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Why Hollywood Should Honor The “Blogger” Awards!

Red Carpet
Image by mrecuay via Flickr

How many of you watched The Emmys last night? Isn’t it awesome to see all of our favorite celebrities walk the Red Carpet in all of their fashion finery? Talk about their latest picture, who they’re wearing and posing for the GlamCam? Okay, so who watched The Emmy’s last night? I didn’t.  I’ll tell you why.

As a celebrity blogger, I’m knowing I should be front and center, eyes glued to the television screen (next best thing to actually being there) to get scoop for my column…but, I didn’t feel like doing that. Am I a g-mogul? “You betcha!”

Did I feel like I would miss something great by not watching the Emmys? No!
Throughout the years, Hollywood Honors abound: The Oscars. The Golden Globes. The VMAs. The Teen Choice Awards. The Country Music Awards. The Latino Awards. The Soul Train Awards. The list is endless…When will Hollywood honor The Blogger Awards?

Is this a rant? Not really, just an observation. As a blogger and writer whose work garnered an invite to speak in London, I’m just wondering about the big picture of the state of bloggers. I’m sure all of you “big dog” bloggers get my drift:) anyhoo, I didn’t watch the Emmys because I was thinking of this well known little ditty about the Oscar Mayer Weiner in regards to the blogger.

“Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner. That is what I truly like to be….cause if I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner, everyone would be in love with me.”  Or, at least let go of some free “Swag!”

Okay fess up.  Don’t you think bloggers should walk the Red Carpet, or at least get some free swag?

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Tennille White:Chicago Fashion Designer…

Recently clara54 was contactedtennile-2
to do a story on Tennille White, a young African-American designer right here in Chicago, Illinois. After seeing the young lady fashions, this blog was pleased to make her acquaintance… you will be as well. To view designs from The Tennillle Collection log onto her website @http://www.tennillewhitechicago.com/designs…Plus size women wear it well with designs by Tennille! Now the interview…

c54 -I read from your bio that you started your fashion business four years ago at the young age of 25. What motivated you to tackle such a competitive field?

TW- I fell in love with designing at 14. I remember being so excited to go to high school every single day and getting the opportunity to create new and fabulous pieces. So, I guess being so young when I first started the business, I never even thought of it as being a competitive industry. I just knew that this was my first love and I would have been miserable doing anything else.

c54-You sent me pieces from your best sellers…what has been the most challenging instances so far, deciding to design for the plus-sized figure as your first priority as opposed to the skinny runway types?

TW -The actual designing process is a piece of cake and just comes naturally…the most difficult thing is actually getting media coverage for the collection. I have been successful just by word of mouth. It would really help if magazines and newspapers would devote the same amount of coverage to Plus as they do to Misses.

c54- I was showing my daughter your designs as she has a critical fashion eye, and she truly love your pieces, especially the whites. What bold statements do you think will grace the runways for fall? And do you feel pressured to design something that speaks to your authentic vision & yet make an impact in the fashion world?

TW- The collection in the photos you received are from the Spring 2010 Collection that I will be debuting during the Macy’s Runway Show for Fashion Focus Chicago. I think dresses will continue to have a major presence on the runway, along with a softer more neutral color palette.
The one thing that I have learned from my 4 years as a designer is that this is a business first and foremost.

So, although I may want to create something totally out of the box, I somehow can turn on the “business woman” switch in the middle of the design process. My goal is to make each plus size woman look amazing whether she’s just going to work or going to a gala.

c54- I know your clothes are sold in Chicago at Macy’s Department Store… are there other venues folks can find your designs and are they affordable for economically challenged shoppers like myself? (smile)

TW-Oh I wish! It is my dream to forge a partnership with a company like Chico’s or Lane Bryant. One of the big boys…I would love to make the clothes accessible to the everyday plus-size woman.

c54- Do you have a hands on in selecting fabrics for your designs?

TW- Very much so…I select EVERY fabric and design every piece in the collection and design for individual clients that are looking for a custom piece. I’ve done everything from bridal gowns to sportswear.

c54-Tell us how you came to mentor young people interested in having a career in fashion?

TW- When I was in high school I was afforded the opportunity to be exposed to various industries and thus I chose to become a designer. I wanted to give that same opportunity to other young people. Having a goal is extremely important for teenagers these days, especially in Chicago. Just last week I facilitated a workshop with the McCormick Boys and Girls Club and it is truly a blessing to be able to inspire our youth. I am currently the President of the Apparel Industry Board Inc.’s Young Designer Network. Through the Apparel Industry Board, I help to develop and facilitate a program in conjunction with the Chicago Public Schools Education to Careers program for an inner-city high school with a fashion department.

During this year-long program, I teach the students what it really means to be a fashion designer. I expose them to the “real” culture of the fashion industry through interactive activities, lectures and field trips. We all have to do our part!


c54-Tennille White how do you define success?

TW-Success is setting a goal and completing it!

Splashes Of Red

I was watching Good Morning America segment highlighting the benefits of women wearing ‘Red’…A sneak peak into my closets would probably serve as a grave disappointment to all things feminine…Ok, so, I have a few splashes of color…worn when I’m feeling the need to get my ‘diva in red’ or ‘devilish, can’t touch this!” red on…  nothing overpowering… a top here,a purse there & a pair of ‘no place like home’ heels somewhere waiting to be plucked from obscurity.

According to one fella on GMA, red worn by women makes men eyes “Pop!” I ‘m all for grabbing the attention of members of the opposite sex, but, lets’ not get it twisted here fellas…When the lady wears red, it’s not all about you… It’s because I’m liking how Red makes ‘me’ feel…cool, calm, collected & confident:)

Now, when it comes to pitching/marketing my freelance writing biz to editors/publishers/ online and in print… where red becomes a SEO guideline stipulation? …  hey,not a problem…

Fashion Is Being Served

That’s right readers, right about now, it’s all about the fashionistas over at my favorite watering place MYITHINGS! The judges, inclusive of Yuli Zuv,  one of the founders and CEOs of this mega fantastic online marketing mecca, will have their hands full, when the top ten “it” designer finalists must be chosen! The contest have attracted sooo many new designers who are eager to be recognized for their creations… I’ve had the privilege of voting for some of my favorites as I’m a just one of many members on the site.

I should and will toot my own horn here, and say that I’m also amongst the top 50 ‘It’ writers on the site, an honor I’ve held for quite some time now.  My articles have been well received over there and I couldn’t be more thrilled! So, let me just remind all of you creative folks, whether you be writer/designer, there are two contests in progress at myitthings and even though at the moment it seems Designers have taken over, fear not, because there’s still time to submit your “Green” article for consideration of prize monies.

With each article you submit in the Green contest, 10 trees will be planted… so, you’re not only getting your work seen and possibly placed in the running for top prizes; You’re also helping the Environment… I’ve recently submitted my article titled, The ‘Green’ Evolution…go on over and check it out, under Wiselyfemale… If you like it, I’d be pleased to have your vote!


From One Writer To Any Others

This last year, I’ve been writing a bit about fashion and getting good responses…Three such articles, “Fashion For The Mature Woman”,  ‘Fashion Is Not A Luxury” and Fab Fashion Website, can be found under Wiselyfemale over at my favorite writers haven, Myitthings..If you’ve read my posts here and taken a stroll over, or, decided to create a profile there to try your writing/fashion expertise, give me a holler and let me know .

As I’ve mentioned before, there are two contests in progress over there for ‘Green’ articles and finding the next ‘IT’ fashion designer. Will probably try my hand at going green, because I’ve written a few good articles about the Environment as well. Also if you’re looking for a gig as freelance writer in Fashion, SASSYBELLA.COM is one website that is looking to hire. I did visit, but, alas, felt the site was more of a young/hip format…not my speed. However, if you’re still of a certain age and have a versatile writing technique, then, by all means.

Seasoned writers, as opposed to newbies might want to visit Sassybella .com as well. Anyhow, I did apply with fingers/toes crossed as relationship columnist for a dating site. There seems to be a lot of those jobs floating around. It’s rare that this type of gig pays more than $10-$15 per post. I’m sure because one of my gal pal’s whose online dating column has been up for several years, started out making along those lines…Anyhow, I’m waiting to hear back, so keep your fingers/toes crossed for me?