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I Know ‘Love’ Poetry…

It’s been a while that’s for sure, since I’ve penned a “for love poem” but I’ve been missing my love of words & have been thinking lately on the possibility of a ‘thang’ and if for no other reason than this, maybe my readers might get a kick out of my prose & glimpse another side of this transitional nurse, woman, and writer.  Here goes:

For No Other Reason…

than to hear your soft laughter

after man on woman loving

or, whatever floats your boat

The outcome of two people cupplings

make for happy times & even happier moods

for whatever the day might bring…

Basking in moments of shared intimacies

where their ‘flow’ seems right … 

It is the most awesome feeling

to show another your

caring, compassionate, & passionate self

perhaps ,oftentimes kept hidden

away from prying eyes & inquiring minds

of the world…

Clara54 advises folks to:

live a little

love a lot

give themselves up

To the possibility of a ‘thang’

to note with certainty:

I’ve been there…

done that…