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5 Benefits of Writer Collaborations

thteamworkHappy Friday, writers and all creatives! I hope you all have a relaxing and stress free weekend. I’m looking forward to a bit of ‘me’ time to reflect upon personal and professional challenges of the last months. I’m also giving thanks for having achieved success in completion of Essence Of Romance, a relationship guide that I signed on to write as co-author with my friend and colleague, Evelyn Cogdell last summer.

The Essence of Romance

I am so excited about the outcome of our book collaboration, that I decided to share five great benefits of doing this project with Evelyn, that will benefit, not only me, but some of you on your solo writing venture.

thcollaboration1. Deciding to accept the offer to work on Essence, actually freed me from the perils of procrastination that I was experiencing with my works in progress.  It’s oftentimes difficult to put those great scenarios in your head onto a blank page. My work was starting to feel forced, but working on the book with Evelyn helped to free my creative juices from captivity.

2. It was good working with another writer with a common goal. In this instance, we shared our personal experiences and expert wisdom’s from 4 decades of dating  and relationship issues that comes from ‘having been there and done that’. There’s discussion on how to recognize red flags…how to going from being bitter from lost relationship, to forming better, lasting, loving and equally yoked relationships.

3. Being a co-writer strengthened my writing technique through positive feedback and helpful critique. Writing with Evelyn also allowed us to recognize our individual strengths and weaknesses and allowed us to mesh our strong points to deliver a better client product.

4. Collaborating on the project was actually fun and I wasn’t intimidated by research and tedious fact checking. The articles in the book are based on fact and statistical data, along with personal stories and experiences that aids women and men by providing food for thought and pro-active steps to  a better relationship outcome.

5. Since Essence of Romance  became available for purchase in January, the author has been making book appearances at local libraries, churches and other offline outlets.  Recently we appeared to talk about the book as guests on the Judah Stallworth’s  blog-talk radio station.

This is what the host said about our book:  “eye had a blast with your book’s energy!  thankh you!” He invited us back on the show.

Here’s the link to our ESSENCE interview.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dub-wyze-talk/2015/03/03/dub-wyze-talk-with-eve-cogdell-and-clara-freeman

Collaborating with another writer frees you up to regains your writing mojo and also allows you to examine your weaknesses and strengths. It’s also introduces you to a whole new audience.

These are authors who recently co wrote and completed their books.

Evette Collins and Yvonne Randle , The Secret  To Creating Loving Relationships.

Michelle Duster and Trina Sotera, Shifts; An anthology of Women Growth through change.

Have you collaborated on a book? Feel free to share your experiences.

“Always treat yourself special.”




When I think of the great columns I’ve read over the span of years, I always seem to gravitate back to the days of an Ann Landers, Dear Abby, Mary Mitchell and Andy Rooney. I suppose for me it’s the nails and bolts of what makes a columnist memorable. Not only are they dishing out wise words of wisdom, but, they’re adding just a bit of spice into the mix with barbs, burbs and plain ole instances of witty, human arrogrance…without appearing self-serving

In other words, these columnists are giving you the facts without sugar coating the sting of what’s evident in your reality. I like a straight shooter who, although lets you have it with both barrels, somehow seems to have you coming back for more. I’ve been on a mission in writng my column for women of a certain age. The column ‘Women In Transition’ have a home at www.alumbo.com. Helping women 50 and over find their passion and purpose in life after divorce, empty nest syndrome, loss. Encouraging women to help themselves ‘find themselves’ became my mission after living/survivng/learning from my personal experiences.

Sadly, I haven’t given as much time to Women In Transition as of late. I have ventured off into other areas of building up my freelance writing business. My focus, however will always be in women interests, as it applies to self-esteem, personal growth, productivity, relationships and rediscovery…Women in midlife are transitioning to living the best years of their lives, in the 2nd half of their lives.  I’d like for my columns to serve as an inspiration to that achievement! I’ve learned how to keep it real from some of the best in the business; then and now.