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Book Review/Hugo The Happy Starfish Children Educational Book Collections

Happy Friday to you! I slept later than usual this morning and when I woke up feeling rejuvenated, I heard my body responding “You needed that” ūüôā Today I’m sharing a review from the HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH collection of award winning educational children’s books by the author Suzy Liebermann.

I’ve given an honest review of three of Suzy’s book in the collection for Amazon and I’m providing the links to those at the bottom of the post.


4.0 out of 5 stars Lessons For Early Learning, March 6, 2014
By Clara (Illinois)
This review is from: SIMPLY CHARMING – THE ISLAND OF APPRECIATION (HUGO THE HAPPY STARFISH – Island Adventures 12: Educational Children’s Book Collection) (Kindle Edition)
The premise of Suzy Liebermann’s books centers on educating young children about different aspects of life. I thought The Island of Appreciation accomplished what it set out to do in teaching kindness and appreciation through expressing simple compliments to others.

Hugo The Happy Starfish and his friends arrive on the Island Of Appreciation and are encouraged to show appreciation on a daily basis or suffer the giggles by Tony, the Tickle Monster. The starfish had to endure the giggles if they hadn’t offered words of appreciation to anyone and sets out to show appreciation to others. By giving others compliments, Hugo and his friends find that showing appreciation help make others feel good

I think children will enjoy these simple acts of showing appreciation as a learning tool in the classroom and as a fun read during their bedtime rituals.

I was given complimentary copies of Hugo The Happy Starfish in exchange for an honest review. Read my Amazon reviews here:





To learn more about the author and her HUGO Books, go here: www.SuzyLiebermann.com

What are your fond children books memories?

How Child’s Play Can Unleash Your Creativity

I’m beat tonight, but, it’s all good because I’ve gathered more food for fodder/posts this last week from hanging with children than I have in recent months. Let me clarify. Mother’s Day brought out visits from children of various ages, temperments & sizes (grandchildren) to be exact… Great times @ granny’s place armed with flowers, happy tidings and where do I sleep? Add to that, the little ones wanting to watch ‘scary movies’ and tell imaginary tales of fright on their own time and your dime, as in “Grammy,dinner ready yet?” .

I became a mother hubbard, mother goose and follower of the yellow brick road rolled up into one as I found myself in the midst of little legs, arms, shoes, little girl brushes, boy’s jeans and god forbid, pop tarts without the toaster! Kids, you gotta love them for the sheer joy and chaos they bring into the stillness that is no longer recognizable as a place of peace, tranquility,and your comfortable writing nook.Just accept that your writing flow is wrecked…

Ok, so tonight, clara54 get to spend the last night with the younguns. Prepare one last amazing meal of Shrimp Scampi in a creamy garlic butter sauce & steaming brown rice pilaf, with a banging salad on the side (their fav) from my secret recipe “GORTONS”… kids ARE so gullible, and so easily satisfied:)…

All in all, a fine ending to a week of chatter, kid’s laundry,scary movies and pretense at culinary skills…Oh, did I fail to mention the stories I get to expound upon? Sometimes, the secret to jumpstarting a stalled muse is simply a kid’s visit away…Hmmm, I think I’ll blog something for a killer guest post…

What’s A Motivator To Do When She Can’t Get Motivated?

Ok, sooo my son had to ask the other day when he came¬†for a quick¬†visit for the sole purpose¬†of checking into my business for which he feels entitled as an adult¬†whose long left the nest to start his own nesting with a wife and more than a couple of kids…I mean, he has¬†both¬†hands full. No need to go prying into my world…

I knew what this was about though. He was feeling like it was his turn to act maternal toward his mother, now, that his equally adult sister had taken a go at it, some weeks before without much success, I might add. Children, no matter their age, or, station in life need to know their place. There’s just so much info forthcoming from me. When my dtr. came over to upload a photo for me,¬†(I’m not¬†technically inclined)¬†¬†She naturally wanted to chit-chat. Asking how I was doing, as in “are you seeing anyone?” I easily dodged that bit of nosiness by¬†countering with how my arthritic¬†knees hurt…must be signs of rain¬†… “Ma, you’re such a riot.!”

Call in the troops…”So how ya doing, mother? What’s been going on with ya?¬†How’s¬†the novels coming along?” Let me explain. When my son refers to me as ‘mother’, he’s really concerned. When my daughter calls me “ma”. It means she’s frustrated with my evasiveness and she’ll just have to report my behavior to her brother…

I arrogantly admit that I haven’t even looked at the manuscripts I’ve been working on for the last 2 years…I admit that I’ve been distracted. With an audible sigh¬†my grownup son¬†adjusts his glasses…¬†“Mother, you just have to do what you know you have to do…go deep inside of your mind…concentrate on all of that creativity that’s lurking inside and do the work, mother, Just do the work.” I promise that I will as I¬†blow kisses to him existing my door. I return to my sanctuary …¬†my computer room, send a quick email to my daughter…”Mission accomplished…your brother was here.”¬† “and no, I’m not in love with anyone, smooches….”