A Free Fiction Writing Class


Happy Friday, creatives! You know you’re never too old to learn new skills. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie wanting to increase your creative reach or a seasoned pro looking to hone skills you already have, why not take advantage of free online classes offered in your genre?

As a “life long learner” I try to take advantage of every opportunity that can enhance my multi-genre writing career. 🙂

Free University of Iowa classes start Monday Sept 29th and ends November 10th. Go here to register http://writingcareer.com/post/95209514146/free-online-how-writers-write-fiction-workshop

Have a happy weekend and “treat yourself special.”


4 thoughts on “A Free Fiction Writing Class”

  1. Hi Pat,
    I think this is a time of paying it forward and I’m so happy to have found two online fiction writing courses so far.This one starting end of Sept and another beginning in Oct. The latter one in England, so decided to go with this one. It will be my 2nd creative writing class, having taken one at Harold Washington College back in the day. This will be my 3rd online class. The others were a fee based Marketing Class and a free ten week Depaul University Leadership & Coaching class.

    And I agree, these classes are definitely worth it!


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