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Clara54 Sharing The Grapevine…

Perhaps you’ve heard, or, maybe you’re just hearing it here! I know it seems of late that clara54 is missing in action-NOT! What I have been doing is tirelessly promoting my popular blog for women @ wisewoman2.wordpress.com these last few days & it’s been a whirlwind of good vibrations! People across the blogosphere have sent positive kudos and heaps of continued growth & awareness for what I’m attempting to do as a woman writing from life experiences. It’s all so cool and I’m so appreciating the coolnesss of community both online and off.

Ok, so now that you know what clara54 has been about lately, let me give you all a heads up on what other folks want me to relay to all of my interested readers. First off, I received an email from a great guy & former Chicagoian who is also a hopeless romantic. Why, is he described thus, you ask? I’ll tell you. Mark Anthony Hall’s new EBook is just released for your buying/viewing pleasure at http://www.markanthonyromance.com. The book- Collection Of Secret Romantic Memos And Private Love Letters- Straight From The Heart is guaranteed to set your heart all a flutter as it reveal secrets of love from the love guru himself.

On a Governmental note: Received word from Michelle & Dan Duster- the great/great grandchildren of Ms. Ida B. Wells on the Washington, DC. Tribute & the formal unvealing and dedication of the Senate Russell Building, Room 432, on April 15… This is of particular significance due to the buildings’ use in congressional hearing on lynching & anti-lynching laws. Mr. Dan Duster will travel to Washington for the honor. Mr. Robert L. Johnson will also be so honored. Michelle Duster sent along an itinerary of speaking engagements for her works, Ida in Her Own Words(2008) and Ida From Abroad (2010) you can visit @ http://www.mldwrites.com/upcomingEvents.html for further info.

Tracy Koretsky interview will be for your viewing pleasure shortly YAY! I cannot wait for you to read her revealing interview.she speaks about her book of poetry/prose EVEN BEFORE MY OWN NAME and her latest award winning, ROPELESS. I was totally blown away from reading Even Before My Own Name…I appreciate her willingness to take time from her busy schedule to comply with my request…

Ok, folks that’s enough for now, but, remember just how much clara54 appreciates you 🙂