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TNT’s Memphis Beat-A Review

Memphis Police Department (Tennessee)
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Because I’ve recently been commissioned to review a  book on politics in Illinois for a local newspaper and I’m currently reading Karen Lowry’s book, The Seventh Inning Sit about her family’s personal journey with ADHD for review as well ( Thanks Karen for sending it to me and people can check out parts of Karen’s story on a previous post here) and the work ahead is serious business, I wanted to unwind with a bit of trivial tv talk first.

TNT have great shows. I watched The Closer two summers ago with Kyra Sedgewick in the title role. It was good then, but I haven’t returned to watch this season because I’ve become accustomed to two new headliners that’s piqued my writer’s interest. Nurse Hawthorne starring Jada Pinkett Smith as an RN working in the Emergency Room of a debilitated hospital, is filled with dramas I can relate to. But the show that captured my attention and pulled at my heartstrings is Memphis Beat. Now, I’m assuming that people automatically think of Elvis Presley anytime Memphis is mentioned. Memphis is definitely a music mecca sort of Southern town.

Memphis is where many of the greats, including Chuck Berry got their start in music. Memphis Beat doesn’t disappoint in keeping the legend of music alive as the story focuses upon real life situations that the local MPD (Memphis Police Department) have to deal with. Alfre Woodard (a legend in Hollywood) is Lt. Rice,  a lone southern  Black woman with a no nonsense approach as the  new commander in chief in a sea of male hormones. She convincingly plays an assertive leader, yet, gentile lady when the situation calls for it.

Jason Lee plays Dwight. The brains and admittedly, the bronze behind Memphis Beat and a great crooner… He brings a bit of sex appeal, humor, wisdom and love for the memory of the hero he thought his daddy(former police office) was when he died in the line of duty. Lots of twists and turns for Dwight  folks!

There’s so much stuff going on within the storyline. Each character has something unique going on in their lives where the viewer is lead to ponder upon, smile about and go, “I didn’t see that coming!”

Why do I luv this new show?

Cast of great actors

Music from the good ole days.

Southern charm

Jason Lee…keeping it real:)

And it takes me away from the reality of the work that lies in wait, lol.

Speaking of work? Keeping in tone with fiction writing mentions here, in a few days, I’ll be posting a great essay by a well known author who has kindly given permission to share just one of her many works with my lucky readers at clara54!  I can’t wait:)

Also a  congrats goes out to Anne Wayman for her blog About Freelance Writing, landing a coveted spot at WEmagazineforwomen’s 101 best blogs for  2010! Way to go Anne!