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The Caring Chefs-Creative Writer Gig


I confess. I’m a foodie, but in the sense that I like to eat, not so much in the hands on/ preparation department that calls for culinary skills in the kitchen. And what I know about the sinking of The Titantic could fill exactly one page of a very thin notebook. But, this position is meant for some lucky writer out there and it might just be you. Here are the details…

Seeking the perfect candidate to complete a 10 to 15 minute performance writing piece about the last dinner aboard the R.M.S. Titanic ship. This piece should be colorful, engaging and have a descriptive tone with humorous and heartfelt elements. All should be written from the perspective of first-class passenger Molly “Unsinkable” Brown.

The ideal candidate will be able to create a piece that is entertaining and food-focused, yet conveys Brown’s character and her personal accounts of the extravagant cuisine, including the last dinner before the infamous tragedy.

Qualified candidates, please email at least two original creative (published or unpublished) writing samples that capture the above characteristics to alison@thecaringchefs.com.

Please include your name, contact information and desired compensation. This is a work-for-hire position with all rights to the final piece retained by the company.

Creative Nonfiction is offering an exciting new online weekly workshop via video chat, using the workshop method of teachings used in MFA and writing programs across the country. Contact Angeli Sachdeva at Sachdeva@creativenonfiction.org. The classes are flexible and centered around your writing needs.

Have a great weekend, you guys. All this talk about food is making me hungry…

Will you try out for this gig? Why?

Economic “Crunch” Where the jobs are…

At one point there were 5 career areas where jobs were readily available, now, there are two… 1. Educators & 2. Nursing. Ok, there’s always a shortage of nurses and I’m here to tell you, with this gig, you’ll always be in demand. Now, having said that, let me say this: Do not go into Nursing , or the Medical field unless you have compassion for people! and you won’t get rich from nursing… Nursing is demanding, exhausting and mentally taxing. If you have a desire to help folks who are sick/perhaps at the last stage of life, addicted to life altering drugs or simply aged & suffering from dementia, etc…then, welcome aboard. It’s about being a caregiver for others and the world is in dire need of folks who care.

Educators I’ve learned are also in demand. Think of all of the children who need adult guidance …Think of all of the schools lacking qualified & committed teachers….Give knowledge through education a chance to thrive in some young person’s life …if you love children and want to give back, then, there’s a place for folks like you.

These jobs are extending a hand  in today’s recession…The thing to remember is that these jobs require a lot from you…Are you willing to meet the challenge?

Today is a good day because:

I’m off from my “day” job…having my 2nd cup of smooth “gourmet” coffees…Cheating really, because I’m having breakfast with my dtr shortly and what’s a good ole fashioned breakfast without a steaming cup of java? Anyhow, I digress. I’m not even feeling the snowy midwest weather, it’s all good today. My sister called last nite to read a few pages from a  short story she’s working on, to ask for my advice/input…I ‘m happy she’s writing again! good stuff, too.

Just been given an assignment from the publisher of a local newspaper… yay! have made 2 new friends at my authentic woman blog& here at clara54!.  Hello people, welcome…if ya like what you see here, please add us to your blogroll…

Speaking of blogrolls: Thanks to writersontherise andgetpaidtowriteonline for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit and consider adding my blogs to theirs! All & all, today is a good day. Good health, good friends, good feelings…it”s all good:)  What about you guys, how’s your day?

From One Writer To Any Others

This last year, I’ve been writing a bit about fashion and getting good responses…Three such articles, “Fashion For The Mature Woman”,  ‘Fashion Is Not A Luxury” and Fab Fashion Website, can be found under Wiselyfemale over at my favorite writers haven, Myitthings..If you’ve read my posts here and taken a stroll over, or, decided to create a profile there to try your writing/fashion expertise, give me a holler and let me know .

As I’ve mentioned before, there are two contests in progress over there for ‘Green’ articles and finding the next ‘IT’ fashion designer. Will probably try my hand at going green, because I’ve written a few good articles about the Environment as well. Also if you’re looking for a gig as freelance writer in Fashion, SASSYBELLA.COM is one website that is looking to hire. I did visit, but, alas, felt the site was more of a young/hip format…not my speed. However, if you’re still of a certain age and have a versatile writing technique, then, by all means.

Seasoned writers, as opposed to newbies might want to visit Sassybella .com as well. Anyhow, I did apply with fingers/toes crossed as relationship columnist for a dating site. There seems to be a lot of those jobs floating around. It’s rare that this type of gig pays more than $10-$15 per post. I’m sure because one of my gal pal’s whose online dating column has been up for several years, started out making along those lines…Anyhow, I’m waiting to hear back, so keep your fingers/toes crossed for me? 


Places To Troll For Jobs

“Troll” is what I think is a cool writerspeak term I sort of borrowed from Deborah Ng over at her Deborah Ng Freelance Writing Blog…Let me be one of many writers who have visited Deb’ss blog to say, “what a great source for jobs!” If you’re a blogger, a beginner, or, seasoned writer, this is one of the places I’d recommend you go. Ms. Ng did recently announce on her blog that she won’t be spearheading the workings over there anymore and would be turning all things Deb at the site to her trusted assistant Jodee. Why? Because, Deborah Ng has been offered a writing opportunity that she just couldn’t pass up…Congratulations to her, although she will be missed, her choice for replacement , in my opinion, couldn’t have been better than Jodee. Go on over and find the job that has your name on it… My first client, albiet, short lived was found at Deborah Ngs Freelance Writing Blog…

For all of you aspiring fashion designers and environmentalist enthusiasts out there in the wild blue yonder, Yuli Ziv, the founder of MYITTHINGS have 2 contests in progress as I write. You will have to register an account to become a member of MyitThings, but, believe me, it’s well worth the bit of time it takes to create a profile. I’ve been a member for the last year and snagged the winning House article in Feburary’s contest! What are you writers waiting for? Yuli will be pleased to have you.