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Colleagues Who Are Expanding Their Horizons

Happiness Friday to all Creative Thinkers and Doers! In the mid 90s , I would take the train to downtown Chicago after work some evenings to attend creative writing classes at Harold Washington College, while hubby stayed home on daddy duties. I have to admit, I loved this bit of “me” time, I’d carved out for myself.  Attending evening writing classes with other like-minded adults centered me and motivated my creative juices at the same time.

The instructor was a young 30 something, who wore a cropped Afro and admitted that she drove a Jag! Wow, I wanted to chuck family obligations, right then and there and be her:) Well, being a trendsetter wasn’t all she was about. The woman was actually a great teacher, who advised us to “expand” our creative horizons and throw our whole being into becoming the “writers” she knew us to be.

I suppose creatives learn the same things, only in different ways. Here are some of my colleagues who are Expanding Their Horizons :

Books Ink interview with Karen Ford

Featured Artist: Henry L. Jones

Men of Winter Group Art Exhibit at Monthaven Mansion

Men of Winter Entertainment Flyer revised

Chicago Author, Evelyn Cogdell makes a personal appearance tonight on RARE Woman for Valentine’s Day, to discuss her new relationship book, Essence of Romance (co-authored by yours truly)

RareWoman uprightPublicity Photo - 2006&2007-1Check out Evelyn in conversation with two rare women tonight:

http://www.ubnradio.com/ channel 2 RareWoman 4PM PST
Congrats to all of you creative folk. Keep expanding your horizons.
If you have great news to share on the blog, just hit me up and do the thing! 🙂
How are you expanding your creative gifts?

Steak, Champagne, And Whoopi Goldberg In Concert

Whoopi Goldberg, during dress rehearsal at Com...
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Okay, so It wasn’t exactly in that order. It was more of a friend and I having a small toast to an anticipated awesome adventure into the land of comedy before setting out to enjoy an evening of Whoopi Goldberg in concert.The show with Whoopi Goldberg live at The Venue in Hammond, Indiana had been on our radar of “things to do/bucket list” for several weeks and well researched.

I’d heard that Ms. Goldberg didn’t appreciate folks cellphones going off at her performances, so I decided to put it to quiet-apparently word had gotten out, because during the two hours that Whoopi performed, not one cellphone went off!

Preparation is key for writers going into any of these events, because one never knows what great piece of fodder for posts will jump off. I took along a notepad and pen, debated whether a voice recorder would be allowed, but decided against it. Ms Goldberg took the stage right on time. dressed comfortably in white shirt, jeans and snickers-I could relate.

The topics ranged from views on marriage(mostly her own) sex,race,politics,gay & lesbian rights, to grandchildren antics, and menopause. And there were several of the ‘F’ BOMBS thrown about; It is Whoopi!! Everyone were using their cellphones snapping pictures. Near the end of the show, Whoopi opened a question & answer session for her fans and introduced a quick visit on the stage from Sherri Shepherd, one of The View’s co-hosts.

I came away from the experience with my cell filled with pictures. A sore stomach from laughing so hard, notes to suffice several blog posts and a greater appreciation for a woman who wears numerous hats. From her start as a standup Comedian on Broadway in the 80’s, to winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony-something very few celebrities have won for such a large body of work.

I’m truly inspired by Caryn Elaine Johnson AKA Whoopi Goldberg. I just “heart” her…Don’t go getting it twisted, people, clara54 meant that in a purely “sistah” type of way…

Mucho Luv you creatives for Valentine Day & forever & ever!