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I’m Thrilled!

I’ve recently  finished  an assignment from a new client I’d pitched a query to a few weeks ago…this is one of the 2 responses I’d mentioned in a recent post. After being away from my computer for several days, I do a quick run through of emails/ another response, asking what articles I’d like to contribute to said magazine!!!

To refresh my memory for this response, I revisited the Babyboomer site I’d also sent a query…there are a few hurdles I ‘ll probably have to overcome if given the gig, but, I didn’t hesitate in dashing off an acceptance letter! I’m keeping my fingers/toes crossed…

I answered an email from Sonya Carmichael Jones of MarketingBudda.com (she’s the expert in marketing I told folks about earlier, she also offers great/reasonable marketing classes for freelancers) if you haven’t visited her website/and you need help/tips on getting your work noticed, let me tell you, her tips work…

I visited my free article base and found that traffic to my articles had increased from 3,500 to 3,997 in a matter of just 7 seven days! visitors to my profile has increased at an amazing rate since starting clara54, so, of course, I’m thrilled!

I have since started a motivational site for women in transition based on a column I started writing online for women in midlife. So far, ‘Authentic Woman’, still in its early stages has gotten to a slow beginning…but because I’m so passionate that women on a journey of self-discovery in their 2nd phase of life might need to hear from someone who has  weathered the storm and can offer insights into midlife transitioning…Authentic Woman can be assessed at http://wisewoman2.wordpress.com 

It’s good to be home!