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A Recommended Resource for the Creative Introvert

Happy Saturday creatives! I missed my usual Friday posting because I was out doing business for the home-front. I have to tell you, I was so relieved to get back home, climb into bed and sleep away the anxiety that had built from having to participate in face to face forum.

If you’re one of those people who likes the party, but rather not become the life of the party or when you were in school and knew the answer to a question and didn’t raise your hand because you wanted to avoid calling attention to yourself and how about this one; Your creative writing instructor praised your work in front of the whole adult continuing education class and you cringed from all of the attention!

If any of those things and more happened to you, chances are, you’re an introvert 🙂 Oh, don’t go getting your pants in a bunch, some of the most renowned people in the world are “Shy” and “introverted” who rather skip the preliminaries,Well, sometimes, in order to shine, we introverts have to step out on faith, a wing and a prayer and educate ourselves on how those introverted experts do it.

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Joanna Penn is one of many introverted best selling authors that found a way to educate herself out of her shyness when confronted with having to do speaking engagements and be present and under the scrutiny of total strangers. The more your work becomes known, the more every writer and author is going to have to step away from the computer and the safety net of email, telephone, youtube and google hangouts- all great avenues for communicating, for sure, but in person and face to face presentations are a huge part of promoting your art.

I’ve purchased a few books on Public Speaking over the years, but, “Public Speaking for Authors, Creatives and other Introverts” speaks to me. This is not a review, but a hearty recommendation from one shy creative to another who knows it’s way past time to step up and educate themselves on ways to share with their welcoming audience, the very best of themselves.

Okay, shy creatives, weigh in. What do you do to combat the anxiety of public speaking?