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5 Take-Away Blogging Tactics Of 2010

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I don’t have an aversion to learning new things, or even implementing fresh ideas into a tried and true game plan when it comes to growing my writing business. I’m in total agreement with the adage “even old dogs can learn new tricks” in this arena; not that I’m calling myself old- mind you. Okay, maybe a tad seasoned:)

In 2010 there were definitely lessons of take away value I learned when it came to blogging. The information highway via the blogosphere is ablaze with something for every blogger, whether labeled newbie, or, seasoned . Here are 5 helpful & strategic tactics I took away from 2010 that will insure my blogging success in 2011 and beyond.

1. Establish relationships- bloggers know by now that networking and communicating with other bloggers and writers is a necessity for a blog’s survival. How you network is just as important as where. Most of us think of Social Media outlets: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for starters. Those are the popular ways of connecting with people. Attending non profit organizations is another. I met quite a few people at one such meeting, networking and exchanging business cards keeps me in the loop about upcoming fundraisers, jobs and so forth.

2. Reopen communication with past clients- I’m finding myself biting the bullet these days by being proactive and contacting folks to ask how they’re doing; what projects they’re working on and is there anything they’d like to share with my readers. Most times, responses are positive. Reconnecting with past clients are popular with your blog readers because they’re familiar with that person’s prior work.

3.It’s about your clients- By being sincere in your work, you’re going to earn people’s trust. Blogging about what’s important to us is a good thing, but, if we’re trying to offer our services to others, we have to remember, it’s about them and not us. When we establish trust, the word quickly spreads that your product, or, brand can be trusted as well.

4. Inform Family/friends of your blogging venture – This can be a bit tricky because sometimes it’s your closest relationships that will ultimately disappoint you. They might wonder why you want to go that route, or shut you down as a dreamer. On the other hand, family and friends in business for themselves will understand and embrace your efforts. They might even connect you to friends of theirs in business as well…I landed a gig blogging for a realtor through family recommendation. 

5. Advertise- Yep, I said advertise, as in spend a little money on exposing your business to the masses. Local Premium Business Listings in your area promotes brand awareness by placing newspaper, banner ads, customer reviews and testimonials.

These take away lessons will surely aid your blogging success in 2011…Onward and upward!

What take away blogging tactics will you carry into 2011?

100 Twitter Followers And Counting!

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Ok, sooo I’m knowing it’s not that many folks, but, let me just reiterate “one small step” well you get the deal and it is a big deal for clara54 to have folks interested in what’s going on in her world as a transitional nurse, writer and lover of all creatives in the blogosphere and offline as well:)  I seem to have a few sparks flying in my direction these days, some good, some tolerable and some just dang irritating.

First off the dang irritating stuff: Had to send my beautiful laptop off to the geek squad. Discovered a virus, so it’s at the doctors for diagnosis and treament. My main and fairly new computer toppled down from its resting place, landing face down on the desk and so, again, having sluggish days here. Correction, more like posting days that resemble molasses in winter. Can you say, slooow ? Anyway, I won’t be publishing the great stuff (and there are great posts ahead) until I’m feeling confident & great about this technology.

Some good came out of the reading material I’ve been asked to look over these last weeks. From author & nurse, Karen Lowry’s request to help bring awareness to ADHD from her book The Seventh Inning Sit:A JOURNEY OF ADHD, I became intrigued by the subject matter and as a nurse, wanted to explore this diagnosis in African-American children as well. My curiousity led to a guest column in a local Illinois newspaper. I was also asked by the editor to review a book on politics for another column and I’m happy to report that a friend’s request to help her friend with a speech of dire importance was quite humbling and honored to be trusted by these people to assist in such a delicate subject matter (legalities here) 

The Tolerable: Working a “day” job. Knowing full well the gig that keeps the financial hounds at bey. It pangs me to continue this route when all I want to do is write. Looking forward to some time off in a few weeks:) and this bit of troll stuff that I’ve noticed. The small stuff  folks of character would never respond & give up their power to! It all comes with the territory of the freelance writer, ever emerging into the writer the world will soon come to know lol! 

The Drumroll: My Twitter pals have grown to 100 and counting!  Thanks to all who follow & I won’t disappoint, promise!… Ok, now, I’ve got to try and post over at my motivational blog for women,(wisewoman2) before this computer goes kaput!  Hopefully things will get back to normal soon:)