George-I’m Your Girl

Just read a post on myithings that’s saying that George Clooney and post gal pal Sarah Larson broke up because he likes small boobs…Well, George, my man, I’m your girl! Hey, I’m not bragging here, just fact and oh, sooo natural! Seems Ms Larson had some enhancements goings on as well. George Clooney, i’m thinking will always have an excuse for not making a commitment, little something called “commitment phobia”, hello!

While the man is still a hunk, its no secret that time waits for no man, woman, or, celebrity, so George, my advice to you and I’m a good one for giving advice, is this: If you’re somehow thinking that you’re going to someday find, Ms. Perfect, I’d say, “forget about it fellow!” there’s no such animal. However, if you’re looking for the real deal, a woman who have weathered the storms of life and still know how to spell W.O.M.A.N…start looking at women your own age for a change…I’m in the book, give me a holler!




I sometimes welcome the rain

It seems to calm my fears

I sometimes welcome the rain

It helps to hide my tears…

When raindrops are falling

“I hear Nature calling”

That is all I need….


Say When?

I’m always scouring the internet writing sites offering up advice to those of us-Freelancers who haven’t quite found their niche, or, audience. I was reading yet another post where the writer advised: “Don’t quit your day job!” in instances where you’re not quite there with back up finances if your home business/freelance gigs doesn’t pan out. This writer went on to say how she hated her job, but, knew that she had to endure it for a while longer because it basically kept her from going hungry… It’s reasonable to have at least 6 months savings if you’re anticipating quitting a job. It’s also advised by seasoned writers to go parttime at job you’re simply tolerating in order to concentrate on your startup freelance biz

This opinion appears to be the number one reason a lot of us tend to stick with good paying jobs while our motivation to produce for someone else dwindles and our creative self esteem becomes daunting… Just how long should writers work a job just because of the paycheck? We need to make money, to pay bills and eat…Where’s the guarantee in freelancing?

I’ve made a decision…Come September, I’ll be taking a leave from my job. A job that I’ve depended upon for many years… I’m going to devote my time to promoting my freelance business. Networking, writing, trolling for jobs and doing a lot of coupon clipping..Hey, I’m a woman in transition, I’m kicking the fear of failure in the pants, come hell, or, high waters! Will keep ya posted.


The Thrill Of Competition

Yes, there’s definitely something to be said about the spirit of competition! From the sport of athletics to the creative competitiveness of the mind, pitting onesself against another becomes such an adrenalin rush…As many of you out there can attest; Suffering a loss in competition “Sucks” That slogan back in the day of athletes going up against each other becomes ‘The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” Writers, Celebrities, Doctors, Lawyers, and everyday folks know the feeling of defeat when it comes to losing out.

As a writer, I’ve suffered many a letdown from well meaning Publishers/ Editors whom I’ve sent my little precious pearls of creativity to, only to have a rejection saying how, “sorry, but, please try again next year’s contest.”  It hurts, way down deep. It derails you in places you never knew were comprised of parts of the human body. So what does one do when they’ve lost the race? The will to compete? Suffered the anguish of defeat?

I’ve learned that in the world of competition, you develop a ‘thick’ skin. You take a moment of ‘woe is me time’ if need be, but, then you learn to suck it up and vow to compete again. and most importantly, you look for the silver lining lay hidden somewhere within the folds of rejection. Perhaps your work shows ‘merit’. Maybe the editor wrote a personal aside, encouraging you to rework the piece, or, maybe you placed in the top 10 of four specific articles competition!

I’d encourage anyone with a passion to take a moment to reflect when faced with defeat…You see, there’s always another day for competition! 

Places To Troll For Jobs

“Troll” is what I think is a cool writerspeak term I sort of borrowed from Deborah Ng over at her Deborah Ng Freelance Writing Blog…Let me be one of many writers who have visited Deb’ss blog to say, “what a great source for jobs!” If you’re a blogger, a beginner, or, seasoned writer, this is one of the places I’d recommend you go. Ms. Ng did recently announce on her blog that she won’t be spearheading the workings over there anymore and would be turning all things Deb at the site to her trusted assistant Jodee. Why? Because, Deborah Ng has been offered a writing opportunity that she just couldn’t pass up…Congratulations to her, although she will be missed, her choice for replacement , in my opinion, couldn’t have been better than Jodee. Go on over and find the job that has your name on it… My first client, albiet, short lived was found at Deborah Ngs Freelance Writing Blog…

For all of you aspiring fashion designers and environmentalist enthusiasts out there in the wild blue yonder, Yuli Ziv, the founder of MYITTHINGS have 2 contests in progress as I write. You will have to register an account to become a member of MyitThings, but, believe me, it’s well worth the bit of time it takes to create a profile. I’ve been a member for the last year and snagged the winning House article in Feburary’s contest! What are you writers waiting for? Yuli will be pleased to have you.


Things I’ve Written

I’m not one to brag, but, I’m told that writers must advertise. Get the word out about what one can do.. And, I’m learning that in this writing arena, one must market their work. Let’s not get it twisted, I’m no Maya Angelou, Norman Mailer, or, Jackie Collins for that matter, heck, I’m not even Jennifer B. Banks, but I am Clara B. Freeman and I have been writing , like, my prolific writer friend so eloquently states, “since the Bic pen” so I suppose I have , in essence, the stuff of which writers are made. I just haven’t received the clients needed to allow me to quit my 9 to 5  ( no secret that I’ve grown weary )  and concentrate on  my freelance career. In order for clients to get a feel for my work, why not visit some great sites I’ve been fortunate enough to write for: 

Ezine Articles Platinum Expert/


Goodtasteinternational Mens Magazine/Good Advice

Mirrror, Mirror Magazine’s Premier Issue/ Article ” Sleeping To The Top”

Myitthings/ Online fashion, tech,house, body, entertainment Magazine/ column under Wiselyfemale

The sites where I’m writing and published are great places to visit and get your work recognized; you might even make a few bucks in the process! 

Stimulus WherFOR Art THOU?

It’s no secret people, I’m just like a lot of Americans these darkened days of recession: I’m needing to reach out and touch my stimulus check… Bush wants people to reinvest in the economy. Yea, right, why would I want to do that? I’m hungry now. My rent needs to be paid. My child needs yearly healthcare…8 years of Bush… and now, John Mccain…..birds of a feather…People need to think…Stimulus Checks today; Tomorrow, food rations for all !!!

‘Excuse me mister, but, can you spare a dime?

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