Fashion Is Being Served

That’s right readers, right about now, it’s all about the fashionistas over at my favorite watering place MYITHINGS! The judges, inclusive of Yuli Zuv,  one of the founders and CEOs of this mega fantastic online marketing mecca, will have their hands full, when the top ten “it” designer finalists must be chosen! The contest have attracted sooo many new designers who are eager to be recognized for their creations… I’ve had the privilege of voting for some of my favorites as I’m a just one of many members on the site.

I should and will toot my own horn here, and say that I’m also amongst the top 50 ‘It’ writers on the site, an honor I’ve held for quite some time now.  My articles have been well received over there and I couldn’t be more thrilled! So, let me just remind all of you creative folks, whether you be writer/designer, there are two contests in progress at myitthings and even though at the moment it seems Designers have taken over, fear not, because there’s still time to submit your “Green” article for consideration of prize monies.

With each article you submit in the Green contest, 10 trees will be planted… so, you’re not only getting your work seen and possibly placed in the running for top prizes; You’re also helping the Environment… I’ve recently submitted my article titled, The ‘Green’ Evolution…go on over and check it out, under Wiselyfemale… If you like it, I’d be pleased to have your vote!



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