How To Animate A World: Fiction Writing Class

My Fiction writing class is going well. We’re at the 5th assignment mark , where we are  instructed to write a 400 word dialogue between three characters who are put in a conversation where they don’t know what’s happening. I’m also looking forward to starting the FutureLearn Writing Class on Monday.

If you’re interested in this class, go to or visit their Facebook page at .

I thought this video might stir the juices of creatives who want to become the next Stephen King or somewhere there abouts 🙂

This week, the class is “How To Animate a World” and it’s about creating character and dialogue. We’re learning from some of the best established authors out here. For this assignment, two moderators said something that resonated with me.  Margot Livesey, author of seven novels and one short story collection reminds us that dialogue in fiction is more than ‘showing not telling;’ it’s showing what can’t be told.”

Mahsa Mohebal , author of 4 works of fiction tells writers that it’s very important to be a writer for yourself-not for your friends.

Hmm, I suppose I should start drafting those character dialogues, because I’m plain tired of having my short stories rejected.

What are you doing to enhance your professional development ?


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