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Good Monday Morning!

Two upcoming contests sent in my email over the weekend by Evette Collins of Hurston Hughes Writers are from The Good Housekeeping Magazine and The Real Simple Story Magazine. I tried last year with the Real Simple Story, but, didn’t quite get there….Have no fear, I’m up for the challenge this year. Only, I’m going for The Good Houskeeping one:) Thanks Evette for paying it forward!

Also, over at Terri S. Nelson’s,, The Reflection From Women Series website, she’s busy gearing up for the launch of the second book in her series, “Reflections from Women on Life’s Defining Moments” due out around August 26th. That cover is gorgeous!

I will be reviewing this latest book in the Reflection from Women Series for my readers at clara54 and if there’s anyone interested in submitting a story to Terri’s next book series, “Reflections from Women in Midlife” visit http://www.reflectionsfromwomen.com.  I was one of the lucky contributors in 2010’s “Reflections From Women On Life’s Turning Points” and  was very, very thrilled to have made the cut from hundreds of submissions!

Along those same “story” lines? Keep in mind that I’m still accepting your authentic woman stories at my motivational site for women http://authentic-woman.net! and I will be launching my own story via my 1st ebook there!  “A Life Toward Authenticity-My Authentic Woman Story” is nearing its 2nd revision and hope to be available for download by month’s end- stay tuned!

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SHORT STORY CONTEST http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/win/fiction-contest?click=main_sr — NO ENTRY FEE Limit to 3,500 words. Story should reflect an aspect of women’s lives today. Open to US residents 21 years and older. Deadline September 1, 2011. Only one entry per person. Grant winner receives $3,000 and possible publication in May 2012 issue. Two runners-up will receive $750 and possible online publication.

An essay contest from Real Simple magazine; the topic is “When Did You First Understand the Meaning of Love?” The prize is $3,000 and a trip for two to New York to meet the editors. The deadline is Sept. 15, 2011.
Check it out at:
Okay, so who’s up for the contest challenge?

Fashion Frantic Fashionistas!

You can imagine the frantic, fashion, frenzy, right about now, over at Myitthings. The 25 fashion semifinalists have been selected by the judges for the magazine’s “it designer” contest! This project apparently was a huge success for myitthings, as the editor Yuli Ziv alluded to an overwhelming influx of submissions(which I’d like to think clara54 had a very small part in) of new designers battling for a chance to be included in the selection process.

Needless to say, the esteemed judges decided to increase their original selection process from 10 semifinalists to a whooping 25! How grand for those lucky fashion finalists to have their designs move on to the next level of the competition. This is where the gloves come off folks. Already, the semifinalist fashionistas are attempting to make nice with the voters by thanking them personally on their myitthings column site for their votes. I’ve received such thank yous’ as well.

Although, the majority of the fashionistas were cordial at their not placing in the semifinals, I’m here to tell you, there were a few sour grapes…I say it’s human nature to be a bit hurt,taste a bit of bile on your tongue, ache a little with regret, but, never, diss a well meaning/free competition that allowed you to place your work for the world to see!

 There will be other avenues for your designs, believe that…believe in your work and please lose gracefully! If I can do it with all of the rejections my competitive writings have gotten over the years, then, fashionistas, so can you. Suck it up, cheer on the victors, and stop sulking!


The Thrill Of Competition

Yes, there’s definitely something to be said about the spirit of competition! From the sport of athletics to the creative competitiveness of the mind, pitting onesself against another becomes such an adrenalin rush…As many of you out there can attest; Suffering a loss in competition “Sucks” That slogan back in the day of athletes going up against each other becomes ‘The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” Writers, Celebrities, Doctors, Lawyers, and everyday folks know the feeling of defeat when it comes to losing out.

As a writer, I’ve suffered many a letdown from well meaning Publishers/ Editors whom I’ve sent my little precious pearls of creativity to, only to have a rejection saying how, “sorry, but, please try again next year’s contest.”  It hurts, way down deep. It derails you in places you never knew were comprised of parts of the human body. So what does one do when they’ve lost the race? The will to compete? Suffered the anguish of defeat?

I’ve learned that in the world of competition, you develop a ‘thick’ skin. You take a moment of ‘woe is me time’ if need be, but, then you learn to suck it up and vow to compete again. and most importantly, you look for the silver lining lay hidden somewhere within the folds of rejection. Perhaps your work shows ‘merit’. Maybe the editor wrote a personal aside, encouraging you to rework the piece, or, maybe you placed in the top 10 of four specific articles competition!

I’d encourage anyone with a passion to take a moment to reflect when faced with defeat…You see, there’s always another day for competition!