The Champion Is Venus!

Anybody catch that tennis match? Venus Williams finally shows little sister Serena just who’s boss on the courts , but, it took her a few losses to Serena in the past to prove it! At 28, Venus must have thought how she’s not getting any younger and that Serena, at 26 still had a few matches to make up for losing out 7-5, 6-4 to Venus.

I’ve been a big fan of Tennis since the days of Arthur Ashe dominating the mens courts… Now, that was truly a champion who died way tooo young! There were other unforgettable figures on the court as well; Bruce Jenner, John MacEnroe, Billy Jean King…to name a few, but, nowadays, it’s all about the Williams siblings, at least on the courts…

After winning the Wimbledon prize monies of $1.49 million dollars, Venus went on to team with Serena for the doubles match with Lisa Raymond of the USA and Samantha Stogur of Australia…the sisters again won this battle hands down…

I love the sport of Tennis. I love that Venus finally shows little sister Serena who’s boss; at least this time around!  “It’s truly not always about winning, oftentimes, it’s about how you play the game?”



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