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Celebrity Books-Part 1

Recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger released his new book, Total Recall,a memoir about life, loves and children of the former Governor and husband of Maria Shiver…I began to think about celebrities and their books- written by ‘Ghost Writers”whose claim to fame, in this instance, willl probably never be known-good monies though:)  

Here’s a list of Books written under the guise of “CELEBRITY” which proves how lucrative Ghostwriting is- Ok, maybe some of these folks wrote their own books- maybe?

Katie Couric- The Best Advice I Ever Got

Ashley Judd- All That Is Bitter And Sweet

Janet Jackson- “True You”

Tony Danza- I’d Like To Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had- this book is about Tony Danza teaching for one year at a Philadelphia high school and also talks about his pen pal letters with the late rapper and actor Tupac Shakur.

Robin Roberts- FromThe Heart: Seven Rules to Live By. This book I plan to purchase.

Marlo Thomas- Growing Up Laughing; My Story and the Story of Funny. At some point, I will get this book.

Big Ang- a breakout Reality Star- “Bigger Is Better”

Bethanny Frankel- a breakout Reality Star who became a rich entrepreneur from Skinny Girl vodka franchise. Her book,’ A Place Of Yes” made the New York Times Bestseller’s List

Vanessa Williams- “You Have No Idea” is a memoir about losing the Miss America Crown at 19 for posing nude and child molestation.

There are so many celebrities with interesting reads. Because I have a celebrity news & views site I only had to comb through 3 book of my notes for this post and found more than 50 recently published ( within 2yr span) books by Celebrites.

Part 2 of “Books By Celebrities” will appear in another post. I will leave you with two books I actually purchased and really enjoyed!

Michael J. Fox, to my knowledge has written two books. I read and recommend “Always Looking Up” where he talks about living his life with Parkingson’s Disease.  

Sidney Portier is one of my all time favorite and awesome Movie Star Icons. His book, “The Measure Of A Man” captured my attention because is shows his wisdom and teaches valuable lessons on how men with “Character” is what truly makes a man.  Steve Harvey’s “Think Like A Man” is simply comedic relief in comparison!

Okay, I’ve only scratched the surface with books by celebrities…part 2 coming up!

Read… written…recommend any Celebrity Books?