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To Your Success…

The thing I’ve learned from a Nursing career spanning over 30 years is that life can turn to loss in less than 60 seconds..the loss of life is final and there are no do overs…Life is precious and something that no one should ever take for granted!

I’m going to step away from clara54 for a a few weeks to give myself up to the luxury of living, loving & being a participant in life and thanking The Almighty for the success I’ve achieved from doing the thing I’m so passionate about-Making a difference in the lives of others!

Success isn’t just about how much money you make or how much “stuff” you accumulate. It’s not even about how many celebs you’ve interacted with… in response to the ribbing from a good-natured friend in the blogosphere about that one:)  It’s about making a connection and building on a community of like minded folks; forming friendships on the journey to working toward a common goal. It’s about “contributing” to the change in the world that you want to see.

Here’s my tribute to your successful life:

“As we live and breathe, we also live and learn- don’t rush success. Take baby steps to hone your craft…use your skills…speak and act from the heart… run your own race.” 

Peace, joy and abundance in all things!


From Christine Kloser…

Do You Realize??
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Help Me Be…


Strong enough to be vulnerable.

Wise enough to realize how little I know.

Loving enough to embrace my “enemy.”  

Tender enough to be powerful.

Smart enough to realize I can’t do it alone.

Brilliant enough to shine the light of others.

Doubtful enough to know the power of faith.

Courageous enough to share my truth.

~Christine Kloser

 Christine Kloser is a Spiritual Guide, Award-Winning Author, Intuitive and Healer whose spot-on guidance transforms the lives of visionary entrepreneurs and authors.  Her passion is fueled by her own transformation in January 2011 – when after much success as an entrepreneur – she found herself curled up in a ball on the floor sobbing because she had lost it all.   Letting go of the last shred of stability and security in her life was when she discovered her truth.  From that place, she fearlessly (and faithfully) went on to create the most abundant, impactful and joyous success of her life in a matter of a few short months!   Christine knows how to flip the switch from “broke” to “blessed” and shares her wisdom on how to do that in her complimentary Daily Wisdom Reminders.  Go to www.BeyondMindset.com to receive your daily dose of inspiration today!

What The Freelance Writer Should Consider When Working Smarter

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Working smarter is a catch phrase that includes everyone from parents in the home, to teachers in the classroom. This solution to problem solving is far reaching, extending from the lips of sage Pro Bloggers to best-selling authors and their number one fan. Working smarter, not harder, has become a phenomenal motivator.

The essence of “working smarter, not harder” is a good reminder on the how-tos of alleviating long winded avenues to finding a simpler mode of achievement. It is on the basis of good and well meaning intention when those in leadership provide potential clients this same definitive take-away value in their startup business endeavors . As leaders, it’s imperative how we define this ideology of working smarter for ourselves.    

 I recently had an opportunity to participate in a ten week Leadership and Coaching course offered at  Illinois Depaul University. It was an eye opener in the instance of how the word “smarter” is perceived. I knew the basis behind working smarter, but taking the class reawakened a better understanding and conceptual method to working smarter.

 The participating class were given weekly modules for learning . The bold lettering spelling out the word S. M. A. R. T. E. R in the first session , served to set the tone for the course premise in relation to freelance writing, leadership, coaching, and marketing. As a professional writer and entrepreneur, this information seemed an important addendum to an already awesome way of problem solving.

Below you’ll find the module’s lettering and wordage. The definition to each word is how I perceived my goals and vision as an individual freelancer. Defining  what these words mean for you, whatever your platform can only add to your success.


S. Specific be clear in your goals. What is it that you’re focused on accomplishing. As a nurse it would be to provide the best possible care and return a patient to their activities of daily living. As a writer, I will focus upon my passion and purpose as I work from a place of helping others.

M. Measurable- Have you mapped out a master plan, as in a business plan? A map to guide you on your journey to achieving your goals? Is it doable?

A. Agreed-If you are a solepreneur with a family dynamic to consider the question arises; have you and your spouse discussed the potential for failure? finances? support? Is everyone of concern in agreement? If not, what avenues must you initiate to come to an agreed upon conclusion?

R. Realistic- Are your goals doable? Are you going to write what you know? Will research suffice. Are you “walking the talk”?

T. Time-bound- What’s your time frame here? Have you prepared  yourself for failure? For success?

E. Ethical- As professionals, we are bound by an indelible code of honor. There should be no question about how we want our work to encourage and inspire, empower and entertain. As leaders we should base our motivations upon teaching others the path that leads to truth and humility.

R. Recorded- How do we want the world to remember our contribution to society? What we leave as legacy should find favor with our loved ones, our colleagues and the world, as a permanent record. A deed to the the life we’ve lived.  

Working smarter, not harder, when viewed from where I’m standing as a freelance writer, activist and motivator, suddenly takes on a whole new meaning!

Happy 2012 to all of my readers and thanks for visiting clara54 during my absence. Lots of good stuff, hard decisions and career motivators to update y’all on in future posts. Meanwhile feel free to weigh in on the components of working smarter as it applies to your freelance endeavors!  

From Clara54 Whatcha Doing?! Series

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I know right? I’m actually posting on a Wednesday! It’s sorta weird for me too, but, I was sending a text ( yes, this babyboomer is texting!) to some of my like minded gurl-friends to go grab some grub in a last ditch effort to console myself with the reality of the end to my respite days. Yep, heading back to the wear and tear of a day gig and not without reservations. So, I did a list of pros and cons on what’s really holding me back from pursuing my freelance writng fulltime. Y’all know I’ve been threatening to give it up for several years now… Okay, already- I’m getting there, but, here are the PROS:

1. Just these last weeks, I’ve established more contacts along the lines of my business brand as a motivational and personal development author, and  hopefully setting the right tone in connecting with the right affliates and sharing their amazing products with my readers at authentic-woman.net.

2. Published my self-help ebook, A Life Toward Authenticity, as it details how women can live their passion and purpose by living and learning from life experiences. Reviews from those who purchased the book are still overwhelming and empowering!

3. I’m loving being part of a 10 week free Leadership Course offered by Illinois distinguished Depaul University. The classes are filled with learning modules, diversity and degreed folks from all over the world. I was shocked, but, pleased that my application was accepted two weeks ago. I mean, who knew?

4. In the process of reading 3 books: SPLASH Marketing for Overworked Small Busines Owners by Susan Carter.

The Wisdom Of The Elders, a gift sent by a colleague and,

The Moment I Knew,  the second book in the Reflections From Women Series, by author Terri S. Nelson, as a complimentary review copy for my clara54 readers. I’m in the process of gathering data from fashion designers for my London entertainment column  here, http://www.cityconnect.org  Is it any wonder that I’m texting pals for a gabfest? 

The CONs hindering my freelancing fulltime…

1. Affordable Healthcare for myself: Life, Medical & dental; Vision, Accidential Death and Short term disability.

2. 401k

3. Did a recheck on available funds…

Anyhoo, are you a freelancer who’s sorta feelin’ my dilemma? Please share your expertise in getting over the hump to writing fulltime!

An Update From Clara54

Memorial Day Flags
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Hi Guys! Just a prelude to what’s coming up for your reading pleasure this Memorial Day Weekend🙂 I know you’re going to just want to chill and enjoy good times with family & friends and believe me, “I feel ya!” however, you might also want to check out an upcoming book review on Monday. Yep, another book review! Marcie Hill, a Chicago journalist, entrepreneur, blogger, live blogger, social media strategist AND a colleague has asked me to review her new ebook, The ABC’s Of Blogging: Blogging Basics From A to Z!

 Marcie Hill is a rare talent in the world of freelance writing and professional blogging. She owns and manages three blogs, one of which have landed her in the top five finalists of The Black Weblog Awards for Best Business Blog. She will also be attending at the Blogging While Brown Conference  hosted in California in July where she is presenting on live blogging ! So this VIP dynamic is a very busy entrepreneur and I’m proud to showcase her ebook here!

Anyhow, this ebook is a no nonsense and sensible read that has something for the newbie blogger as well as the seasoned pro. Come on back after the good food, good friends & fine wine on Monday for The ABCs of Blogging:Blogging Basics From A to Z.. And let’s not forget to honor our troops for all they do and sacrifice for us! 


An Important Writer’s Resource From Christine Kloser

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The Four Levels of Transformation (Part 1)
by Christine Kloser

When undertaking any great entrepreneurial journey (birthing a book, creating a new program, developing a new service are perfect examples), there are four levels in which transformation occurs, and ALL levels need to be present to have the greatest possible impact!

The first level is YOUR transformation as the creator; the second level is the transformation of your “tribe” or readers; the third level is the transformation of your business (a natural benefit of the first two); and fourth is ultimately the transformation of the world.

Let’s take a look at the first level today… transforming your Self!
With any endeavor, the first and most critical step is to figure out where you’re going. But, how often when you start a new project do you take a moment to discover for yourself where your want the project to take YOU?

As a conscious, transformational author or entrepreneur, it does you no good to get started with a new project without bringing your full awareness to all that is at play. And, let’s face it – the projects you take on transform you! Its part of the blissful and blessed journey of being a creative entrepreneur… your WORK becomes your greatest catalyst for massive personal transformation!
So, just imagine how much more powerful and impactful your transformation can be if you go into a project knowing what’s on tap for your personal journey.

For instance, I was recently talking with one of my clients, Dallas Travers author of The Tao of Show Business, about the massive success she’s had since becoming a published author (she did my Get Your Book Done® program a few years ago). Here’s what she said, “Christine’s work has allowed me to make an impact on people around the globe, but best of all it’s completely transformed who I see myself to be in the world.”

Did you get that? The MOST powerful part of what she shared is – what was BEST of all was how writing a book (with my help) complete TRANSFORMED who she sees herself to be in the world. Now, that’s powerful stuff!

It is this personal transformation that has allowed her to step into her place as a leader in her field, quadruple her income in 2 short years, more than quadruple her email list and be living a life she really loves!

She knew when she decided to join my program that it was going to be about much more than her book, or her business… she knew her LIFE was about to change for the better because she was committed to the transformational journey (and the courage, clarity and confidence that came along with it)!

How about you?

The next time you decide to create or birth a new book, program, product or service… will you do the work in advance to get clear on the personal transformation you want to receive through the process? I’d highly encourage you to take this step first!

Connecting with the personal transformation that’s at stake for you is like adding rocket fuel to the whole process of creation in your business. When YOU transform, everything you touch transforms… and the miracles and blessings from that transformation can’t help but pour upon you!

Stay tuned for Part 2 in my next issue where we’ll dig into the second level of transformation!

And, if you want to dig a little deeper right now, I encourage you to take the action step below….

Action Step
Identify one project you’re working on right now or will be working on soon (a book, product, program, service, event, etc.) Next, reflect on that project and answer this question, “What transformation do you want to receive personally/spiritually through the process of working on the project?” Write down your answer and review it as you move forward with your endeavor. You’ll be surprised to see how powerfully you can manifest the exact transformation you desire by bringing it into your awareness. Have fun with this!

©2011 Christine Kloser
Christine Kloser is a three-time award winning author, coach, and creator of the Get Your Book Done® program and the Beyond Mindset Village. Often called a spiritual guide for entrepreneurs, Christine’s mission is to help shift the consciousness of humanity by shifting the consciousness of entrepreneurs and authors around the world… through their inspired businesses and transformational books.

Tips For Greening Your Business In A Green Economy

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I’m reading  and putting into practice tips on how more and more small and medium sized businesses are becoming eco-friendly by making sound environmental decisions and putting those plans to work in the workforce. These practices have been effective in cutting down on wastes and saving money in the process.

1. Many companies are buying and using recycled paper products

2. They are sending out less mailings, preferring to use faxes and emails instead

3.Use of energy efficient lightening/ use of alternative energy supply, not only cuts costs on some major electrical billings, but,provides a more comfortable and environmental friendly workplace

4. Use of energy efficienet appliances like those at Kenmore Appliances also saves on cost

5. Many businesses are using the Brita On Tap Filtration System which to lessen the amount of contaminant in faucet water

6. Hospitals and Medical Centers are obtaining electronic data input for patient care/assessment information instead of copious amts of paper usage

 A few everyday changes that are made in the workplace, as well as in the home, goes a long way in helping the environment… 

How about sharing tips of how your business is benefiting from going green! 

Starting Your Business In A Down Economy

Cover of "Start Your Own Business"
Cover of Start Your Own Business

An incredible economic downslide not only threw the world of WallStreet into shock , but regular folks earning an honest paycheck in the workforce as well. After learning that their financial futures would become precarious at best,as their livelihood becomes threatened by financial setbacks which could lead to devastating loss of homes, mortgages,jobs, medical & life insurances the impact of this economic depression caused many distraught people to take their own lives and left many more wondering where their lives would go from here. Where once job security seemed certain,the downsizing and relocating of big corporations caused company closings and layoffs,leaving the hopeful, feeling “hopeless”.

Those still lucky enough to retain employment are doing so while working under a certain stress mentality as they go about their business with a truism that tomorrows are not promised at their ‘day’ job because in reality, there’s no job security. As one astute business person put it when speaking on job security “Employers can no longer be loyal to us,so we must be loyal to ourselves”. There are a few ways people can be loyal to themselves as they weigh their options while working for others. It’s a tough call to make when you’re having to be the employee for your survival, but it’s your choice to make and it’s doable when you’re looking to start your own business. Some savvy tips to employ when starting your business:

1.Define your strengths and passion

2.Research your competition

3.Tackle your survival /financial longevity– give yourself at least a years worth of available finances before branching out on a business startup.

4.Network with like minded people on blogs, forums,advertisements in local newspapers,newsletters, friends,word of mouth… launch your potential business before hanging up your “open for business.” As a precaution don’t inform employers about your startup just yet.

5. Don’t expect instant success…contnue to hone your skills, network, promote and build your brand with persistence, patience and plenty of tlc…See you at the top

FYI:  The latest unemployment rate has falllen to 8.9%…Let’s keep moving forward & living our dreams and aspirations!

What business venture have you embarked upon?

5 Super Easy Ways to Position Your Small Business for Success by Sylvia Browder

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Starting a new business is always risky and the chance of success can be slim without proper planning. As a small business consultant and coach, one of many things I tell my clients is that passion about a business idea is just the beginning of what it takes for success; add a teaspoon of patience, a cup of strategic planning and a bucket of tears along with a dose of migraine. You must be ready to roll up your sleeves and get working. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, roughly 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. That’s a staggering statistic!

So, what preparations should you make to ensure the long-term success of your new venture? Though there are many, here are 5 super easy ways to position your small business for success.

Super Easy Way #1: Manage Your Cash Flow
You know the old saying, ‘cash is king?’ For a new or growing business, a well-developed cash flow projection can make the difference between success and failure. For an ongoing business, it can make the difference between growth and stagnation.
The bookkeeping, accounting system, recordkeeping, taxes, collecting money, insurance, budgeting and managing risk are all part of keeping your business’ financial solvency. While many people consider this the most painful part of running a business, it needs to be handled well if you are going to stay in business.
A few helpful tips:
• have both personal & business budgets that are continuously updated
• track spending and look for areas to cut costs
• use effective recordkeeping & accounting systems
• maintain a surplus of funds to grow the business
• project and manage “cash flow”

Super Easy Way #2: Improve Your Customer Service
Every business, large or small, is always looking for new customers. It is a never-ending and vital task! Face it, no matter how great your business might be, without sales, NO business can succeed!

We all get bogged down with day-to-day operations, but if we don’t have customers, we can kiss our business, bye-bye! Looking for ways to improve your customer service should be on the top of your ‘to do’ list. Here are a few points to consider:

• Communication is Key: Stay in contact with customers on a regular basis. You can do this by offering them a monthly e-zine subscription; follow up after an order or purchase; send discounts/coupons at least once a month; send out a birthday card or special occasion cards on a consistent basis; and/or create a virtual client focused membership group for a select group of clients to meet on a regular basis
• Simplify YOUR Systems: Is your website easy to navigate and functional? Is it updated or outdated? Do you have a variety of ways potential or current clients can contact you? Can clients easily access your business information? Do you respond to customer complaints promptly?
• Exceed customers’ expectations: This should be a PRIORITY. Enough said!

Super Easy Way #3: Know Your Competition, FOR REAL!
When you understand who your competitors are, it helps to project sales, avoid surprises, and decrease reaction time as well as helps in understanding your own business better.
When you look at your competitors, you are analyzing:
• Who are your major competitors?
• What share of the market do they have?
• How do you compare to your competitors and how will they react to your entry into the
• What are their strengths and weaknesses (e.g. quality, price, service, payment terms, location, reputation, etc.)?
• What factors could increase or reduce your competition?
Super Easy Way #4: Create Practical Time Management Goals
Small business owners understand, all too well, the importance of managing your time. Time management skills are extremely important as you go through your day wearing the many hats it takes to run a small business.

Why do you want to set specific goals to manage your time effectively? Well, setting simple goals will force you to plan your time wisely, thus, allowing you to get a sense of achievement and reduce work and life stress. For example, if spending time with your family is important, try working fewer hours on Friday so that you can honor that goal.

By scheduling your time based on your goals, you can assess if your goals truly align with your core values, both professionally and personally. If you find that your goals are out of align, then you are able to identify key areas that need adjusting before they get out of control.

Super Easy Way #5: Diversify Your Client Base
I’ve seen it too many times… small business owners who start a business because one or two people promised to buy from them. Relying on a few clients as your main source of income is a recipe for failure!

As a business owner, you should always be marketing your services to build your client base. A sluggish economy is NO reason to slow down your marketing efforts. Even if you are at your capacity, always be willing to take on small projects to keep your name out there.

In closing, there are no guaranties for a successful business, but incorporating these easy tips will greatly improve your chances of having a long and profitable small business.

Dear Readers, Sylvia Browder is definitely someone you should know! Tell me, what do you think about her advice for small business owners?

Sylvia Browder is CEO of Browder Consulting Group, a virtual small business consulting firm. In her role, she helps Women in Business grow and succeed. She is Founder of National Association Women on the Rise, a virtual community for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. The association’s mission is to provide professional and personal resources while uplifting and empowering women entrepreneurs through collaboration, education, mentoring, spiritual and peer support, leadership and networking. She is ‘employed as Project Director and business consultant for the Women’s Business Center, Inc, a non-profit economic development organization with a mission of empowering women to start and grow successful businesses. She has served as an online volunteer SCORE counselor since 2004. She also serves as a Technical Assistant Provider for SBA’s Community Express Loan Program. For FREE weekly articles go to Sylvia Browder’s Blog for Women Entrepreneurs, http://www.sylviabrowder.com. She can be contacted at info@browderconsultinggroup.com.
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Freelance Barter Art: Why there’s no shame in the game…

fresh potato salad
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Bartering for services is definitely not a new thing. Vendors in foreign countries apply this savvy technique whenever tourists arrive for their vacation & business destinations. Since the economy ‘s downslide, folks have been using their skills to make deals. Bartering is an art , in and of itself. Defined by Wikipedia as goods or services exchanged for other good or services without using currency; the favored medium of exchange, this medium of doing business as usual won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Just like mom’s apple pie, bartering can be sweet, sweet, sweet.

Recently, I encountered a chance to flex my bartering muscles, even though, I’d never had experience in actually participating in a 1 on 1 barter session. The intent was to enjoy a special day in my life without having to break the bank. The venue offered fine dining and great customer ammenities. When my party & I arrived at the concierge’s desk I turned on the charm , elder wisdom and infectious delight…it garnered a complimentary meal, free tickets to an upcoming concert and added a boost to my bartering confidence…

I’d hastened to add that bartering is not for everyone. Even some freelancers frown upon the idea of exchanging services for something other than the almighty dollar and who can blame them? Entrepreneurs work hard for their money. But,using your skills in freelance  barter can land that great web design you’d been hankering for. It can tighten up that “about me” page on your website in exchange for installing that computur software no one in your immediate circle knows zilch about. Bartering can also land the gig of a lifetime for a newbie in the freelance writer’s circle via that bodacious CV penned by a savvy business acquaintance, in exchange for, who knows, the recipe to grandma’s potato salad!

The point is, bartering is here to stay. In whatever capacity one chooses to use this exchange, I’m giving it a Martha Stewart’s “that’s a good thing!”  So how about it freelancers? Have your bartered for services? And if not, why not?