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When I was growing up I read everything I could lay my hands on, including true story magazines (kept hidden underneath my mattress, along with a copy of Valley of The Dolls)) harlequin paperback romances and literary school assignments from books such as David Copperfield, How Green Was My Valley, Wuthering Heights and The Good Earth.

I was nominated by Audrey Chin to participate in the #My Writing Process Blog Tour, a global blog tour where writers and authors talk and answer questions about their writing process. I’m honored and humbled by her recommendation. When I told Audrey I was feeling a bit intimidated at the awesome company she keeps, she simply reminded me that I am also a part of that company:)
I reviewed two of Audrey’s magnificent books, Learning to Fly and As the Heart Bones Break at the site and for Amazon .com. Visit Audrey Chin’s blog, Sometimes Words Help at

What am I working on?

I have two untitled WIP that I am absolutely comfortable talking about. I quietly revisited my memoir in December of last year, after numerous failed attempts, due to an admitted lack of discipline, focus and motivation. I have been a creature of habit in the past that is reluctant to sit down and actually write what’s brewing in my head but I’ve learned to shift my mindset to stay productive.

My story is basically a coming of age memoir where a young girl of color searches for hope and beauty, in a dark place during even darker times of racial divide, hatred, and killings, in the underbelly of a segregated south. It is a recollection of how people came into my life at pivotal points in my life and made an indelible impression that either touched my heart, changed my thoughts or allowed me reason to hope. I suppose it’s one of those coming of age true stories where life, love and loss mesh into a memorable work that’s written with a southern flair.

The characters in my romance /mystery novel serves as a distraction from the seriousness of the memoir and something I’ve always envisioned doing because I’m a romantic at heart. It’s interesting to note how the protagonists in the story have decided to take the lead in the telling of it and I’m not pig-headed enough to insert my objections. I understand that when the characters want to have their say, then the writer might want to listen.

The book follows a forty something year old journalist who have seen her share of heartbreak and troubles. When she is assigned to do a story on the upsurge of fraud and embezzlement in the gambling Mecca of Las Vegas casinos, she meets the son of a casino mogul and becomes smitten. Of course, at some point, the woman finds herself in a world of trouble when she is entrusted with a secret that leads to death.
I refer to both books as “a process to progress” and I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished so far.

Why do I write what I do?

Writing for me is a prescription the doctor hands you and says, “Here take this and you’ll feel better in the morning.” I am healed when I write. It’s the essence of all that I want to be or become, no matter the genre, and I have dabbled in many. There have been so many theories on how writers come to call themselves “writer.” Are we born or taught this innate gift of expression?

As one who loves to write and have always written something for as long as memory serves me, I don’t ponder how it came to be. I just know I’m doing what I love and if my writing touches another, however big or small, it’s thrilling and humbling at the same time. Writing is as important to me as breathing and I will continue to breathe life with my writing in every aspect of my creative ability.

How does your writing process work?

I look forward to writing in the early mornings before a world awakes, where I’m alone at the keyboards with my delicious cup of Boston java (half cream half coffee) amid the silence of the universe peering over my shoulder.
I once wrote a poem about my love of waking up to greet the ambiance of the mornings, called “Before a World Arises.” It placed in the Illinois Vanderpool Poetry Competition back when I only dabbled at my craft.
I could go on and on about this wonder of expression, but there are so many writers and authors I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and whose works always add value to my writing life. Here are three of them:

Kathleen Pooler- Kathy is a retired family nurse practitioner whose work references the power of hope through faith in God. Her words are gifts of cathartic healing to everyone who reads her blog. Kathy also invites guest posts from other writers and authors who want to share their writing insights and recently published her memoir, Ever Faithful To His Lead: My Journey Away From Emotional Abuse.

Kathy blogs at

Pauline Haynes- Pauline is a life coach and when shift happens on your journey of living and learning from life experiences, you’ll want to know Pauline Haynes. Her positive, upbeat message takes folk from where they are to where they want to be in every aspect of life.
I often visit and email Pauline when I need an extra dose of courage and inspiration. She is personable, gifted and authentic in her mission to make a difference in the lives of others.

Pauline blogs at

Sue Mitchell- I met Sue through an interview I was conducting at my blog on the how-tos of memoir writing. She had kindly left an encouraging comment on the lessons of memoir writing and who better to offer advice? Sue is a memoir writing teacher and creative writing coach. She recently returned from a blog hiatus and was happy to participate in the blog tour.

Visit Sue Mitchell’s blog at

9 thoughts on “My Purpose For Writing-Blog Tour”

  1. Oh Clara, I could relate to every word of this especially the line “I am healed when I write.” I feel stuck in a royal blue funk and your message speaks loudly. I have to get back to writing cause lately I have been having trouble breathing. Thanks for your inspiration.


    1. You know what you have to do my expat friend:) Listen to your heart and fill your prescription! The urgency of your muse is calling for your cooperation, Pat.



  2. Dear Clara, your descriptions are fascinating! Both of your works-in-progress sound intriguing. I totally agree with you about writing being a prescription for healing. As a nurse practitioner, I often advised my patients to journal and they would come back to me raving about the insights they gained by doing so. I also have found healing through my own writing. Thank you very much for your generous mention. I am honored to have been invited by you to share my writing process. Ia free with Pat. You are an inspiration. 🙂


  3. Hi Kathy,
    I appreciate your kindness and enjoy visiting your authentic life-writing blog. So happy you’ve published your memoir! And speaking of your nursing background? Not enough space/time to list them all.
    Keep healing!


  4. Well, maybe I should concentrate on the memoir first. I’m just writing the first draft of both, so it might be a while and there are a few things in my memoir folks might be surprised to know (wink)


  5. Yes, yes, concentrate on the memoir first! But of course I would say that! ;-D

    Clara, I love your description of writing in the early morning. For one thing, I’m a cafe au lait fan too. When I go to bed at night, I can’t wait to wake up because I love my daily java ritual so much. I never choose to wake up early, but when I do find myself awake in the wee hours, the image of “the silence of the universe peering over my shoulder” captures it perfectly. I’d love to read the poem you wrote about morning.

    Thank you so much for inviting me to carry on the blog tour at An Untold Story. I’ve been working on my post and am finding that taking the time to reflect on myself as a writer is quite inspiring! I hope our readers will use these questions to ponder their own writing too.


  6. Hi Sue! But of course, you’d suggest the memoir!:) So glad you agreed to join the tour- thank you again and I cannot wait to hop on over to read your purpose for writing insights!
    And If I ever come across that poem again, I’ll email you a copy.

    Blessings, abundance, and more morning java:)


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