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Golden Years of Poetry from Clara54…

I’ve been looking back at some of my earlier works of poetry and wondering if I might not republish them from my self-published book “Home Sometimes Is…A Lonely Place- Copyright 1994


In the game of circumstance

I sought to conquer your passions,

intent on becoming the woman of your dreams-

Used feminine wiles

to tease you into certain submission…

Confidence led astray,

I became blined by my naivete

I sought to conquer you slowly,

enslave your manliness for all eternity.

You were clever,

a fox in sheep clothing,

It was you who captured me…


He said his name…Mystic

That he could do…Magic

Could place me up on a pedestal,

could have me touch the sky.

He said his name… Mystic

That he could do…Magic

Could lead me through the reality of his greated,

elaborate lie…



The rains came

to interrupt pleasant dreams,

invade private passions,

cause havoc upon her mind.

The rains came… strong

propelling Eagle wings,

permeating days into nights,

Exposing secrets kept preserved

like Winter fruits stored in washed out jars.

The rains came,

misplaced feelings gone asunder,

a specter uninvited,

caused emotions to trample upon her wish for solitude…


I feel like I’ve just returned to Bountiful!

How do you feel after reading aged works?



Trivia,Tales &Truth

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Today’s post will be short and to the point because I’m sorta beat from a long work week:(  Recently, I heard from my friend & Chicago based filmmaker Kai Duc Luong who’s in Paris for the showing of his latest video installation “De’sincarne’fs(English?-Disembodied/2010 to run from October 7th through November 15th as part of the CARNE exhibit. Here’s the link: http://www.expo.carne.fr/. Kai has so much going on. Here are more links to his awesome works which you can view in French & English:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLWCTR-ejfw&hd=l and French version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpMJSMinOr8&hd=l  and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsWNabb-Kns&hd=l. Let’s hope you can access these links because at my EYEGLASS angle, those ls are starting to look like Ls …

For all of you creatives who might fancy your words hanging about in some famous, well-known Gallery? Dream no more! The National Gallery of Writing is seeking even more writers to double their content from now through October 20th. Visit www.ncte.org for more information and perhaps, contribute your dynamic writings. ( I contributed in August, no confirmation of being accepted, only notice they’re looking for more writers!)

Ok, enough about that. I call this part of my post a bit of trivia & what I think are a few tall tales:)

I’m a sucker for statistics and for the most part find them believable. However, I’m starting to draw the line between fact and fiction where some of this data is concerned.

It’s reported that nurses, doctors and hotel workers are the group of professionals who consume more coffee than any other group of  folks in the workplace. ( yea, right)

The city who top the charts for cleanliness in hand washing is Chicago, Illinois and  it’s estimated that more women than men wash their hands after using public facilities! 

Due to rains, Australia has a Locust invasion-

Kids in some schools have to get fingerprinted in the cafeteria before eating!

The television drama The Good Wife is based upon former Governor Alex Spitzer’s affair with a call girl

Good Morning America is looking to add an “Advice Guru” to  their ABC News lineup. Will the next Ann Landers please visit abcnews.com/advice guru? You have until 2011 to get your bid in.

Because Clara54 fancies herself a poet, she was recently published here : http://www.femmevip.com/thepurplelounge.htm

Last for today, but certainly not least, I have to thank all of those who visit Clara54 . Because of you, my stats continue to rise & my twitter connection of  friends/creatives/entrepreneurs/solopreneurs are growing…So Godspeed & let’s make some noise!

I Know ‘Love’ Poetry…

It’s been a while that’s for sure, since I’ve penned a “for love poem” but I’ve been missing my love of words & have been thinking lately on the possibility of a ‘thang’ and if for no other reason than this, maybe my readers might get a kick out of my prose & glimpse another side of this transitional nurse, woman, and writer.  Here goes:

For No Other Reason…

than to hear your soft laughter

after man on woman loving

or, whatever floats your boat

The outcome of two people cupplings

make for happy times & even happier moods

for whatever the day might bring…

Basking in moments of shared intimacies

where their ‘flow’ seems right … 

It is the most awesome feeling

to show another your

caring, compassionate, & passionate self

perhaps ,oftentimes kept hidden

away from prying eyes & inquiring minds

of the world…

Clara54 advises folks to:

live a little

love a lot

give themselves up

To the possibility of a ‘thang’

to note with certainty:

I’ve been there…

done that…