September Writing Contests

Happy Friday, all! Let’s face it, writers cannot get enough of sharpening their skills by competing in writing competition. This is another arena for the creative to pit their abilities against fierce competitors for the big prize. Sometimes we do hit a home run and take home the trophy!

Writing competitions in any genre are beneficial to the creative because we can gauge our writing ability against the best of the best and still lose gracefully in the agony of defeat. We know that writing for us is a win/win, no matter if we place in the competition or not.

For those of you who want to compete for the prize or see how far your writing skills take you, here are three great writing contests you might enjoy entering in September:


Mslexia is holding a women’s memoir contest for women with a story to tell and who want to compete in the competition for their share of the monies. Go here for details-

Still working on your memoir and don’t really want to share your first draft for competition? How about sharing your dynamite opening paragraph instead? Go here to find out about your first memoir paragraph competition:

Creative Non Fiction Magazine is holding an essay contest in September called “Waiting.” Go here for guidelines on submitting to their essay contest-

Entered a writing contest lately? Which do you prefer,those with or without fees? Share your experiences with us here on the writers blog and chime in on an upcoming writer’s debate where we discuss paying vs. non paying contest markets.

7 thoughts on “September Writing Contests”

  1. Thanks Clara for this post! I had been looking for the contest that I had seen about a month ago on the first paragraph of a memoir, but I couldn’t remember where I had seen it. (Of course, I should have written it down, but I thought I would remember.) Re-posting this one on my blog.


  2. Does anyone know how to convert lira to US dollars? (I’m terrible at figuring it out and would hate to send in wrong entry fee!) Great information, thank you!


    1. Hi Mandy, that’s a great question! Thanks for adding to the conversation. I vaguely recall reading about international currency conversions, but will do research on it first. Hopefully some creative will respond and give us the answer before the post on contest fees, so I can include the ans to your question:)


  3. You’re welcome LaTanya! I have more insights to these sort of contests, just haven’t complied them in one place. Thanks for re-blogging the post and please consider responding to the question at the end as I’m doing a writers survey of sorts for a future post. Let me know if you enter or win in competitions and I’ll gladly post the info here:)

    Peace and blessings,


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