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A Recommended Resource for the Creative Introvert

Happy Saturday creatives! I missed my usual Friday posting because I was out doing business for the home-front. I have to tell you, I was so relieved to get back home, climb into bed and sleep away the anxiety that had built from having to participate in face to face forum.

If you’re one of those people who likes the party, but rather not become the life of the party or when you were in school and knew the answer to a question and didn’t raise your hand because you wanted to avoid calling attention to yourself and how about this one; Your creative writing instructor praised your work in front of the whole adult continuing education class and you cringed from all of the attention!

If any of those things and more happened to you, chances are, you’re an introvert ūüôā Oh, don’t go getting your pants in a bunch, some of the most renowned people in the world are “Shy” and “introverted” who rather skip the preliminaries,Well, sometimes, in order to shine, we introverts have to step out on faith, a wing and a prayer and educate ourselves on how those introverted experts do it.

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Joanna Penn is one of many introverted best selling authors that found a way to educate herself out of her shyness when confronted with having to do speaking engagements and be present and under the scrutiny of total strangers. The more your work becomes known, the more every writer and author is going to have to step away from the computer and the safety net of email, telephone, youtube and google hangouts- all great avenues for communicating, for sure, but in person and face to face presentations are a huge part of promoting your art.

I’ve purchased a few books on Public Speaking over the years, but, “Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives and other Introverts” speaks to me. This is not a review, but a hearty recommendation from one shy creative to another who knows it’s way past time to step up and educate themselves on ways to share with their welcoming audience, the very best of themselves.

Okay, shy creatives, weigh in. What do you do to combat the anxiety of public speaking?

An Important Writer’s Resource From Christine Kloser

Image by On Being via Flickr

The Four Levels of Transformation (Part 1)
by Christine Kloser

When undertaking any great entrepreneurial journey (birthing a book, creating a new program, developing a new service are perfect examples), there are four levels in which transformation occurs, and ALL levels need to be present to have the greatest possible impact!

The first level is YOUR transformation as the creator; the second level is the transformation of your “tribe” or readers; the third level is the transformation of your business (a natural benefit of the first two); and fourth is ultimately the transformation of the world.

Let’s take a look at the first level today‚Ķ transforming your Self!
With any endeavor, the first and most critical step is to figure out where you’re going. But, how often when you start a new project do you take a moment to discover for yourself where your want the project to take YOU?

As a conscious, transformational author or entrepreneur, it does you no good to get started with a new project without bringing your full awareness to all that is at play. And, let’s face it – the projects you take on transform you! Its part of the blissful and blessed journey of being a creative entrepreneur‚Ķ your WORK becomes your greatest catalyst for massive personal transformation!
So, just imagine how much more powerful and impactful your transformation can be if you go into a project knowing what’s on tap for your personal journey.

For instance, I was recently talking with one of my clients, Dallas Travers author of The Tao of Show Business, about the massive success she’s had since becoming a published author (she did my Get Your Book Done¬ģ program a few years ago). Here’s what she said, “Christine’s work has allowed me to make an impact on people around the globe, but best of all it’s completely transformed who I see myself to be in the world.”

Did you get that? The MOST powerful part of what she shared is – what was BEST of all was how writing a book (with my help) complete TRANSFORMED who she sees herself to be in the world. Now, that’s powerful stuff!

It is this personal transformation that has allowed her to step into her place as a leader in her field, quadruple her income in 2 short years, more than quadruple her email list and be living a life she really loves!

She knew when she decided to join my program that it was going to be about much more than her book, or her business… she knew her LIFE was about to change for the better because she was committed to the transformational journey (and the courage, clarity and confidence that came along with it)!

How about you?

The next time you decide to create or birth a new book, program, product or service‚Ķ will you do the work in advance to get clear on the personal transformation you want to receive through the process? I’d highly encourage you to take this step first!

Connecting with the personal transformation that’s at stake for you is like adding rocket fuel to the whole process of creation in your business. When YOU transform, everything you touch transforms‚Ķ and the miracles and blessings from that transformation can’t help but pour upon you!

Stay tuned for Part 2 in my next issue where we’ll dig into the second level of transformation!

And, if you want to dig a little deeper right now, I encourage you to take the action step below….

Action Step
Identify one project you’re working on right now or will be working on soon (a book, product, program, service, event, etc.) Next, reflect on that project and answer this question, “What transformation do you want to receive personally/spiritually through the process of working on the project?” Write down your answer and review it as you move forward with your endeavor. You’ll be surprised to see how powerfully you can manifest the exact transformation you desire by bringing it into your awareness. Have fun with this!

©2011 Christine Kloser
Christine Kloser is a three-time award winning author, coach, and creator of the Get Your Book Done¬ģ program and the Beyond Mindset Village. Often called a spiritual guide for entrepreneurs, Christine’s mission is to help shift the consciousness of humanity by shifting the consciousness of entrepreneurs and authors around the world‚Ķ through their inspired businesses and transformational books.

Freelance Barter Art: Why there’s no shame in the game…

fresh potato salad
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Bartering for services is definitely not a new thing.¬†Vendors in foreign countries apply this savvy technique whenever tourists arrive for their vacation & business destinations. Since the economy ‘s downslide, folks have¬†been using their skills to make deals. Bartering is an art , in and of itself. Defined by Wikipedia as goods or services exchanged for other good or services without using currency; the favored medium of exchange, this medium of doing business as usual won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Just like mom’s apple pie, bartering¬†can be sweet, sweet, sweet.

Recently, I encountered a chance to flex my bartering muscles, even though, I’d never had experience in¬†actually participating in a¬†1 on 1 barter session. The intent was to enjoy¬†a special day in my life without having to break the bank. The venue offered fine dining and great customer ammenities.¬†When my party & I arrived at the concierge’s desk I turned on the charm ,¬†elder wisdom and infectious delight…it garnered¬†a¬†complimentary meal, free tickets to an upcoming concert and¬†added a boost to my bartering confidence…

I’d hastened to add that bartering is not for everyone.¬†Even some freelancers frown upon the idea of exchanging services for something other than the almighty dollar and who can blame them?¬†Entrepreneurs work hard for their money. But,using your skills in freelance¬† barter can land that great web design you’d been hankering for. It can tighten up that “about me” page on your website¬†in exchange for installing that¬†computur software no one in your immediate circle¬†knows zilch about. Bartering can also land¬†the gig of a lifetime for a newbie in the freelance writer’s circle¬†via that bodacious CV penned by a savvy business acquaintance, in exchange for, who knows, the recipe to grandma’s potato salad!

The point is, bartering is here to stay. In whatever capacity one chooses to use this exchange, I’m giving it a Martha Stewart’s “that’s a good thing!”¬† So how about it freelancers? Have your bartered for services? And if not, why not?

Clara54’s “Whatcha Doing?!” Series With Marcie Hill

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Watcha Doing?Very interesting question.  One, I’ll be glad to answer.

This year was my year to secure my space in the journalism and blogging worlds.  I think I did it.  I currently edit stories for True Elegance Magazine; I write profile stories for How They Living Ain’t No Joke (I love sharing the stories of others); and I contribute to the Chicago Independent Bulletin newspaper. 

As for blogging, I targeted my blog topics so I would not be all over the place like I was last year.  The Write Design Company’s blog shares information on entrepreneurship, blogging, live blogging, social media and writing.  Readers of my community blog, Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource, can find resources and information on culture, education, employment, health and youth programs activities on the South Side of Chicago.

Before the end of 2010, I will be adding author to my name with ABCs of Live Blogging and Blogging 101.

Next year will be my year of great prosperity; this year was preparation.  In addition to more clients and blogging workshops for The Write Design Company, there is a third blogging book in the making as well as a completed draft of a roller skating book.  This is going to require A LOT of research but I expect a good draft by the end of the year.

I plan to present at all of the known blogging conferences as well as some local conferences.  Also, I am going to have a summer multimedia program for young people ages 12-14.

Lastly, I will start submitting query letters for magazines again.  I got discouraged after a couple rejections, but I’m so over it.  I plan to get published in at least five major magazines next year.  I’ll start local, though, to build my portfolio and credibility, but I will be published.

Clara, thank you for allowing me to put my goals in the Universe.  Now, it’s time to get busy!!

Marcie Hill
Journalist – Professional Blogger – Live Blogger

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Trivia,Tales &Truth

Esther Pauline Friedman Lederer, better known ...
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Today’s post¬†will be short and to the point because I’m sorta beat from a long work week:(¬† Recently, I heard from my friend¬†& Chicago based¬†filmmaker Kai Duc Luong¬†who’s¬†in Paris for¬†the showing of his latest video installation “De’sincarne’fs(English?-Disembodied/2010¬†to run from October 7th through November 15th as part of the CARNE exhibit. Here’s the link: http://www.expo.carne.fr/. Kai has so much going on. Here are more¬†links to his awesome works which you can view in French & English:¬†¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLWCTR-ejfw&hd=l¬†and French version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpMJSMinOr8&hd=l¬†¬†and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsWNabb-Kns&hd=l. Let’s hope you can access these links because at my EYEGLASS¬†angle, those ls are starting to¬†look like Ls¬†…

For all of you creatives¬†who might fancy your words hanging about in some famous, well-known Gallery? Dream no more! The National Gallery of Writing is seeking even more writers to¬†double¬†their¬†content from now through October 20th. Visit www.ncte.org for more information and perhaps, contribute your dynamic writings. ( I contributed in August, no confirmation of being accepted, only notice they’re looking for more writers!)

Ok, enough about that. I call this part of my post a bit of trivia & what I think are a few tall tales:)

I’m a sucker for statistics and for the most part find them believable.¬†However, I’m starting to draw the line between fact and fiction¬†where some of this data is concerned.

It’s reported that nurses, doctors and hotel workers are the group of professionals who consume more coffee than any other group of¬† folks in the workplace.¬†( yea, right)

The city¬†who top the charts for¬†cleanliness in¬†hand washing is Chicago, Illinois and¬† it’s estimated that¬†more women¬†than men wash their hands after using public facilities!¬†

Due to rains, Australia has a Locust invasion-

Kids in some schools have to get fingerprinted in the cafeteria before eating!

The television drama The Good Wife is based upon¬†former Governor Alex Spitzer’s affair with a call girl

Good Morning America is looking to add an “Advice Guru” to¬† their ABC News lineup.¬†Will the next Ann Landers please visit abcnews.com/advice guru? You have until 2011 to get your bid in.

Because Clara54 fancies herself a poet, she was recently published here : http://www.femmevip.com/thepurplelounge.htm

Last for today, but certainly not least, I¬†have to thank all of those who visit Clara54¬†. Because of you, my stats¬†continue to rise & my twitter connection¬†of ¬†friends/creatives/entrepreneurs/solopreneurs are growing…So Godspeed &¬†let’s make some noise!