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Sharing an Excerpt from “Technicolor Love”

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a glorious and joyful Easter weekend! You all know I’m always promoting and sharing the works of creatives at the writers’ blog and it’s a blast. What I haven’t been doing on the regular is sharing my own works. We can sometimes be our own worst critic, right? Currently, I have 2 works in progress; a return to my long overdue memoir and a new romance/thriller. I call my babies “My process in progress” in hopes of completing them sometime in 2014 ūüôā

This is an excerpt from an already published Indie work that’s a part of the Independent Author Index IAI Short Story Compilation, authored by Faydra Fields and available for purchase at Amazon.com. This material is not for under 13.

Technicolor Love Excerpt:

looking at her backside with critical brown eyes, Rhea was standing near
the foot of the same bed where she’d consummated her marriage to Gerald over
fifteen years ago. Sometimes, she regretted never having a honeymoon, but there
was no money back then and Gerald had been left this beautiful home after his
parent’s untimely death in a car accident.

Rhea repositioned the floor length mirror covering the door to their bedroom. Stepping back for a better view of
herself from every angle, she sucked in her stomach, held her shoulders erect and stuck her chest out, all the while listening for Gerald to stop singing in the bathroom shower where he was taking one of his ‚Äúreadiness‚ÄĚ baths.
At 5‚Äô9‚ÄĚ and one hundred thirty-two pounds, 36-year-old Rhea Perry decided she still looked like a rock star‚Ķa tad more junk in her trunk than the norm, but still hot‚Ķ
She blew a kiss at her reflection and turned away from the mirror to bend down and remove the designer ‚Äėintimates‚Äô box from its hiding place underneath the bed. She didn‚Äôt really want or feel the need to hide things from her husband, but this was a secret. When the singing ended in the bathroom, Rhea Perry climbed upon their king-sized bed, moistened her lips, crossed her legs in a sultry pose and waited for her husband‚Äôs reaction.

Gerald dropped the towel, mouth agape at the boldness of this sexy woman, nearly naked in skimpy red lingerie and matching panties. He was staring at Rhea with water dripping from his hair, his private parts saluting to its own instrumental love song.

They hardly had time for each other, now that Gerald had made head salesman at the car dealership over on Lyndhurst, about 30 miles from their home in Cleveland Heights. Rhea loved living in the suburbs, quiet, but not so far away from the 490 leading into Ohio’s bustling city limits. She embraced becoming a homemaker and was still trying to get used to the idea since she’d worked most of her life, but since the promotion, Gerald had wanted her to quit her job as a rehabilitation tech in the township of Blacklick, citing the dangers of a working woman out alone in the lower parts of Ohio.

Even though Rhea was raised up in similar townships and was no stranger to the culture, she knew not to argue with her man when he set his mind to something. He’d insisted he could handle their finances and anything else they might need to live a comfortable life and well he could.

It was a bit disconcerting when she heard tidbits of gossip floating around about her husband, but folks
gossiping tended to cause dissension in a happy home and Rhea wasn’t giving in to the hype.
She believed Gerald was a faithful husband and quite frankly, she had no concrete reason not to‚ĶThey‚Äôd just made good love and… smiling, she concluded that there were no worries in that department!

Gerald was a good-looking man and that was just a fact. He had the Carmel colored skin that women swoon over. A six-pack she never tired of placing hands on and a pair of the sexiest green eyes she‚Äôd ever seen. At 6‚Äô 2, Gerald Perry was a bronze God ‚Äúlook out Denzel!‚ÄĚ

Rhea loved Gerald and in her eyes, he could do no wrong. He was a hard-working man who loved her right back. When she lost their only child in stillbirth, Gerald didn’t place blame, only scooped up her sobbing and broken body from the hospital bed where they’d gotten the news and held her in his strong arms, vowing to always love her, no matter what. Their little girl would have been ten…


To purchase the compilation and read my story, visit http://www.amazon.com/Independent-Author-Index-Compilation-Volume-ebook/dp/B008Y0J8KQ.

Are you hesitant to share more of your creative works and why?

Revamping My Writer’s Site!


Hello all! I’m not completely back with you guys, but, wanted to share a few nuggets of information about clara54. I’ve decided to revamp the site in regards to content, due in part, to the path my work is headed. I’m no longer going to write¬†about anything other than “writing’ here at clara54. For the most part this will include¬†short stories, literary reviews, interviews¬†and works of¬†other writers…and always great photos from willing participants!

And because clara54 is known as a book review blogger site, I will continue to introduce book reviews and recommendations upon occasion. Today I want to introduce you to the Show Off Anthology; a book of ten short story writers by Joe Bunting from The Write Practice blog.

A short story writer and author, Joe Bunting also teaches the craft to other short story writers, thus, his first collection of these writers. I was given the opportunity, along with other writers, to review this anthology for Amazon.com. You can find those reviews and purchase information for the anthology at the amazon.com kindle site here: http://thewritepractice.com/show-off-pre-order/

These are¬†wonderful & recommended¬†short stories. You’ll be energized to write your masterpiece after reading the Show Off Anthology:)¬†

“from steps to ladders to bridges, your truth begins with you!”¬†A Life Toward Authenticity- My Authentic Woman Story ebook… also available at amazon .com kindle selection and Barnes & Noble nook selections…¬†

Great holiday readings!

P.S.¬†Clara54 is open to your writing story and “show off” of your literary gems:)

Whatcha Doing Clara54?!

Would you believe I’m chasing¬†FEDEX for a¬†package that’s been MIA since July!?!¬†Hopefully there will be resolution in the morning! Also finished off the last of several writing obligations I’d committed to for two of my ¬†colleagues.

Pleased and surprised to see that my short story “Technicolor Love”¬†in the Independent Authors Index Compilation¬†had received 5 stars & review¬†from¬†a buyer. Thank you, precious person, I’m¬†inspired to submit a second story! If you haven’t purchased your Compilation, go here http://v1s.it/Sp2P74 to download great reads from some awesome authors, including yours truly.¬†

Gearing up¬†for my daughter’s birthday next week and looking forward to family coming in for the weekend…seems only yesterday everyone gathered for the wedding and what a beautiful occasion that was- will post pictures of the mansion & wedding details later.

Not everything is coming up roses, however, due to the fact that my computer want to act ugly and¬†I’m still waiting to get paid for several articles, but, such is the business of freelance, huh? I’m continuing¬†work on my book, Stepping Into Greatness, with awesome contribuotrs,¬†albeit at a slower pace than before- must start an accountability log for myself, people..:)

Next week, I will have a guest post up¬†at¬†Susan Johnston’s, The¬†Urban Muse, so look out for that and I’m taking notes for another invite from an SEO/Copywriter’s famously “out there”¬†site to guest post as well…now, this one? A wee bit challenging, but,¬†I love a challenge.

Anyhoo, that’s what’s happening in my creative¬†world this week- everyday brings the possibility of a thing:)

How about you guys…whatcha doing?

P.S. If you’re liking my “whatcha doing” series give me a holler…