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Christian Romance Author-Yvonne Randle

Everyone have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend! Please join me in welcoming Yvonne Randle to the writer’s blog in a discussion on writing for the Christian Romance Genre.


Christian Romance is one of the hardest genre’s to write for. Why, do you ask? Glad you asked. Christian Romance itself is an oxymoron for singles, but it’s a wonderful title for married couples. When writing Christian Romance you must be mindful of the tone you set throughout your book. You are representing our Almighty God, and you certainly don’t want to mislead your readers when it comes to integrity, spirit, ethics, and right and wrong.

Writing Christian Romance: When designing your characters you want them to have one or two flaws that need to be consistently threaded throughout your book. The dilemma’s they face should be solved by the end of the novel.

Crafting your scenes should depict wholesome attitudes and venues. After all, your characters are ethical, even though they may be on different levels. If one of your scenes is at the home of a male, let’s say, then they shouldn’t be there alone. Their consciences/spirit should not allow that to happen, or you could use that situation as a struggle they overcome.

The plot should be of redeeming quality also because the entire purpose of the book is to glorify God. Say you have a female who is very vulnerable due to a situation she’s either in or just come out of, then the male has to be the stronger Christian and preserve her virtue. In this way he becomes a man of honor and ethics.

If your book addresses a married couple, your scenes should be sensual but not lustful. You want to show the character of the couple. They love each other, so they depict this love through conflict resolution and communicating with the other person’s best interest at heart. The couple should not gossip about anyone. They should be on the same page when rearing their children. Overall, you want to show that the couple may have conflict, but it’s not the end all to their marriage.

Yvonne Randle… is a gifted writer, inspirational speaker, mother, daughter, and CEO of Loving Relationships. Educationally, she holds two B.A. degrees, her first being a Born again Christian, and her second in Human Services.
Yvonne is also a regular guest on WVON’s AM 1690 Recovery Radio program where she speaks out against domestic violence, does workshops for churches, and has been featured on The Total Package TP Forum, Triton College’s Radio Station, has taught classes at the OCEA conference, and featured on
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thefirstbornsonshow#, the Darlene Hunter Show.

Yvonne’s experience as a Christian and domestic violence survivor has given her the tools to inspire and encourage others. Yvonne’s passions are to educate others about the horrific pandemic of domestic violence, change the negative perception of self-published authors, and to show young women that God the creator loves and cherishes them for who they are as individuals.
708- 227- 6646

Have any of you tackled the Christian Romance? Please share your experiences with. We’d love to have you join in the conversation 🙂