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“Artistic Differences”


Happy Friday readers and writers! Remember in order to become a great writer, you must love reading:) I’m sharing an eagerly anticipated response from MIRROR Monologues ( remember early summer women playwright submission call?) well I was so thrilled to be among the chosen and was anticipating the results from the meeting of minds in October…This email arrived just last week-Anticipation!

Dear Writer,

Thank you very much for your submission to MIRRORS: Monologues from Women’s Lives. We deeply appreciate your time and interest in our project.

We are writing to say that, unfortunately, we are unable to proceed with the project due to differences in artistic vision. Our decision to discontinue MIRRORS does not reflect on the quality of the submissions. Our panel of writers and directors were deeply touched by your honesty, your humor, and your writing talent.

“Ugh” (sigh) “Really”!?! and “Why can’t artists settle their “artistic” differences?” After all, the play’s the thing. And today? “Okay, so your work didn’t hit the mark its first time out-just keep moving” 🙂

The 6 women playwrights were kind in that they sent along other publishing avenues for those wanting to place their monologues..


How do you guys handle a milestone rejection?