I’m Not Suicidal!

In light of what happened to activist and blogger Sandra Bland, daughter with a loving mother and father, a proudly outspoken, intelligent black woman who became the latest victim to die while in the care of those who are hired to serve and protect, let me state for the record:

I abhor racism and racist acts. I am a voice against police brutality and outright coverups. I am a voice against injustice based upon the color of one’s skin. And, in my own defense, if I’m ever arrested by white police officers, only to be found dead in my jail cell some 3 days later?

“Know that I did not commit suicide!”

I hope that the family find justice for this voice against racism and the brutality and oftentimes fatality that accompany racist acts. I pray for peace this family and may they be forever proud of Sandra.

Today’s writer quote:

In this quote about writers, I can hear the voice of  human rights activists, world changers and history makers.

Only something extremely dire and disabling will ever stop a real writer from writing. Retirement is never an option.” — Warren Adler

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Suicidal!”

  1. We can’t remain silent to such injustice. We must do what we can to change this. These “incidents” won’t magically disappear nor will celebrity distractions of sexuality delights. We can make a better, safer world.

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  2. You’re so right, Henry! I’ve grown tired of the docile mentality and acceptance of this blatant disrespect and careless disregard for Black America. We are human beings and not subservient to any race. I believe that the majority of police departments are the biggest KKK breeding ground for racial acts and racist behavior. Still, they plant weapons and claim suicide when our folks turn up dead in their holding cells. Some of these law enforcement are never held accountable when they should be.
    People against injustice, including, politicians,celebrities, unbiased news/media/newspaper have got to step up, speak up and raise awareness to this evident acts of hate! Eradicate this disease.


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