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Kudos, Complimentary Tickets And Print Book News


Good Morning Creatives!  I want you to join me in sending kudos out to my two granddaughters and their dance troupe-Dancers Be Like. They have auditions Saturday for America’s Got Talent. Break a record,  my dancers!

If you are an author looking for agents for your manuscripts, I happened upon  a great article over at womenfictionwriters here:


Here’s a treat for those of you in the Chicago-land area. Tomorrow, (November 7th from 6pm),”The Transformation Showcase” headed by C. Street, one of my LinkedIn connects, is offering two complimentary tickets to see their Performance. I’m not able to attend because my great-granddaughter is celebrating her two-year old milestone:)  Anyhow, I was given permission to pass the invite on to other women.

It’s all about sharing the love over here, y’all 🙂

The showcase focuses on fighting body shaming and building self-esteem by celebrating, primarily women of color, who set out to become their own SuperMe, regardless of size, shape or body type. If you’re free this Saturday (November 7th from 1-6pm), and would be interested in attending,  you can e-mail info@transformationshowcase.com, and let them know you were offered two complimentary tickets by  C. Street and they’ll leave them at roll call.

This news from the pages of The Web Writers Spotlight should bring a smile: Despite earlier predictions that e-books would overtake print by 2015, digital sales have instead slowed sharply and the tune has changed. Now analysts predict the print industry will “thrive” over the coming five years.

Bamidele Onibalusi  of writersincharge just published 50 websites that pay $50 + for Articles:


My book update~ the first  book coaching session went well. Linda Ellis Eastman (publisher) took on coaching yours truly and I’m totally blown away by how down to earth she is. Her affirming voice and real coaching expertise, immediately put me at ease.. She truly walks the talk and I have my fingers crossed that the next session goes well.

Your writer’s quote for today:

A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.
Anything you’d like to share with u today, please speak on that!
My lesson learned from social media interactions this week~ Stand in your truths and never waver under intimidation. Shine a  ‘kindness’ light onto yourself and heal from within when faced with harsh critics and acts of hate filled rhetoric. And continue the journey. . . C.F.




When I think of the great columns I’ve read over the span of years, I always seem to gravitate back to the days of an Ann Landers, Dear Abby, Mary Mitchell and Andy Rooney. I suppose for me it’s the nails and bolts of what makes a columnist memorable. Not only are they dishing out wise words of wisdom, but, they’re adding just a bit of spice into the mix with barbs, burbs and plain ole instances of witty, human arrogrance…without appearing self-serving

In other words, these columnists are giving you the facts without sugar coating the sting of what’s evident in your reality. I like a straight shooter who, although lets you have it with both barrels, somehow seems to have you coming back for more. I’ve been on a mission in writng my column for women of a certain age. The column ‘Women In Transition’ have a home at www.alumbo.com. Helping women 50 and over find their passion and purpose in life after divorce, empty nest syndrome, loss. Encouraging women to help themselves ‘find themselves’ became my mission after living/survivng/learning from my personal experiences.

Sadly, I haven’t given as much time to Women In Transition as of late. I have ventured off into other areas of building up my freelance writing business. My focus, however will always be in women interests, as it applies to self-esteem, personal growth, productivity, relationships and rediscovery…Women in midlife are transitioning to living the best years of their lives, in the 2nd half of their lives.  I’d like for my columns to serve as an inspiration to that achievement! I’ve learned how to keep it real from some of the best in the business; then and now.