Clara54’s End of the Year Writers’ Advice

thbe original

Wow, it’s nearing the end of 2013 and because I’m one of those original type of girls who loves making up her own words/slogans and quotes, I get a bit perturbed by how some writers out there take the work of others without their consent.

Imitation might be the highest form of flatter, but to me, a writer and lover of words, I’d much rather come up with my own wise-doms or jokes or food for thought. I read where critics are saying that no one is an original anymore. Does that mean we’re allowed to steal the works of others? I’m one who is fighting hard to be that original, in my personal and professional world. I have a unique gift as do you. I’m all for spreading the popularity of other writers,but, I’m not trying to claim their flavor as my own.

thbe you

I suppose my end of the year writers’ advice would be to honor the gifts we have as individuals. Work your butt off to become great at what you love doing and take credit for having succeeded at doing it your way. It’s alright to learn from the best creative masters out there, but, when we take their original works and promote them as our own, we’re not being true to ourselves or to our readers. Plagiarism runs rampant in the blogosphere, so before you become victim to someone stealing your creative works, take extra precautions and seek resources like Grammarly’s plagiarism checker to nip that thief in the bud-(not my words promise)

Have you been a victim of plagiarism? Have you unknowingly plagiarized another artist’s work?

I’ll see you in January!

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