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Clara54’s Short Story Compilation is Live!

Technicolor Love by Clara Freeman

Technicolor Love by Clara Freeman in the Independent Author Index Short Story Compilation, Volume 1 on the Independent Author IndexSummary:

When Rhea lost their child in stillbirth, her husband Gerald held her in his arms and promised he’d always be there for her. She had little reason to doubt him. So, why is he on the phone whispering to his old high school flame? Were the rumors true, did this girl come back to town to steal her husband? Should she continue to love and trust him, or believe the hype?


The author has rated this short story PG-13 – Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13.

Click here to purchase the compilation!

Thanks in advance for all of your support! It feels good to be an author:)

How does seeing your work in book format make you feel?

Do You Tweet?

Came home from my ‘day’ job 😦 to find an email from a fellow blogger asking if I might tweet… It’s nice when someone wants to follow you on twitter 🙂  

At the moment, I’m thinking…”I don’t think so”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all good for folks wanting other people to follow their every move, but, it all just sounds sooo exhausting to me! Anyhow, I’m blogging, somewhat addictively (is that a word?) and loving it…. fellow writers, bloggers , interested editors, publishers & such, clara54 doesn’t twitter…Do you Tweet?

Happy New Year To:

Poets, Writers, Bloggers, Editors, Publishers, and Loved ones; All!  What I’m wishing/resolving for this year of our Lord, 2009 ?…That we all come together to make this year if not the best, then, certainly the most memorable as we  go about our daily lives…I’m resolved personally to continue doing ‘good works’  as a contributor to humanity.To continue to community with folks who have passion, purpose & vision to take their creativity to the next level!

I want to surround myself with people steeped in spiritual awareness, fortitude, compassion, drive, ambition, humility and a work ethic that encourages… in the words of  Norman Vincent Peale,”You can if you think you can”. I’ve met quite a few folks since Clara54…I’m happy to have made their acquaintance via the blogosphere, as well as in print, those of you who have given me good advice, invigorating incentive, fun comments… those who linked onto clara54; allowed for an Author’s interview, sent film for review, sent out personal prayers& emails…

I hope to continue to meet many more of folks like you…and yes, I hope to see my freelance biz take wings and fly!:) Who knows what the future holds? I’m in it for duration…how about you?

What’s Success?

A prolific writer friend of mine asked me sometime ago my thoughts on what makes 2 people who start out on the same career footing with only one ending up successful…why, she asked did one succeed, whereas the other failed?

I’ve thought about this question often in trying to build up my own freelance writing biz… my answer then was an attempt to define the idea of “success” From a personal point of view, I’m thinking I’m successful when all’s right in my world in regards to family, health, enough monies to keep food on the table/clothes, although a bit worn, on my back and a slightly leaky roof over my head!

In my endeavor to get my career to a place where folks might want to hear/read/pay for what I have to offer as a writer, becomes an uphill climb…but, I’m still feeling a sense of accomplishment in areas of establishing community with other like-minded people…getting work out to publishers/editors…getting the occasional gig:)

Am I successful? I would have to say, yes! I’m not exactly where I want to be in my writing career right about now, but, there’s no denying “I’m not where I used to be” I can live with that as I continue on this wondrous writing journey…

How about you… how do you define success?


today I encountered that word i’d only read about-Censorship! I hate politics… that whole election process. But, when I read/hear/see from perspectives of… some uncouth/bias rhethoric,then, I find myself compelled to confront such stuff, head on…an article I’d written was reviewed…published, then…promptly bandished…because accordingly, I had not complied with guidelines…as in, nooo truth seeking here.

To write from “quoted” materials inclusive of verbage of attacks upon one’s gender, political views, ethnicity… puts the bearer of truth( writers) in positions/ labeled catagories …not of their character/substance. What does a writer do to maintain truth in their work, yet risk the ire of publishers/editors who have the final say on your blood, sweat, tears…you get my meaning?

anyhow, I’m a bit dismayed, but, not at all disheartened, because in my mind, if one publisher somehow insists on fudging the edges by insisting upon , certain omissions in a piece, surely, there’s another who publishes it verbatim after welcomed scrutiny/fact-checking?

I won’t say I’ve learned my lesson…what I will say, however, is that truth will set you free and I’m staying away from having my say( in print) about politics…

Why Writers Need “To Get Paid!”

We’re providing a service, for christsakes! True, many of us are newbies in this business of publishing/marketing and exposure that the writing world consists of, but, just like any new job, we’re here to learn the mechanics of producing the best works for the client. Why, then, doesn’t some publications out there want to pay the writer for that blood/sweat and tears perfect edited article/content they’ve placed into their hands as a completed work?

Starting out in the writing arena, its advised that freelancers get their exposure by almost any means necessary and yes, that can oftentimes means literally giving away your work for a byline/clip of your name and bio; something telling the world that you’re a published writer… Ok, sooo suppose you’ve spent the last 6 months, doing just that, getting yourself exposed without a penny to show for it? Good for the publication, the publisher of the magazine, but is it really a win-win situation for you, the struggling writer?

I was told by one such publisher of a startup mens magazine some time ago,that my 900 word article would find a place in his Magazine…that I’d get plenty of exposure and he’d consider me for a permanent position with his publication, if the article was well received by the masses…Needless to say, its been almost a year into this little venture with the fork-tongued publisher. I can visit the magazine’s site and read my piece sitting so prettily on this publishers page… My one consolation? I’m getting plenty of exposure!

Will I ever be duped into writing for exposure again? With well over 300 articles floating around out there in cyberspace in some fashion, I’d say definitely Not! But, if I were to rewind back two years ago, i’d say yes, because newbies need the exposure, but, don’t be fooled into thinking that all editors/publishers will have your best interest in mind, especially when they give you that spittle about it being a win-win situation! Writers Beware!!!!