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I’m Not Suicidal!

In light of what happened to activist and blogger Sandra Bland, daughter with a loving mother and father, a proudly outspoken, intelligent black woman who became the latest victim to die while in the care of those who are hired to serve and protect, let me state for the record:

I abhor racism and racist acts. I am a voice against police brutality and outright coverups. I am a voice against injustice based upon the color of one’s skin. And, in my own defense, if I’m ever arrested by white police officers, only to be found dead in my jail cell some 3 days later?

“Know that I did not commit suicide!”

I hope that the family find justice for this voice against racism and the brutality and oftentimes fatality that accompany racist acts. I pray for peace this family and may they be forever proud of Sandra.

Today’s writer quote:

In this quote about writers, I can hear the voice of  human rights activists, world changers and history makers.

Only something extremely dire and disabling will ever stop a real writer from writing. Retirement is never an option.” — Warren Adler

In The Midst Of Your Writing Fury-Books.

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“Some writers enjoy writing, I am told. Not me. I enjoy having written.” George R.R. Martin

Hello everyone and happy Friday to ya! I sort of have to agree with ole George. I love writing, but, hate the process, if you know what I mean? Research, revising, making sure of the authenticity of your characters and that’s after you’ve created a decisive page turner.! Still it’s the best deal going and I wouldn’t trade this creative life for nothing- hmm, maybe for a George Clooney holla’ back:)

It’s been a very productive and long week this last week of January. Oprah and I have something in common:) We’re both Southern women who celebrated birthdays in January! Now that celebrity, billionaire thing seemed to have bypassed my humble home. I’m rich in the bosom of persistence and possibility!

My birthday was a celebration but after the festivities it was back to the grind. In the midst of doing research for two works in progress, I entered two poems in competition, wrote and submitted a short story and wrote an op-ed for The New York Times (rant) which they probably won’t publish but at least I was able to release. 🙂 I was also duped by a possible client and had to turn down what seemed a promising gig writing for a news site, because their payment wasn’t what I’d been told it would be. Finally, on this last week in January, I’ve been playing email tag with another company whose interest in my work seems promising but, their final decision won’t be determined for a few days.

On the positive side,I received a recommendation on my LinkedIn page from my former mentor, marketing instructor and friend in Seattle, Sonya Carmichael Jones and accepted a guest post inquiry for my women empowerment site from an Australian contact who works in personal development. My life is hectic but, I managed to get in some reading. I always try to read a book at least on a monthly basis when time allows.

I’m currently reading Chicken Soup For The Entrepreneur’s Soul.

9780757302619_p0_v1_s260x420 soup

Inciting Incidents.


And The Happy Writer.


All great books that I can’t wait to finish and perhaps review for Amazon or Goodreads. I haven’t decided, since reading them is not contingent upon a review. There are perks that comes with being a book review blogger and I’m so looking forward to the weekend!

What are your plans for winding down this weekend? Any good reads?

Guest Post Writing Update


“The more you flaunt your success the more apt you are to lose it.”

I like that quote, but I think it depends on how we view success…

Happy Friday to all readers and writers! I’m not spotlighting anyone today, so I thought okay, you haven’t written your memoir (yet) or had your empowerment site for women syndicated (yet) or even gotten invited to a gathering for the big dogs:) (yet) but, you are writing for your life every day of your life and you are enjoying the process of being a writer, so live the moments!

In that vein and because it’s sort of tactless and boring to brag about yourself; I’m far from bragging, but I am in a good creative space right now (blessing) so I’m sharing a bit of stuff with all of my tribe of fellow readers,writers and authors.

I recently became a great grandma (glam to you) and she is so adorable:) at one and half months, 9 pounds 4 oz + Joy for the Holidays!
I recently published a guest post at Nadine Lajoie @ http://keepdreamingkeepliving.org/pages/blog-article?r=QOULD66KO0
I published at Project Eve.com here:http://www.projecteve.com/networking-building-your-entrepreneurial-villagee/
http://muffin.wow-womenonwriting.com/2013/11/friday-speak-out-how-to-maintain.html is from WOW Women On Writing. FreelanceWriting.com published my first piece here: http://www.freelancewriting.com/articles/FF-generate-more-assignments.php. My second piece is pending.
My article for ejunkie.com will be published at their site on December 17th

I suppose my hardest writing effort in these last two months is here: http://InspireMeToday.com. where I am their Today’s Luminary author. Please visit the site to check it out and offer support.

My comment for this guest post would be in the words of the late Poet Laureate, Ms. Gwendolyn Brooks (to yours truly) in all her wise-doms summed up in three simple words- “Keep-a-Going!”

Okay braggarts, your turn:) What good tidings would you like to share with our clara54 readers? Don’t be shy.

Keep grinding fellow creatives!