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Press Release For Authentic Woman Networks

 Out in today’s Chicago Bulletin Newspaper! Make sure to contact me to schedule September affordable mentoring sessions ( examines questions & answers you may have) on your journey to living an authentic life- Clara Freeman

Media Contact: Clara Freeman                                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Email: clarawriter@att.net




CHICAGO, IL — AUGUST 24, 2012 – How does one maintain their own identity and follow their dreams, without being overshadowed by reality television and social media? Through studying the journey of a woman who has mastered the art of authenticity. Authentic Women Networks is pleased to announce the release of A Life Toward Authenticity — My Authentic Woman Story.  

“A Life Toward Authenticity — My Authentic Woman Story is a valuable and an inspiring source of guidance and empowerment. It encourages women to live their truth,” says Clara Freeman, author and founder of Authentic Women Networks. Freeman’s release is a peek into her past life – from surviving in Delta flatlands to braving the streets of
Chicago — where she tore down blockades in order to find herself and maximize her life.

The  ” steps, to ladders, to bridges” is outlined throughout “A Life Toward Authenticity — My Authentic Woman Story, including Freeman’s account of facing bureaucracy as she became the voice for the underdog. The ebook is ready for download on Nook,  Kindle and can be ordered on the Authentic Woman; Network’s website, http://authenticwoman.net.


Through email messages, consultations, in-person sessions and more Authentic Woman Networks (AWN) serves as the ultimate mentorship which meets the needs of its clients. AWN is founded by Clara Freeman, who leverages over three decades of experience to provide an expert’s point-of-view when it comes to child abuse, workplace conflict and other issues affecting women in their daily lives.  This includes: an ebook, A Life Toward Authenticity–My Authentic Woman Story, a book of poetry, Home Sometimes Is A Lonely Place, articles written forwww.TheCeoMammaBlog.com,www.FiftyIsTheNewFifty.com, and a mentoring program to encourage women from all walks of life.



Email:  clarawriter@att.net

The Final Results- Reflections From Women!

Finally, the day has arrived! Clara54 invites you to the official launch of When One Door Closes-Reflections From Women On Life’s Turning Points! A great & inspiring account from 53 women on their personal trials & triumphs that comes from living life experiences. Thanks to Terri S. Nelson for selecting Yours Truly as part of this massive outreach to other women on their journey into being the woman they’ve always wanted to know! (ok, that’s my bit!)

Please visit the reflectionsfromwomenblog for info on purchasing a copy of this timeless book for yourselves & the women in your life…Peace.

Eureka! I’ve found My Niche…

Wouldn’t it be great for writers to say that upfront? I mean it’s the one truism, I think, for writers trying to make a name for themselves…their work. Finding ones niche, that body of work that you do so well. That something that only you have . That essence, style, panache and individuality that defines you as a writer.

What is it about your writing that draws folks to want to read more, know more, become better because of what you’ve written? I think sometimes that I’ve found my niche, my love, the work that sets me apart from all of the newbies/seasoned/published writers in the world…but, then, I think and know “I’m not there yet.” Because,I love it all! Poetry, the Short Story, the Columnist, Women Issues, Entertainment , Op-ed, Political and the Novelist ( a far fetched dream of mine) I’m just in love with the written word!

Someday, maybe I’ll find my niche, but, for now I’m enjoying the thrill of being a multitasking writer!

Welcome To My World!

Hey all! I’m Clara and I’m a woman in transition. What you’re about to let yourself in for is going to become one heck of a ride, views from the perspective of one woman writer whose sole intent is to encourage, inspire and impassion women of a certain age to go for the gusto in this, the 2nd phase of life! I’m also going to digress a bit at times and speak on entertainment, politics and just everyday stuff from time to time, why? just because I can!

I’m a writer. A seasoned, professional nurse. A self-published poet. An online columnist. A divorced mother of two and grandmother of 5… I love men of substance, eloquence, wit, compassion and a strength clothed in spirituality. I decided several years ago after my divorce and a traumatic ending to love on the rebound, that it was time I found my ‘destiny’…Think, Forest Gump when he asks, “Mama, what’s my destiny?” She replies, ” Forest,Life is like a box of chocolates. You NEVER know what you gonna get.” I invite you along, as we discover what we’re gonna get!

Happy Sunday All! It’s also my 4th year  @ Clara54!!!!!!!!!!. This was where it all began:) Sending out heartfelt appreciations for all you’ve given via your comments, emails, twitter follows and just some darn good blogosphere community:) Sonya,  my Washington bud,you’ve been the best of the best!

Shine On!