Guest Post Writing Update


“The more you flaunt your success the more apt you are to lose it.”

I like that quote, but I think it depends on how we view success…

Happy Friday to all readers and writers! I’m not spotlighting anyone today, so I thought okay, you haven’t written your memoir (yet) or had your empowerment site for women syndicated (yet) or even gotten invited to a gathering for the big dogs:) (yet) but, you are writing for your life every day of your life and you are enjoying the process of being a writer, so live the moments!

In that vein and because it’s sort of tactless and boring to brag about yourself; I’m far from bragging, but I am in a good creative space right now (blessing) so I’m sharing a bit of stuff with all of my tribe of fellow readers,writers and authors.

I recently became a great grandma (glam to you) and she is so adorable:) at one and half months, 9 pounds 4 oz + Joy for the Holidays!
I recently published a guest post at Nadine Lajoie @
I published at Project here: is from WOW Women On Writing. published my first piece here: My second piece is pending.
My article for will be published at their site on December 17th

I suppose my hardest writing effort in these last two months is here: where I am their Today’s Luminary author. Please visit the site to check it out and offer support.

My comment for this guest post would be in the words of the late Poet Laureate, Ms. Gwendolyn Brooks (to yours truly) in all her wise-dons summed up in three simple words- “Keep-a-Going!”

Okay braggarts, your turn:) What good tidings would you like to share with our clara54 readers? Don’t be shy!


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