My Goodreads Review of As The Heart Bones Break…

As the Heart Bones BreakAs the Heart Bones Break by Audrey Chin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As The Heart Bones Break by Audrey Chin is only the second book I’ve reviewed by the prolific author. Whereas in Learning To Fly, the author’s protagonists are really centered on the evolving love /infidelities of an American married man and his young Singapore student.
As The Heart Bones Breaks is a sweeping tale of intrigue, mystery, lies, spies and allegiances that unfolds in seamless pages of flashbacks and present day occurrences.
This book is, by far, the most anticipated page turner any reader or book reviewer could ask for. Thong Tran or Tran Van Thong is a Vietnamese-American Aerospace Engineer and a SPY for his countrymen. It is through his eyes that readers get to see the child who becomes a man wearing many faces during a pre and post war torn invasion of Vietnam’s Saigon.
We get to live in his world; see his empathy for his people, feel his distrust and his sacrifices made in loyalty to his fallen country. This Viet-Cong traitor pays allegiance to both sides- his adopted father, blood father, journalist and teacher that will, in the end reveal shocking truth kept hidden from childhood to adulthood.

Audrey Chin humanizes the other side of war; a pivotal time and culture of people and country that many Westerners have only read about in history books.

Audrey Chin is the consummate storyteller. Although I enjoyed reading Learning to fly, this book with its twists, turns, allegiances’, spies and secrets of past and present, will take you on a roller-coaster ride of survival, human sacrifice, love and life regrets from a young Vietnamese torn between loyalty and sacrifice for the love of his family, wife and child. Thong Trans secrets are finally put to rest as he pays a huge price, while ultimately finding his place.

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The author was provided a free copy of book for review. Audrey Chin will be here next week to talk about As The Heart Bones Breaks. Please join us:)

This is a powerful work! What book have you read lately that can say the same?


2 thoughts on “My Goodreads Review of As The Heart Bones Break…”

  1. A haunting read, the story stayed with me long after I finished the book. Audrey Chin is a poetic writer, she sings the song of the rain forest, in all its natural beauty through the eyes of a gentle soul. The love story a delicate balance of wanting and fulfillment yet at what price. I felt like I was with them on their journey.”I regarded the tree. It was a gnarled giant in the dying day, a rain-tree laden with ferns and trailing creepers, bearing an abundance of life. The evening sky shone red-gold between its curling branches.” (Audrey chin)Beautiful dreamlike descriptions from a talented Author. It left me thinking about time, life and love. If you appreciate nature and a love story than you will adore this book.


    1. Thanks for stopping in Jayne. You have definitely summed up Audrey’s brilliance. I loved Learning To Fly and As The Heart Bones Break. This author is definitely a master at imagery and story.


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