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Clara54 “Whatcha Doing” in Books for 2014!

Hello readers, writers and published authors! Well, stuff is happening in my world- some good, some not so good, but my creative juices will not be deterred:) Today, I’m reflecting upon some of the many books/authors I’ve read for my reviews here at Clara54, Goodreads.com and Amazon.com and I wanted to share and recommend some “Whatcha doing” in books to my wonderful readers.

You guys are so deserving and this is my way of saying ‘thanks’ for all you do and to remind you that great books and authors are rising up, many of whom I get to spotlight at clara54 writers blog. Today at clara54’s “Whatcha doing” book series:


“Through The Lens” by Kwana Jackson, is an enjoyable and romantic book. The protagonists discover their love for each other through the lens of a beautiful Island backdrop.


“Murder At Castle Rock” is a wonderful whodunit that takes the reader on a joyful and suspenseful journey through the love for rock & roll music and mysterious murders. This book was written for diehard music lovers and wannabe mystery solvers with a in a rock &amp ambiance. The author is Anne Marie Stoddard.


Want to read about women trailblazers in Basketball? Remember when women weren’t even allowed to play the sport? This memoir “Home Sweet Hardwood” was written by one of those women! I learned a lot about the tenacity and strengths that women had to muster in order to become ‘one of the boys’ in this male dominated sport. I’m also glad to report that Pat Mckinzie and I are great cyber ‘sistah’ friends. Keep going warrior woman!


“When One Door Closes” is one of my favorite women anthologies and not because I’m one of the contributors, but because of its author. Terri Spahr Nelson took the voices of many women and formed a community of a woman support system of shared truths and the voices of women in conversation on a global scale. I was thrilled to read and be a part of this book that reflects on Life’s turning points in the lives of women.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own little contribution to sharing the authentic woman voice. With “A Life Toward Authenticity”, I’m not even trying to go to the place of published author (wip) with this short eBook of my personal journey to truths seeking, but I tell you it packs a great big wallop in an honest attempt to help other women on the path to living an authentic lifestyle. From my heart to yours, I ask that you receive the message in which it was given.


‘Eating Smoke” by Chris Thrall stayed in my mind long after I’d finished reading it. It’s a true to life story of addiction, psychosis and a man alone in Hong Kong, whose life force is quickly spiraling out of control as his addiction to drugs worsens and his sanity wan. I’m still waiting for an interview with this author, but he’s presently in talks and preparing this masterpiece for the big screen!

18513417 heart bones

Wow, you talk about a master at work, “AS The Heart Bones Break” by Audrey Chin is so descriptive and detailed in its craftsmanship. The story unfolds via a mysterious voice painting tales of espionage and secrets that extends from Singapore to the shores of the USA. The protagonist is determined to stay true to his people; his heritage and considers it an honor to spy for his country from where he lives and works abroad. The secrets within his own heritage and insidious family dramas colors the story and lures the reader, making it impossible to put the book aside. I was pleased to hear of the author’s success with her book, only one of several. I predicted Heart Bones would become a bestseller and box office draw ūüôā

These are some of the books I’ve enjoyed reviewing for my blog or at Amazon.com and there are others that I want to recommend, but those will come at another posting. I hope those of you reading this post will pick up one or more of these author’s books. Clara54 was selected as book blogger site in 2010 for a reason, people, so go on and get your read on.

Have you read any of my recommendations? Feel free to share.

Authors Seeking Book Reviewers


TGIF! I know right? In order to promote their books and great works, many established authors are seeking book reviewers to help them do that. I’ve been asked to do many book reviews over the years and loved doing it because I’m a book voyeur from way back:)

Do not be fooled, doing book reviews is no easy task as it’s time consuming, demanding and can interrupt your personal writing and time schedule. For this reason, I’m more selective when choosing books for review- so many wonderful books, so little precious time (sigh) The books posted today are available for review from their authors and ones that you might consider reviewing on your blog.

The Redeemers Tale- Book One by J.P James is an epic fantasy of good vs evil, with some magic and romance thrown in for good measure. Mr. James invites readers to visit his lpjamesblog.com to get details of how to download a complimentary copy for review. You can also visit www.smashword.com/books/view/404767 and use the coupon code TF62U. And get it via the promotional site at Tomoson.com, along with a giveaway for your readers.

When you sign up at Tomoson.com you will be on their book reviewer list for promotional book and product reviews and giveaways for your blog readers. Some products and books come with prerequisites such as number of FB likes or Twitter followers. If the author is familiar with your work,however, they will sometimes waive prerequisites and contact you directly. Such was the case for Hugo The Happy Starfish author, Suzy Liebermann, whose line of children books are educational learning tools introduced in the schools.


The author will be leaving Tomoson. com in March and asks that any blogger wanting to review her line of educational books for children, contact her at http://www.suzyliebermann.com or email HugoTheHappyStarfish@gmail.com.
I have committed to writing an honest review of Hugo, just because my grandchildren might get a kick out of hearing about Hugo and how he solved problem faced by so many of today’s’ children.

What do you think of authors seeking book reviewers for their projects? Have you had to turn away books for review?

On Writing The Personal Essay…

I’ve been doing a bit of personal writings¬†for various¬†submissions this month and have decided that I love it. Anytime you have a passion to inspire, motivate and empower another person¬†on their ladder¬†to success- go for it. In 2010, one piece I’d written ended up being selected for inclusion in When One Door Closes- A Reflection for Women On Life’s Turning Points. This¬†women’s Book Series by Terri Spahr Nelson¬†have garnered national attention.Yours truly had the pleasure of reviewing¬†its 2nd book in the series, The Moment I Knew, in 2011 for my¬†Clara54 readers…

Monday, I will be bringing an interview with the author herself! Yes, Terri has agreed to take a few questions and bring us up to date on¬†her recent book tour, the book¬†selection process and¬†the¬†submission deadline for inclusion in¬†her 3rd book in the Reflection Series.¬†It’s been a hectic week with writings, submissions, guest post inquiries,¬†posting updates to my¬†blogs and motivational site for women and working¬†my¬†nurse gig… and yet things seem to flow along quite well in the end:)

 Any personal writings on your agenda?

Friday Shoutouts, Updates and Apologies!

Hello to all of my new Clara54, Authentic Woman, Clara54T blog and¬†Twitter¬†followers out there! Don’t think I haven’t noticed¬†ya!¬†and¬† boy,do I¬†heart you ūüôā¬† For¬†my regular readers, let me offer an apology for holding your interest and not delivering upon the anticipation in regards to a review of SILVER RIGHTS, the memoir of how one African American family in Mississippi during the 60s Civil Rights Era¬†were the first to¬†intergrate white schools ( my friend since 4th grade family)¬†. The review copy was since lost in the mail YIKES! But, another enroute, so the setback¬†has led me to plan B.

Including an interview on Monday with Artisan Jewelry Artist, Wendy Van Camp. Wendy has an interesting story of how she gave up a lucrative career in television to design her own jewelry. You must return on Monday! While you’re waiting & anticipating Wendy’s interview, why not take a peek at some other wonderful happenings in the life of Clara54 these past weeks?

Anne Wayman’s About Freelance Writing¬† http://www.aboutfreelancewriting.com/2012/02/6-ways-new-writers-can-overcome-fear-write-their-truth-a-guest-post/


Featured Member Post here: http://www.blogher.com/exploring-race-friendships-america

Hope to see you there and will meet you back here on Monday:)

Awesome writing updates? Please share!

Book Review: “Little Hot Mama”-The Flossie Turner Lewis Story

¬†“Maybe we were never meant to have mates, the Turner sisters. Maybe we were meant to live and die alone.” Flossie Lee Turner aka Lee Ann Lewis. The Turner Family Photo (above)

I started reading autobiographies years ago and loved the twists and turns of a¬†drawn out saga revealed in the lives of other people.¬†Two of my favorite books¬†are¬†“Yes, I Can” The Sammy Davis Junior Story and” I Wonder As I Wander” The¬†autiobiography of¬†Langston Hughes…

Reading “Little Hot Mama”, The Flossie Lewis Turner Story for review has been an awesome experience. The pain, struggles, tragedies, missed opportunities, joys, hopes, tears and laughter; nonwithstanding!

From the time he was born and taken¬†from his mama’s house, by his father at the age of¬†6, Hot¬†Papa struggled for survival. When he married Dolly, the two became well known¬†stage performers in Minstrel Shows throughout the country.¬†Times were hard when their first child, Flossie Lee¬†was born. Hard times caused for desperate measures-¬†dressed like a young princess and carted through the night around southern towns to perform in¬†small clubs, Flossie Lee became a star at 2 years old.¬†

White club owners, always conscious of child labor laws would secret¬†Hot Papa and his 2 year old daughter to the back entrance of their¬†clubs to have them perform for their prim and proper clientiele- none of the white patrons in the 1930s in¬†an Oklahoma town¬†had ever¬†seen a little ‘colored’¬†child. Especially one who could sing and dance like Flossie Lee Turner aka¬†“Little Hot Mama.”

The¬†Turner entertainers journey from¬†carnivals¬†to fancy Miami hotels wasn’t an easy road.There were disheartening days with little or no food, or monies to buy food,¬†and¬†devastating¬†years of struggle.¬†The performing family consisted of Hot Papa and¬†Dolly and their children;¬†Flossie Lee,¬†Lulu B, Junior and¬†Minnie.

The Turner family¬†wrote and performed their own skits- hilarious! The women sang in the chorus line. Hot Papa did solo comedic acts and skits with wife Dolly and the¬†three older children. The family were well known. Their¬†biggest hinderance remained hot¬†Papa’s gambling and¬†alcoholism, and a family’s¬†illiteracy. In the 1990s before¬†Lulu B.¬†died, Flossie Lee Turner made the promise to her sister she would go to school and write a book about the Turner family.¬†She wouldn’t dedicate it to Hot Papa, but to their mama,¬†Earsline (Dolly) Turner.¬†

Flossie Lee Turner is¬†the¬†last surviving member of¬†“A family of entertainers”.¬†So deemed by the great¬†Louis Armstrong.¬†In 2002, Flossie¬†graduated from high school¬†at the age of¬†72. ¬†Flossie Lee Turner¬†was named “Student of the year”.

¬†A member of The United Way of Fayetteville Speakers Bureau,¬†Lee Ann Lewis¬†spends her time speaking about adult literacy. To read more about this inspiring trailblazer, go to amazon.com to purchase a copy of “Little Hot Mama” or contact Stay¬†Thristy Media, Inc…

This book was provided by Stay Thirsty Media Publishers for review.

Read any great autobiographies? Share¬†them with others and¬†keep their light shining ūüôā¬†¬†¬†