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Women Are Today’s Brand Champions- Michelle Patterson

Women have been long known to be holding the purse strings when it comes to the majority of household purchases. According to Monique Nadeau, President and CEO of Hope Street Group, “Women overwhelmingly hold the consumer purchasing power in our country, whether we’re talking about individuals or households. Their understanding of the market allows them to start businesses with a high degree of insight about both their potential customers and competitors.”

Then, you might wonder why so many companies are getting it so wrong when it comes to how they market to them. They are so far off base that one recent article noted that 91% of women believe that advertisers simply “don’t understand” when it comes to the female consumer.

It’s not that advertisers are deliberately approaching women in the wrong way because they do have a lot at stake with their targeted advertising campaigns. They are simply missing the mark. It could be the simple fact that advertisers have not kept up with the dramatic changes that women have faced in recent years in their roles as mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. 

The crucial point that advertisers need to realize that no matter how many hats we women wear, we do like to make time to share and talk with family, friends, colleagues and, well, maybe anyone who will listen to us for that matter. The advent of multiple online platforms has simply made it easier for women to reach out and share with others.

Tina Konkin, a California-based relationship expert, notes, “Think about ‘back then’ when women got together physically and talked about their relationships or child rearing. They spent time chatting while they canned food for the winter and quilted or enjoyed book clubs and social. Now, women share the same bond virtually through social media and blogging, sharing recipes on Pinterest or swapping stories and pictures of their kids on Facebook.”  

Once advertisers realize that the decision making power and ability to leverage women as brand champions is the same but simply has become more powerful thanks to the additional social channels women can broadcast from, they will hit the target every time with us.

Visionary and lauded business accelerator Michelle Patterson is CEO of Event Complete—a full service event management company.  She also serves as Executive Director of the largest women’s symposium in North America: the California Women’s Conference (www.californiawomensconference.com) that has featured the First Lady Michelle Obama, former First Lady Laura Bush, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, and others. Michelle may be reached online at www.eventcomplete.com.

Source: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/07/the-end-of-men/8135/

Change, Challenge and Possibilities…

Happy Monday Eve! Only arrived back home a few hours ago from visiting my Mississippi roots… I’m fighting the fatigue because I remember posting about some happy, happy ,news before heading out last week. I know,people, time for the suspense to end:)

On Wednesday afternoon, I was asked by the editorial director over at Fifty is the New Fifty.com to submit 6 bullet points on topics I would write about for their website. Of course, at the time, I was only asked to send bullet points and that was the good news as I left for our family’s annual reunion, not knowing the outcome.

Upon my return, I find my new writer’s contract, along with an assignment to proceed with 4 of the submitted bullet points !!!! One article sent out and working on a second. I’m thrilled to have this gig…and tomorrow, more good news. My guest post will be active at OneWomanMarketing.com. Here’s the link; http://wp.me/pztole-2br. While you’re waiting to read my post, please visit Kelly’s informative business site to gain awesome insights on Marketing. Whether newbie, or seasoned, Kelly has something for everyone.

I’d like to share also that I’ve ended my long standing career in Nursing.. Sadly, I’ve closed the chapter on that part of my life. I suppose if I was more of a pessimist rather than optimist; I’d look at this change in my season as being the proverbial glass half-empty, opposed to being “a glass half-full.”

It’s been a great 30 plus years, filled with joys of helping to save lives, coupled with the pain of losing even one… All of those like minded friends & relationships will remain forever solid and my brave, beautiful and oftenimes challenging patients… never forgotten.

The life lessons I’ve earned in areas of compassion, servitude, leadership and accountability, will stay with me always. I’m not Evita. I’m no world leader. I’m simply Clara and I’ll always cherish being me, doing “me” like I’ve always done in my nursing career and in life.

My grandaughter gave me a beautiful quote to place on my desk for pondering decision making times just like these. It needs little explanation. “Good things fall apart so Better things can fall into place.” Looking forward to what the future holds and believing in the possibility of a thing…

Peace & blessings,


Special Guest Post From Deborah Bailey

Embrace Life
Image by joesflickr via Flickr


I’ve learned a lot from this wonderful author & professional coach in the last year from how to “Think like an entrepreneur” to just putting aside your fears…Whether it’s a fear of a business failure or, success, Deborah breaks it down for all creatives on how to get over yourself & get on with it!


How to Move Through Fear

by Deborah A Bailey

The other day I got an email from a gentleman named, Tim. He asked me for
advice about looking for a new job. He was unemployed and money was running
low, but he wanted to make a fresh start.

How much courage does it take to transform your life after it’s come undone?
Having been through this situation myself more than once, I’d say it takes
quite a lot. That’s the difference between those people who survive and
those who thrive. Survival is going from one crisis to the next, always
shocked and a little surprised that you made it. Thriving is a totally
different experience.

When you thrive you are not expecting doom at every turn. Your life isn’t
just an endless journey through anxiety and insecurity. Yes, things do
happen and life is not always a big bowl of cherries. I’m not saying you’ll
never be hurt or disappointed, but I am saying that how you react to those
things will determine your life experience. We can spend a lifetime blaming
this one or that one, being a victim of circumstances and believing that
someone else took our stuff. Lots of people do it everyday. If that appeals
to you, I certainly won’t discourage it. However, if you love your life no
matter what you are thriving. That’s something no one can ever take away
from you.

At the end of Tim’s email, he admitted to being uneasy about the changes he
was about to make. He acknowledged his fears, but then he said he wanted a
better life and was going to take the steps to get it. From the outside his
life may not look very attractive, but with that admission he’s already made
the move from surviving into thriving. I’m excited for him, and I’m looking
forward to hearing about his progress.

1. How about you? Are you ready to make the move? If so, here are some steps
you can take.

2. Get clear of negative people and negative influences. If someone is
always telling you what can’t be done or how awful everything is, you won’t
benefit from being in that energy.

3. Take some quiet time everyday. Whether you call it meditating or being
alone with your thoughts, take time for yourself.

4. Keep learning new things. Once you decide you know it all, you will never
grow beyond that point.

5. Write down your ideas and your goals. There’s something about writing
them down that makes them real.

6. Laugh. Not only is laughing healthy, but it’s much more attractive as
well. Who would you rather be with – someone who laughs or someone who’s
always grumpy?

7. Love yourself, a lot.

8. Embrace life. Don’t wait for some terrible event to occur before you
appreciate what you have.

I’ve been in survival mode and in thriving mode, and I can tell you that
thriving is much better. No, fear doesn’t completely go away, but it stops
being a way of life. We all have the power to go from surviving to thriving,
and in the end it’s up to us to make it happen.

Copyright © 2010 – 2011 Deborah A. Bailey
Excerpted from “Think Like an Entrepreneur: Transforming Your Career and
Taking Charge of Your Life” available on Amazon.com.

How Savvy Women Think “Business”

Image by NoWin via Flickr

I know, it’s Christmas for christsakes & why am I thinking about “business‘ on this special day to celebrate the birth of our lord & savior? Because The Lord knew when he created woman, he created the essence that moves heaven & earth- that’s why! Actually, the turkey is in the oven and the veggies, fixings for savory dressing ,and sweets for the sweetest are making great progress. How’s that for a multi-tasking woman in business for herself? It’s a well known fact that women are savvy creatures. Not only can we can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, we can serve it on a decorative platter as well! AND read a good book all in one setting… Well, we can also embelish upon the truth a bit too, but, that’s what makes us so special! The woman in business for herself becomes an attribute to men owned bussinesses and other women entrepreneurs– doing it for themselves…

As we celebrate the Holidays; Christmas and New Year, let’s also envision the new start to growing, creating, and visualizing our businesses. Women of authenticity read more good stuff clara54 wants you to know about women issues by visiting “authentic woman” @  http://wisewoman2.wordpress.com and spread the word! There’s a savvy business woman in all of us, don’t cha know? Now is the time to create your vision for your business and start the New Year off with a banging profit building enterprise!

Happy Holidays & think “business” in your future!