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Weekend Meanderings

I love that word “Meanderings” and I suppose you can tell, considering how much I use it:)  Basically, I’m moving from one thing to the next in preparation for a visit from my son- coming to the city with the wife and kids… ETA? Soon:

1. Washed & sorted fresh linens for each bed

2. Shampooed & vacuumed every room

3. had light breakfast of toast & cereal…java:)

4. Typed 1 of two articles to go out on Monday….awaiting edit

5. checked emails- too many to read-closed shop

6. Answered comments to website

7. Made grocery list- small forgotten items form prior shopping

8. Pulled out notes to 2nd article-phone within reach

9. Finishing up this quick post and knowing clara54 is in for a looong and lively weekend!


What about you guys? Whatcha doing for the weekend?


Halloween Movie Fright Nights

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Hey y’all trick or treaters out there, remember to be safe and check your little ones goodies! As for you adults I’ve come up with a few great fright night movies perfect for getting cozy with your significant others. These are the shows I recommend for stay at home and at the movies- for your Halloween “Boo” night: 

American Horror Show Marathon- a family moves into a beautiful old home in order to start anew. He’s cheated and wants to make amends. She lost their baby & needs to recover. Their teenage daughter hides her anger through self cutting.

All three are going to experience ghosts who for all intent and purposes appear real…the ghosts vows to never let them leave! Check FX television channel for listing.

Twilight- the beginning. I have to admit, just saw the movie for the first time and now I know why everyone loves Twilight. The third installment; Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn, part 1 will come to theaters Nov 18th. Tonight you can catch  Possessing Piper Rose on Lifetime-

The Secret Circle- Thrusday nights on the WB

Grimm- appearing on Wednesday nights at 9pm on NBC channel. For cable & dish enthusiasts, just visit your listings for tv series to capture this goulish series. A detective finds out he is the last of The Grimms, people who can see demons and whose mission has always been to destroy them before they destroy the whole human race!

Of course, there’s my favorite fright night Supernatural and Vampire Diaries- can’t get enough of Dean and Sam. Damon and Stefan. Finally there’s the Paranormal Activity 3 playing at local theatres. This movie reportedly broke box office records its first week out. Haven’t seen it. Have to admit, that’s one scare even I might pass up:)

What about you guys, have any scares up your Halloween sleeves?

Book Review-The Moment I Knew: Reflections from Women on Life’s Defining Moments

She was a child in the 60s living with a family of abusers. Her sexual abuse at the hands of her brothers would remain their secret. When a lady she admired for being strong willed and outspoken came to her rescue, she had to deny everything and keep the family secrets… 

The doctor gave her two choices: a. “You can stay home and wait for the miscarriage to complete” or,

 b. “You can come to the hospital in the morning for a D&C” an invasive surgery to clean the fetus from her womb…

He is sixteen, her only son and brother to her two daughters. They are  a loving family. He loves them and they love him. He has ADHD and they will always take care of him until the punch and that became “The Moment I Knew.”

The Moment I Knew: Reflections from Women on Life’s Defining Moments, is the 2nd book in Terri S. Nelson’s Reflections From Women Series. It is an awesome compilation of 3o women spanning the globe, who bravely share their essays and poems with other women and men on their journey to wholeness.

Some of the stories are heartbreaking. Some uplifting and all inspiring in their message of hope, renewal and growth. I remember when my essay was chosen for the premier book in the series, When One Door Closes: Reflections from Women on Life’s Turning Points, published in 2010. It’s a feeling of euporia and humility. As the women of The Moment I Knew can attest; Being among such brave and strong women from such diverse backgrounds, all coming together to share their journey, becomes a humbling experience.

The stories in The Moment I Knew draws the reader into the devastation of miscarriage. Death. Abuse. Diagnosed Illness. Divorce and Separation from family and culture… It also shows us the resilience of women, even when mired in weakness, indeciviseness and fear.

The Moment I Knew: Reflections from Women on Life’s Defining Moments is an easy read with 188 pages. It’s also a book that’s going to inspire you to keep going even in your darkest days. I truly kept these women stories in my mind long after finishing the book. The update about each author at the end of their essay is an added bonus. 

To purchase a copy of The Moment I Knew and the first book in The Reflections from Women Series, visit www.sugatpublications.com

 Thanks to Terri S. Nelson for providing a complimentary copy of The Moment I Knew for review.

Book Review: “Little Hot Mama”-The Flossie Turner Lewis Story

 “Maybe we were never meant to have mates, the Turner sisters. Maybe we were meant to live and die alone.” Flossie Lee Turner aka Lee Ann Lewis. The Turner Family Photo (above)

I started reading autobiographies years ago and loved the twists and turns of a drawn out saga revealed in the lives of other people. Two of my favorite books are “Yes, I Can” The Sammy Davis Junior Story and” I Wonder As I Wander” The autiobiography of Langston Hughes…

Reading “Little Hot Mama”, The Flossie Lewis Turner Story for review has been an awesome experience. The pain, struggles, tragedies, missed opportunities, joys, hopes, tears and laughter; nonwithstanding!

From the time he was born and taken from his mama’s house, by his father at the age of 6, Hot Papa struggled for survival. When he married Dolly, the two became well known stage performers in Minstrel Shows throughout the country. Times were hard when their first child, Flossie Lee was born. Hard times caused for desperate measures- dressed like a young princess and carted through the night around southern towns to perform in small clubs, Flossie Lee became a star at 2 years old. 

White club owners, always conscious of child labor laws would secret Hot Papa and his 2 year old daughter to the back entrance of their clubs to have them perform for their prim and proper clientiele- none of the white patrons in the 1930s in an Oklahoma town had ever seen a little ‘colored’ child. Especially one who could sing and dance like Flossie Lee Turner aka “Little Hot Mama.”

The Turner entertainers journey from carnivals to fancy Miami hotels wasn’t an easy road.There were disheartening days with little or no food, or monies to buy food, and devastating years of struggle. The performing family consisted of Hot Papa and Dolly and their children; Flossie Lee, Lulu B, Junior and Minnie.

The Turner family wrote and performed their own skits- hilarious! The women sang in the chorus line. Hot Papa did solo comedic acts and skits with wife Dolly and the three older children. The family were well known. Their biggest hinderance remained hot Papa’s gambling and alcoholism, and a family’s illiteracy. In the 1990s before Lulu B. died, Flossie Lee Turner made the promise to her sister she would go to school and write a book about the Turner family. She wouldn’t dedicate it to Hot Papa, but to their mama, Earsline (Dolly) Turner. 

Flossie Lee Turner is the last surviving member of “A family of entertainers”. So deemed by the great Louis Armstrong. In 2002, Flossie graduated from high school at the age of 72.  Flossie Lee Turner was named “Student of the year”.

 A member of The United Way of Fayetteville Speakers Bureau, Lee Ann Lewis spends her time speaking about adult literacy. To read more about this inspiring trailblazer, go to amazon.com to purchase a copy of “Little Hot Mama” or contact Stay Thristy Media, Inc…

This book was provided by Stay Thirsty Media Publishers for review.

Read any great autobiographies? Share them with others and keep their light shining 🙂   

Guest Post For Mothers by Davis Aujourd’ hui

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Here it comes again – Mother’s Day. So you’re ready to head for the store to buy a card or a gift. Why not give the gift that’s free. Give your mother your time and let her know you love her.

This may not be an easy task for everyone. Not all of us came from loving backgrounds. If this was the case for you, it was probably also the case for your mother as a child.

It’s important to remember that we all have done the best we could have with whatever has come our way. Your mother also did the best she could too. Remember, there are no blueprints for parenting. It’s all a matter of learning on the job. Some mothers are just slow learners. They are not to be blamed.

You’re an adult now. It’s time to grow up. That may mean facing some of your own demons. The important point to remember is being able to face the past with honesty, to forgive, and to let go.

The following ideas may help you to move in the right direction:

* You may need to talk to someone, including a professional, in order to discharge past pain. It’s also important to remember all of those loving qualities that your mother possesses. Remember the good times that you have had.

* Try to put your life into a balanced perspective. Life is more good than not. Allow the healing to flow into your life. The beautiful thing is that you can make it all good if you live in the present and commit to it being so.

* The present moment is all you have and here it comes. The question is what you can do to make it a memorable one? Cards and flowers are nice, but they don’t compare with a more personal connection. Make a phone call. Better yet, spend the day with her. Relive the happy times. Let her know you love her. The gift you give to her will multiply. It will also be a gift you give yourself.

 Clara54 welcomes this insight on mothers from a male perspective!

About the author:
Davis Aujourd’hui is creator of the highly- rated and hilarious Sister Mary Olga Fortitude- a  series of nine books centered on religious and social satire.
 He is a retired social worker, having worked for Adult Protective Services in New York. He said it   enabled him to become a student of the human condition. While doing so, he developed the
 characters in his books in order to entertain a colleague of his using the gift of humor.  He is socially-minded and spirituality, he says is the most important ingredient for him in order to maintain a happy and successful life.  He lives in Upstate New York. For more information, visit: http://onealmediagroup.presskit247.com/DavisAujourdhui

Saturday Muse Poem

Image by Ben Tilley via Flickr

Laying my burdens down on this day



A child is born; another

will scream out from abuse.

A daughter is burying her father

 a mother

suffers the loss of

her child…

On this day,


 A mom lay dying

An elder gives up the ghost.

Within the changing cycle; echoes

rhythms of life

One might wonder:

Where do I stand?

How will I be perceived standing at the foot

of my Lord & Savior?

Have I done enough?

Spoke out enough?
Praised him enough?
Sowed enough compassion Seeds?

How will my report card read?

When the song comes…

“Gonna lay down my burdens…down by the riverside…down by the riverside”

It’s a Saturday

On this day

for those who might wonder,

I offer you my praise poem!

For he knows from whence
we come
and for whose we

Blessing & peace to my readers… clara54

Clara54 “Me” Time Interruptus…”Vacation Diary”

Clara54: I’m in my room… looking out of the window. It’s very early in the morning  still, just 7am. I’m watching the birds outside my window and  looking at some beautiful purple flowers. I’m whispering because my granddaughter is sleeping. I wanted go out on the patio, but, yesterday I saw a gecko and I’m scared of the gecko.It’s very early in the morning though and I want to take pictures of the flowers, but, I’m scared to walk in the grass…’country girl, me’.

Anyway, I have a nice cup of coffee. I’m looking out of my window, seeing water, grass, beautiful Florida mansions, and other buildings.  But, there’s nothing like going outside mingling with nature at 6:55 in the morning and I have my cup of java. This is the dilemma. On the way to the patio, there’s a pull out bed and of course, someone’s in the pull out bed.

When I got up to make my coffee, after taking my shower. I had to turn the light on & I kinda had to interrupt someone’s sleep…how inappropriate. What a bummer. I wasn’t going out on the patio for fear of the gecko. I could have looked out at the patio… sat at the huge table in the diningrooom. I couldn’t do that. Instead, I’m standing at the window in my bedroom, contemplating if I should try to take a picture of the flowers this morning with my camera through the window (sighs) but, then, I’d probably not get a good shot. Anyhow, I’m gonna finish drinking my coffee…

At The Boardwalk: While the kiddies tore away for a day of Disney’s theme parks inclusive of Magic Mountain & Epscot Center’s, Disney rides and character sightings, along with their parents, the other half (slower)) of us decided to stroll Disney’s Boardwalk…

It’s been a long, long, day today (exhausting tour)  we went to the Boardwalk. Half of my pictures came out & half didn’t. I don’t know what that’s about. anyhow, it was a gorgeous day out. I’m tired and feeling a bit dehydrated too, so, this is clara54 signing off. Oh,yea, we got some free family reunion buttons today (Smiles)  Florida is cool. Later…” I’m beat.”