let me clarify. From my room with a view, oftentimes,patients are looked upon as consumers by those in the business of Healthcare. Nurses? Well, as a whole, we’re finding out that our voices are no longer considered the “voice” of reason when it comes to patient care and patient intervention. You might want to run your assessment by the Therapist, Dietitican , Activity Aide, and Social Services Dept first, before that decision-making  nursing skill of yours can be validated.

But, then, this is Nurses Week & I’m a nurse, so let me find “something ” to be positive about… hmmm…Let’s see:

Ms. “P” is a trooper & a cutup at the ripe old age of 102, YAY!

Mr. “D” finally figured out that his wheelchair was for sitting in and not falling out of 3-4 times a day, YAY! (No lap buddy for protection-as they’re considered a form of abuse) 

Ms. “M” meds finally kicked in and she can stop screaming at the top of her lungs and scaring other patients and having visitors think she’s being abused, YAY!

The CEO actually said “hello” as I got off the elevator, YAY!

For once, the Attending  Physician didn’t scream when nurses paged him countless times for routine /normal labs on the same patient,YAY!

I got to urinate earlier than 10am, YAY! YAY!  

I’m not writing this gripe on Facebook, YAY!

I “loved” my job, YAY!

I still know WHY I became a nurse, YAY!

The patients recognize caring nurses, YAY! 

I could be written up for this and lose my “Happy Nurses Week gift bag! YAY!?!

Happy Nurses Week Nightengales!

Are U a Nurse? Your response ? No profane speech people:)


9 thoughts on “On The Positive Side of Nurses Week..”

  1. Growing up, I wanted to be a nurse. Four years as a volunteer candy striper, however, showed me that it was a good career for some, but not for me. Count me in as one who REALLY appreciates kind and caring nurses.


  2. As do I Karen & let me tell you, nurses appreciate that they’re appreciated:)So little of that in todays nursing demographics…But,true nurses know why they’re still in the trenches and to see their work rewarded by a patient’s recovery or return to their activites of daily living, is oftentimes rewarding enough!

    Always good to hear from you-candy striper:)


  3. Pleasure to hear from you Pat! Nurses will always be an important fixture in healthcare! I’m a bit disillusioned by how corporate insiders in hospitals/institutions seem to devalue nurse contributions.

    Best to you, my friend!



  4. Hi Clara,
    Pat sent me here and I’m glad I found you! I’ll be retiring from 44 years of Nursing, (currently a FNP) in August and have to concur with your colorful take on the non-glamorous aspects of the profession. I think Nursing is a calling and either you get it or you don’t and one has to love it to endure all the inequities and challenges. It is “sacred ground” when I am in the room with a patient. I agree the current health care environment is not for sissies. Write On!
    Kathy Pooler


  5. Dear Clara,
    Enjoyed your post! Pat sent me here. I’ll be retiring from 44 years of Nursing (currently FNP)in August and I have to agree with your colorful portrayal of the non-glamorous aspects of the profession. It is “sacred ground” when I am in the room with the patients but as soon as I step foot out into that chaotic “business-like health care environment”,it changes. I think Nursing is a calling and either you’ve got it or you don’t. You have to love it to endure all the chaos and changes swirling around. I have also been a patient,”on the other side” and it was the nurses who made the positive difference. Keep shining your light on those patients and the rest will take care if itself!
    Write On!
    Kathy Pooler,RN,MSN,FNP


  6. Welcome Katleen! I’m thrilled to meet you and congratulations on your upcoming retirement! You are truly an inspiration for all of us going through life’s trials and upheavals. I thank Pat for leading you towards my neck of the woods.

    I appreciate your astute observations in regards to Nursing- it truly is a calling, a blessing and a gift from the most high when you know what you’ve signed up for & still forge on.

    The rewards come form knowing that you’ve helped save, or extend a life! It’s also disheartening when you see patients more concerned about their Medicare Days ending, than their health. Be still and know that God will prevail:)

    Keep shining!


  7. Thanks, Clara! I see that my comments came through twice but that just reinforces the importance of shouting out for Nursing:-) Yes, “Be Still and Know that I am Lord”,( my favorite)




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