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2015 Poetry and Short Story Competition

Happy Friday creatives! I’m always one for honing your writing & learning skills while following your passions. I love to write and I have no problem writing in several genres. Some genres where my work yielded recognizance and monies over the years included:

Poetry: Winning 2nd & 3rd cash prize and publication in The Illinois Vanderpool Poetry competition.  (defunct)

Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Prize:  Placed as Quarter Finalist for 2015 and  on their Quarter-Finalist and Semi-Finalist lists for 2016

Placed in a first Short Story finals list in The McDonald’s Short Story Literary Competition judged by actor Terry Crews.  I went in search of this competition recently to find that sadly its defunct.

Short Story selected and published in The Independent Authors Index. My story is titled Technicolor Love.  Look closely, you’ll see the purple cover:)


One of my first personal  short stories  was accepted and published in the book,  When One Door Closes; Reflection for women on life’s turning points. Y’all can check that out on my blog sidebar.

I’ve also entered and won  a cash prize in a best article competition, and in a name that website competition for a women’s organization. I’ve placed in the Women’s Advantage (15 women’s wisdom) Calendar three times where my business quotes were chosen from among 5000 submissions.

My songs entered in the Song of The Year Competition won suggested artist in 2005 and Runner Up in 2012. Over the years, there have been numerous blog guest posts, paid freelance-writing.com articles and feature columns in newspapers and magazines under personal development, health, relationship and celebrity news.

I’m not saying you have to get down like I have in testing the waters of different genres, but my personal advice to writers would be; do not allow your creativity to become staid  and boring. Don’t be that creative in Langston Hughes poem who laments about ” a dream deferred”.

My purpose book for women, Unleash Your Pearls, is finally at the publishers and due for launch sometime in 2016. I’m anxiously waiting to see the cover and to share it with you guys! In the meantime, here’s what I’m working on for submission in my final 2015 competition:





2016 Drinking Gourd Poetry Prize Guidelines

5th Annual Drinking Gourd Chapbook Poetry Prize

Freelance Fiction Authors…

thCAXYA9ZP fiction bks

Happy Wednesday, Writers! I haven’t decided if I’ll be posting twice a week at my new forum for writers and authors, but, things are heating up and authors are on board to share their expertise in evey imaginable genre! So, in order to not overwhelm my storytellers (you guys!) or give too much of a good thing at one sitting, I’ll be interrupting your usual Friday’s with other exciting news. I hope you all enjoyed Angela Meredith’s contribution to the forum, Beyond The Basics of Good Writing. Thanks Angela!

I’ve been working REALLY hard at maintaining my blogs (three) and the effort is truly paying off. I felt I needed one day of other folks company, so I stepped away from the computer on Tuesday and spent a great day just hanging out and enjoying the moments (beautiful & fun) of course, I sent out the envelope containing my completed Mirror Monologue (happily)

You guys do know, March 31st is the deadline to enter this playwriting competition? There are quite a few guidelines to follow- sending your work via snail mail is only one stipulation. Here’s the link one more time: http://www.themirrormonologues.com/about-us/

Another great looking competition I have my eye on, is The Annual Bristol Short Story Contest at http://www.bristolprize.co.uk/


Self published fiction authors can serve as paid consultants at Callisto Media in Berkeley, Ca. Your self-publisshed books must have reached Amazon’s sales rank of 10,000 or more. The perks are that you get to work from home and from any location. Speaking of locale? I have a great romance author whose newest release of steamy fiction will take you for a roller coaster ride! Have you ever wondered about all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes of Reality TV?

An upcoming heart to heart with a Hollywood Insider will keep you on the edge of your computer chair! Her new book is a bestseller and methinks, people in the industry might be up in arms about it:)

Like I said, so much good stuff to share and perhaps entice you to get cracking on your next or new novel is coming your way in the months to follow. Also , make sure you guys visit Angie’s Diary for my latest Women’s History Month article “A Woman’s Story” here: http://angiesdiary.com/psychology/self-improvement/a-womans-story/..

Let’s meet back here on Friday, okay? If you come across any good news for writers & authors, feel free to share with us at the forum.

A Novel Preview, Poetry Page, And Stuff on the Horizon

Morning All!  There’s a bit of a chill in the Illinois air this morning as I’m sitting in my computer room reading from my to- do list. First, I have to finish a geat novel for a clara54 review from Tayari Jones. In Silver Sparrow, we get to know about 2 sisters with different mothers, but, same father. Only one girl knows about the other.  At five, Dana Lynn is only too happy to draw a picture of herself & her mother, along with her father & his other family for her teacher…

Dana Lynn is happy that her teacher likes her drawing; so happy, that she takes it out to show her mother and father. At 5 years of age, Dana Lynn will learn from her father that she is” the secret.” Tayari Jones story is set in the 1980s Atlanta and centers around a middle class African American family. I’m loving the way the author weaves this web of fiction! I won’t give more away, but, the review of Silver Sparrow is on the horizon!

Recently found out that more of my poetry was  featured on their May/June Femme Vip website here: http://www.femmevip.com under Purple Lounge Section.

Taking an online writers’ Village “Master Class” for competition short story writing . There’s also a short story competition with a deadline of June 30th. Guidelines can be obtained by writing cwriting@btinternet.com  Good luck!

Okay, that’s a short recap of what’s to come & what’s happened since my last post. Today I’m literally winding down from a weekend of nurse duties and attempting to cross off a few more things on this Monday’s to-do list before I can curl up with a good book! 


Short Story Competitions …

The first short story from the reader particip...
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African American woman and sweet peas
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“Balance the cost of the soul you lost to the dream you lightly sold…are you under the power of gold?” This is a Dan Fogelberg quote that I lifted from reading Beth Ann Erickson’s Advice to Freelance Writers in 3 volumes. I thought a lot about this quote as it pertains to my freelance writing goals. To my dismay, I found that my joy for writing was stifled somewhat, by my need to succeed. A success that oftentimes bordered upon how much money I could make, or, what big time “inner circle” guest post I could snare for clara54:( Sadly, I’d lost my focus for starting clara54 and thus, my joy for creating.

Well, dear readers, no more of that! Don’t get it twisted here though, I love! love! love! my baby here and I’m not about to give it up. Writing clara54 has allowed me to network with awesome people whose work I admire and more importantly, whose character remains true. I’ve also landed an advice column for nurses,& identified my platform. A motivational & personal development blog for women which lets me know I’m on the right journey.  But, I ‘ve begun to think about writing the Short Story again. Many of you might not know this? (Why the heck not, when I tell all of my business?!)  but, I’m an avid short story writer and have entered dozens of competition over the years. Securing honorable mentions along the way. I’ve not gotten the money prize yet, but, the feedback has been encouraging and invaluable lessons I’ll apply this time around.

I feel the time is right to get on the bandwagon and allow the joy of writing to reclaim my creativity. I’m been too long without that sole purpose in my writing career that, according to Beth, “skim the ebb & flow of creativity.” There will be more pearls from Ms. Erickson on the page at some point, but, I’m going to end  by posting some of the exciting short story competitions that you can enter during the next three months. I will be busy writing like a bat outta heaven these next months and will keep you updated on my progress.

Tennessee Williams Fiction Contest-Nov deadline

Family Circle Magazine Short-Story Fiction Contest- Sept. deadline

African American Heritage Writing Contest-deadline August 15

C Clark Hope’s 9th Annual FundsforWriters Essay Contest-Oct deadline

Power Women Magazine Women In Business Contest-deadline August 12, requires a submission fee

That’s just the tip of the iceburg in upcoming short story competitions. Please feel free to add your info. 

PS. “Don’t let the sun go down on your dreams, unless you chose to be a star.” Just something an editor said to me after reading one of my short stories:)